Sex and Dreaming

This has more than likely been brought up before, but im lazy, and I dont want to do a search. :tongue:

By having sex, or any type of (major)sexual stimulus, will this hinder your ability to have lucid dreams?

i haven’t seen that kinda correlation, in fact, i’m exploring the possibility that it may help (if done a certain focus)

Actually, I was thinking it might help as well. If you were to have sex in your dreams, the rush that would cause by all that pent up energy might wake you up (nudgenudge) BUT, then again, storing energy might give your mind something more to feed off of to dream. If you put it to different uses…

If anyone has had experience with this, please reply.

well, it’s something that often hinders people getting started with LDs because it’s something that is really appealling when you get started… i mean, why not you’re free right? you can do anything! but, it’s not a task that is easily handled, and is better for the more seasoned LDers… as they have gotten better at concentration and dream focus.

i think i misunderstood you, i thought you meant having sex IRL helping w/ LDs, not dream sex.

in my experience dream sex makes me wake up, like for real wake up not induce an LD. i’ve also had many an LD cut short 'cause i just had to try to have sex with some hot DC :grrr:

as far as storing energy (in particular, thorougly “washed” sexual energy) i think helps that helps with lucidity, but if you’re just starting out w/ LD, i’d say to stick with RCs and DJs

agrees with no poetic device’s post

Why is that, i have only had a few LD but in the ones where i have tried to have some sort of sexual contact with a DC i have immediately woken up.
(Not trying to sound like a sicko) The problem is whenever i stay lucid for a couple of minutes my mind automatically thinks mad time for a sex fantasy and i cannot think of anything else.
Does this mean i’m not fully lucid or can it just be difficult to think of activities to partake in?

Heh. I think it means your mind is pretty occupied with one thing. :grin:

Actually sex can be a great reality check.

It’s all connected to what I call ‘the looser technique’ or LILD for short.

Just be a looser… Repel women by acting inapropriate for being on the dating scene (Do something absurd like being immediately honest and nice for example).

Then if you are ever having sex… bam… you are dreaming…

he he he he

note… this was intended as a humurous post…

sex = excitement. getting over excited will usually make you wake up from an LD. so the trick is to do it w/o getting too excited, which, in my experience, is easier said than done

i think a better question would be "what does it mean to be ‘fully lucid’ ??? " i don’t even think one is ‘fully lucid’ in waking life. i don’t think your desire for sex means that you’re not lucid enough, i mean, you’re in a world where you’re running things. it’s very improbable in waking life to proposition a girl on the street and she be all too willing, why not take advantage of it in your dreams?

then again… maybe i’m just a sicko too… in any case you’re not alone at least :cool:

Haha, I guess nobody really understood me!

I WAS indeed talking about sex IRL. I was thinking, when I posted the first time, that it might leave you too drained to have a LD, BUT on the other hand might leave you relaxed enough to dream well…

Well, if you practiced you might be able to have sex in a lucid dream, cos I can have it in normal dreams… :bounce:

Right… that’s enough from the minor…

right on oneiromancer, Same thing happens to me all the time, i am encredably sexually frustrated. and every time i become lucid the first thing that comes to mind is sex. This inevetably ends the dream within a mater of minutes.
Also as far as sex in dreams. I was reading pedros DD and he had mentioned that in one he was just going with the flow and ended up have sex with someone through their clothes. When he took control however, his dream started to lose vividness. so even he has had problems with it.

lol, I’ve been practicing that technique for years and it hasn’t help’d me any :tongue: . i’m so happy to be getting some that you don’t care if I’m dreaming or not.

Well, I don’t know. Men seem to fall right asleep after sex, so it might be too intense for them and leave them too tired to focus on LDing… :wink: I don’t know about women. Will have to conduct further research. In any case, it does leave you physically relaxed… but able to focus?

Oh please,lets not make it look like sex can go into way with lds.Lol
Not possibile:)
Men fall asleep (or actually “they want to” fall asleep but gotta spend another hours on cuddling,well thats life) fast after sex but it wont interrupt focusing.Actually it makes it easier…your mind gets calmer,you`re relaxed…all the conditions are met.Id say that another person in bed is a distraction here:)
Anyways,ive never heard that sex was an odd here,if any ppl usually mention it as a pro.
So go get it kids,it hardly gets any better than that:)

ps.As to sex in dreams Oneiromancer put it best.Sex =excitment.On the beginning its better to avoid it:(

I read from a reliable source (heck I don’t remember where I read it but I know it was reliable!! Perhaps EWLD or that sex in real life improves your chances of having LDs right after. They call it SILD they do.
So have sex often…

i did that once in an LD, sometimes i’ll get too excited and wake up before i even get the DC in question naked, so i tried my hand at just having sex through her clothes. i still woke up, but at least i got a lil fun in :nodnodwinkwink:

if i may offer an explanation that i got from a book called the multi-orgasmic man, when men ejaculate they are losing their body’s best energy which is given for the creation of a new life (yeah, i almost forgot that sex had a purpose besides fun too). since the baby is conceived and grows inside the woman, it wouldn’t make much sense for the woman to send their best energy shooting out of her body during orgasm, so her energy stays inside. so generally sex leaves men drained and women energized (cause sexual energy gets stronger after it’s activated). of course the whole point of the book is teaching the man to orgasm w/o ejaculating to do what you women do naturally… keep your energy, it’s doing that that i think helps with LDing cause you’re harvesting some good energy instead of losing it

ps thanks for the endorsement jack, always nice to be backed up by the sex god bows

so bassically what i gathered from these to quotes is to do WBTB and before returning to sleep take care of a little buisness. :wink: . well, If its in the persute of science…

You spelled “loser” wrong a bunch of times. It makes you look like a looser. :tongue:

I kid… As for sex and dreams, I’ve been having sex almost daily for the last few weeks, and I started having more lucid dreams without even thinking about it in the last few dreams. So I’d say that there may be a correlation, and that it may work in your favor. So get you as much sex and LD’s as possible. Sounds like a party.

Yeah,just one thought to Oneiromancers post. it is also said that even if youre not ableto have orgasm without ejaculating then man is supposed to kiss his partner in this very moment so the energy actually flows.Especially if you both come at the same time.
And i can tell you that ive noticed the difference.Might be placebo but i feel better and less tired playing along with this technique:)

So, about that multi-orgasm… how do you do it exactly…

and look look, nerdcore is a lliving sample of the power of SILD!!!