Self hypnosis for lucid dreaming

Just to be clear I’m not referring to binaural beats or hypnosis YouTube videos. I thought this could help people who are having trouble lucid dreaming and have tried everything else. It’s a long post so I’m not sure if anyone will take the time to read it. Maybe I’m writing it for no one :b.

I’ll start with some background information.
Around 6 months ago I watched a documentary on YouTube by a guy called Poke Runyon, who is the leader of an occult lodge. He talked about studying self hypnosis to alleviate stomach pain due to a misdiagnosed ulcer. His self hypnosis worked so well that he suppressed the pain until he was rushed to the emergency room. As he put it, his gallbladder had turned to stone. This is what inspired me to look into self hypnosis. If hypnosis could suppress pain that strong then what else could it be used for?

I always had it in my mind that self hypnosis was goofy self help garbage, an ironic idea for someone experimenting with the occult. I did some google searching and came across a book titled “How to Master Self-Hypnosis in a Weekend” by Rick Smith. The book itself was pretty lackluster, however the techniques did work. Just to be clear I think any beginners self hypnosis book would work just as well.

Now for the relevant part.
Using the techniques I’ve learned from self hypnosis I can now achieve a trance state. Before I start the meditation I always plan out my programming. When you’re in this trance state it can be hard to remember things, and I find that thinking too hard draws me out of it. So I get myself into a trance and imagine the voice of a person I respect as an authority figure telling me something. For example “Every night you dream and in those dreams you are lucid” or “Tonight you will dream and in your dream you will become lucid”. After repeating this for a few days I had a lucid dream. In fact I’ve gone from only having spontaneous lucid dreams to having 3 in the past 2 weeks. I encourage everyone to look into this. It’s not a quick fix but it’s well worth it.

If anyone has experience with self hypnosis please share below.


When i started LDing my main tech was self hypnosis so it def works.


Slef hypnosis, yes. Most beginners do not realize it, but when you are using a type of tech for LD (S), you are Slef hypnoting yourself. Sometimes, though. Like a technique that I developed, here.

Uses a little of hypnosis to enter the jerk trance.