Self hypnosis : a good way to help yourself !

Hi fellow LDers,

I posted this already as an answer to a post about self hypnosis but i thought it deserves a full topic.
Self hypnosis is a powerful method, it can help you reminding your goals and/or help you achieving lucidity.

It is not easy and may take some time, i first didn’t believe it would work but it surprised me.
Thanks to self-hypnosis, it helped me having 1 LD and increased my recall so much!

I will try to explain

It is not a mantra itself but it will help if you repeat one afterward.
So self-hypnosis is an hypnosis method but you do it alone.
Once you are in hypnosis state, you are more easly influenced wich is exactly what you want when you use any technique such as MILD.

In this way you will be more convinced that you can know that you are in a dream everytime you are in one by telling yourself that.

Let me tell you how I do it :

1)Get in your bed before sleeping or whenever you want
2)Relax! and close your eyes
3)Imagine something going down (like stairs or a rope or a lift) and imagine you are on the 10th stair/floor wich is the top.
4)tell yourself that you are going to count from 10 to 0 and when you will reach 0 you will be in a self hypnosis state. (you gotta really mean it )
5)Then start the count down at 10 and imagine yourself at the top of what you imagined
6)At each number, visualize yourself going 1 step/floor down.
7)for the first steps, tell yourself first that you are in your bed and you feel good, that you are safe.
At each step you go down, tell yourself that you are more and more relaxed and that your body feel heavier
:cool:continue counting down and keep imagining yourself going down and tell yourself that you are in peace, that your body feel warmer at each step…
9)remember yourself that when you will reach 0, you will be in self hypnosis.
10)When you reach 0, tell yourself with conviction that your are in self hypnosis.
11) Check that you are by imagining and telling yourself that one of your hand is getting lighter and lighter.
If you did it well, your hand will go up by itself (that freaked me out the first time because i wasn’t expecting it to work )
If it didn’t work, try to relax again and focus more on your hand.

Doing a small countdown can help like :

in 3 sec, my hand will go up.
3, 2, 1, 0 My hand has neverbeen so light and go up.

Something like that might help
Then you can have some fun with your body (not really useful for LD’s but still fun to experience how much you can control yourself :happy: )

Now the LD helping part.
You should be in the state and from there you can tell you anything like mantras.
Try to be positive and admit that you can LD.

I give you some examples :

-I am a lucid dreamer and i get lucid in every dream
-I can tell i am dreaming everytime that i am.
-My dreams are really vivids and i remember them perfectly
-I will wake up after every dreams and do …

Then tell yourself that you are going to get out of that state in 3 sec and that you will be fully relaxed and ready to sleep.
Then count down and open yours eyes slowly. Stretch and go to sleep.

I hope it will help you as it helped me. Feel free to ask any questions.

And good luck fellow LDers ^^

Thanks for the help I will defiantly be trying this tonight but just some extra information which could clear things up a bit more.

  1. Do you have your eyes completely closed all the way and how tight because when I am very relaxed my eyes are also relaxed which then results in them sometimes opening. :sad:
  2. Do you repeat aloud or in your head whilst you are going down these steps and when you are performing M.I.L.D? Which works best?
  3. Should you visualize the steps/elevator or just feel that you are the steps/elevator?
  4. Last but not least how long approximately for each section e.g: each step roughly takes a few seconds/minutes? and how long after you are self hypnotized?
    Thanks :smile:

glad to help!

So :

  1. I’ve read that some people do it with their eyes opened but i think it is harder to imagine the steps if you see something else. And about your eyes opening themself, i have the same issue but when it happens just close then back, you don’t have to remain completly still while doing it so it won’t disturb you.
    2)i repeat this in my head and i do it when i go to bed but it might work better when you are doing MILD during the night ( may be a WILD while doing it? )
  2. i would say both is better :smile:, the more you picture it, the more relaxed you will be.
    So if you can imagine the feeling too, do it.
    Also I try to always picture the same stairs with the same walls so you will get more familiar with this technique.
  3. It’s hard to say but the first time might take more time like 30 to 60 sec each step.
    But when you did it a few time, you will be able to make it shorter.
    But you have to do it well and not skip anything!
    When you reach 0, you are hypnotized for as long as you want, I usually spend like 5 minutes repeating the sentences then I get myself out of the state and go to sleep.

Feel free to ask anything and good luck!

