Shared Dreaming Tutorial. (Comprehensive)

For those of you who have lurked DV I am Man of Shred from that forum. About 6[/b] years ago, Me and a couple other dreamers absolutely rocked the forum there with a shared dream journal with quite a few entries. While some of my friends have their own tutorials I am going to post my own.

Why most forums fail to achieve shared dreaming success

  1. Too many skeptics - What is the point of having a shared dream if most of the people in your group refuse to believe it themselves?

I once was friends with PJ who use to help run the mortal mist website. I gave him directions for control in a dream. In the dream he opened a portal trying to find his shared dreaming target. after a long try he was finally able to open one, on his way through he was looking into an outdoor cafe and saw his friend (target) sitting there sipping coffee. He awoke from the dream early and checked with his friends dream journal and was astonished to find that his friend had indeed had a dream about being in an out door cafe enjoying some coffee. His friend however refused to acknowledge it was a shared dream because of scientific skepticism.

  1. Having too many people in a shared dream group. - A shared dreaming group or party must start with 2-4 dreamers at the most. Too many dreamers with too many goals will make the dream spaces more chaotic and less things will sync up. The total number of people I have had a shared dream with in one night was about 3 people. 3 of the dreamers me included remembered being in a school with a large glass dome. One dreamer was from Mexico and was talking to a female dreamer about the Mexican guy being the new student, in both versions of their dreams. All 3 dreams involved students suddenly rioting, 2 of them remember students smashing the big glass dome.

  2. One single dreamscape as a goal: While some shared dreaming has been a success with this method. Think for a moment how hard to achieve this actually is. This requires at least 2 dreamers who are very advanced in lucid capabilities. Both dreamers MUST be lucid practically nightly, and both MUST be able to either WILD right into the dreamscape. The other method is a DILD and then the dreamers must change the dreamscape to fit the location. Even advanced dreamers still struggle nightly with trying to teleport to a specific location.

In the next post I will address how to do shared dreaming successfully and deal with some of these problems.

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Shared Dreaming Success

  1. You must start with a group of 2 or more dreamers. Of those dreamers, at least one dreamer must possess these capabilities: Weekly or nightly lucidity (or the ability to incubate specific dreaming lacales or themes at will), Advanced dream control: WILDing into a specific dreamscape, changing dreams at will without (losing lucidity) or waking up in a WILD or DILD, Long lucid dreams, Experience in dream fighting and not getting bogged down by superfluous goals or lost in details of the current dream.

  2. All dreamers must have exceptional recall. Of my old group I was the least lucid of them all, however, I had very good recall and had a good instinct for their dream world. There were many countless times where I would recall a dream about my friends sometimes in fragments, and they would recall a more linear dream. Which brings me to my next point.

  3. Lucidity is not a requirement to have a shared dream… As long as in your non lucids you still exercise dream control. In the example of the dream I gave of the school with a glass dome, only one dreamer was lucid.

In the next post I will address the techniques and abilities of an advanced lucid dreamer and the tasks he or she must do in order to incubate a shared dream.

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How To Find Other People When Lucid!

  1. Prepare in waking. Get close with your shared dreaming partners. Get to know their likes and dislikes. Read their dream journals. Participate in discussions with thems. Do all this to achieve a deep sense or rapport with your party. Why? this is how you will identify them in a dream.

  2. When lucid use your sense of them to find them and simply find them. Use any dream changing technique. Open a portal, go through a mirror, fall asleep in the dream and go into their dream, Use a Tardis, or simply teleport there. Every dreamer has their own dream archetypes, so use yours to change the dream to your friends dream.

  3. Use your dream guide or recurring DCs to help you if they are present in a dream. Still can’t open a portal yet? then ask your DG to open one for you and they might help you! If you really know your DG well you can ask them before going to sleep to take you to another persons dream, this may result in a non lucid shared dream. I recently had a shared dream with a friend recently with this method.

In the next post I will address Spirit Guides and recurring dream characters.

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Recurring DCs and Dream Guides

I was really blessed to have the help of some pretty advanced dreamers who assisted me in getting recurring dream characters and guides. You do not have to be lucid in order to meet them or help you. You can find them in mainly your lucids when you change dreams. If none show up when you call them, try using your feeling of finding a guide and change the dream to a location where you may find them. You can also create recurring DCs, by using dream control. As in Genesis it says God created a man from the dust of the earth, Try this in a lucid dream!

I can’t tell you much more on technique of dream guides as actual practical use of DGs will vary from person to person. I have a number of recurring DCs and DG’s I will try to classify some of them.

Advanced Dream Guide: I rarely see this guy, but he is around but shows up rarely and always gives rather simple advice.

Dream Companions: They could be a dream lover or a friend or they might be based on characters from your favorite tv shows, books or video games. I have several.

List of some of my Dream characters:

Asuka: Sort of a dream girlfriend. Her voice is kind of like Bjork with a japanese accent. She changes forms in dreams. She inhabits DCs or other dreamers. I’ve seen her multiply herself until there were hundreds of her! She’s also a bit of a dream troll to me when I’m not lucid. She sings karaoke, all sorts of other things I won’t mention. She lives in my dream home and maintains a garden in the backyard which me and several other dreamers have witnessed. She shows signs of using very advanced dream control

Data: He’s like Data from star trek. He has a specific job of maintaining the shielding around my dream home which I call my inner world. He’s also very annoying with his explanations of things just like in the TV show.

Dream children: I have seen a number of dream children around my Inner world house. Other dreamers have witnessed them also.

Victor: the simple dream guide who hardly shows up but also has very simple and practical advice.

Pets: I have often seen 3 dogs together in my inner world house. They sometimes assist in dream battle. Quite often one of them will bite my arm in a dream to warn me that some danger has come to Asuka and she needs me or my friends assistance.

Other recurring DCs: Me and my friends have had shared dreams based on themes we like. for a while we were having Harry Potter dreams. In the dreams we attended Hogwarts and made great friends with Harry, Hermoine and Ron. In several dreams they all seemed to know who I was and we did tasks together. I’ve also had dream characters from The Dark Tower novels in my dreams. I’ve also met other dreamers spirit guides and recurring DCs.

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Dream States for Shared Dreaming

Non lucid: in this kind of shared dream you are more a passive character in the dream, you’ll be subjected to the whims of dreamers who are lucid or the DCs and guides who exert dream control. Idea for solving this state: Become lucid.

Lucid: This state is useful for shared dreaming because you have some control over the dream but you are also hindered by your waking mind. This is why it’s extremely hard to do any advanced dream control when super lucid. Goals in this state: make your waking mind a little more passive and use dream control naturally without forcing it. Another goal is to stabilize the dream and stay in it as long as you can so you can learn dream control. Yet another goal would be to dilate dream time to make lucids longer. I personally have never dilated time for long, but to those who I have known who use this say that often you wake up with a headache.

Semi Lucid (Deep Dream State): This is the ideal dream state for shared dreaming. Your waking self is less lucid in the dream but you at the same time know it’s a dream and exert extreme dream control naturally. This is the pure dream part of you - the side of you that has been dreaming it’s whole life and has all the muscle memory required for advance dreaming. This is also one of the hardest dream states to recall.

Next post will deal with dreaming locations and inner worlds.

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Thank you so much

These are amazing!! Will you ever be posting the next part about dreaming locations and inner worlds?