Thanks for the help!
I’ll be trying this in a few hours and hopefully I will have some good news to post back on here for you, and this might even encourage more people to try using the knowledge you have provided us with :smile:

Happy Lucid Dreaming :happy:

Good luck, I hope it will work for you.

I would like to tell everybody about that, it can help a lot actually!

well, what if i fall asleep in hypnosis state? :grin: i’m curious, but i’m afraid of playing with hypnotic and holotropic states :bored:

I thought about it and i think it can’t be bad.
The main reason that you get out of that state before going to sleep is that it is really hard to fall asleep while doing it (trust me i tried ) :smile:
And about being scared, there is no reason to be unless you tell yourself that you want your heart to stop :wink:


now tell me how to stop my heart and you will kill me :grin: :grin: /don’t do it/

I won’t but even if you wanted to, fortunatly you wouldn’t be able to.

That’d be a weird way of committing suicide, lol.
Anyway I tried this last night, unfortunately it didn’t work but I didn’t expect it to work the first time. Going to try again tonight. ^^ logically it sounds like it would work so I thought I’d ought to try it :3

Some Monk who were prisoners in chinese prison managed to kill themselves that way, that impressive how your mind can be stronger than your body.

At first, i didn’t expect it to either but you gotta do the step slowly and all of them.

Remember to visualize yourself going down at each step and when you reach 0, it can take some time to lift your hand and you may have to repeat that your hand is getting lighter several times.

Keep going thought. Each time you will do it, it will get easier

I’m Back! :smile:

Unfortunately not with good news though :sad: I tried this last night, at first I just stayed still for about 5 mins trying to see shapes but I couldnt at all!
so then I started counting up from 1 to 10 when I reached 4 my eyes actually started having a slightly painful feeling almost like they where watering but I kept on going as to not disrupt the pattern. when I reached 10 I felt pretty heavy and my body was twitching occasionally (Is this a good sign that I am nearing full self hypnotize?)
Then I repeated to myself for a few minutes I’m dreaming and all stuff like that about LD and then I opened my eyes, stretched and went to bed.

My dream was not Lucid but I did remember it with ease in the morning, not all of them but 1 really really long one.

I’ll try this again tonight and post my results below, thanks again :smile:

I have to ask you some question and some advices :
First, when did you do that? I said that you should do that when you go to sleep so it is NOT a WILD and you shouldn’t see shapes. When I say visualize, i mean imagine. You will not really see the stairs.
Unless you did it during the night after waking up from a dream ( but i never tried it )

Then you should count from 10 to 0 so there is a end to the countdown and it goes better with a feeling of going down.

And finally, you can tell for sure that you are in self hypnosis only when you can lift your hand or any part of your body by repeating it.

Remember : Self hypnosis will make you more aware in your dreams or help you remembering them, even get lucid. But it is not a WILD ( I will try to perform a WILD with it but i am not so experienced with WILD. It might work thought )

Keep going !
And ask if you didn’t get any part :content:

I tried, i failed :grin: i did everything you wrote, but i couldn’t move my hand up by mind :neutral:
anyway, i repeated mantras and other stuff to me, and no result…

btw, do you lay on your back or in you normal sleeping position? it can change a lot

too bad it didn’t work but i’m sure everybody can do it, keep going.

To lift your hand did you try to do like small countdown?

Or you can try to tell yourself “my hand is going up to the ceiling” or “my hand is getting lighter and lighter” you may have to repeat a lot and focus your attention on your hand.
Or “my hand has never been so light”

I personnaly lay on my back but may be it might work on any other position.
If raising your hand is too hard, try to extend one of your finger by telling your that this finger is getting straight.

i tried everything to lift my hand, the problem was probably the fact that i wasn’t in hypnosis

May be yes.
Try with your finger next time thought because lifting the hand is quite hard

My hand never moves either… but last night I felt it did feel a bit “lighter”, or, well, different, at least. I think I need to learn how to relax more :razz:

That’s a really good sign! It began like this for me :content:

As I said before, if moving your hand may be too hard,
you should try to only move one finger or to turn your hand

Keep going!

Thanks for the Extra Extra Advice :tongue:
I will try it again tonight!
some things I forgot which I will defiantly try today:

  1. to count downwards
  2. to repeat to my self that my arm is light and will go up

Thanks for the help! :happy: