Shared Dreaming

Hi there. I just joined this site because I would like to work on shared dreaming. I know it is possible because I have had 1 shared dream that was proven to me to actually be a shared dream. Me and a rl friend met up and had a sparring match and without letting my friend know what happened he gave me way too many details for it to have been anything other than a shared dream. Somehow during the dream I felt as though he was actually there and not just a dream character but it’s hard to explain.

The thing is this just sort of happened on its own one night without me trying to make it happen and I haven’t been able to do it again since then. It probably doesn’t help that he rarely dreams(or remembers them) at all so he doesn’t LD either.

I have been having LDs since back when i was 4 (now 23) and for as long as I can remember almost every time I dream I am aware that I’m dreaming. Over time I have also become decent at controlling my dreams as well.

If possible I would like to help out with shared dream experimentation and perhaps meet up with other experienced LDers. Being lucid in all of my dreams should make it easier for others to be lucid at the same time as me and hopefully sync up to experience a shared dream. It also gives me plenty of time to attempt to make a connection somehow.

I’ve seen some posts about shared dreaming, and people who created them were totally sure they had a shared dream. However, the truth is, such dreams are not possible. The human body is not capable of shared dreaming, otherwise everyone in the world would be using them. The “Shared Dream” you and your friend may have had was nothing, but a normal/lucid dream, where your subconscious creates and controls your friend. It feels real, because subconscious is capable of creating very real personalities which may have no differences from the real world. Sorry, if I sound like a total sceptic, but scientifically this is not possible.

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Just bc science hasn’t been able to prove something doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Alodar you may want to join the chronicles, it’s a group on LD4all that does shared dreaming attempts :smile:

I am not sure how but I am sure that it did indeed happen. During the dream I told him to call me when he woke up and gave him a password to remember (Spicy Smurf Stew). After the dream I immediately wrote it down in a dream journal and then later that day he called me about the dream, gave me the password correctly, and described what happened. It matched what I had written perfectly from his perspective. He told me things about the dream that he could have only known if he were actually there.

I am not sure how this works but I do have theories. I was watching an episode of through the wormhole with morgan freeman which seemed to explain how this could happen as well. I would definitely recommend watching it sometime.

At one point in the episode a researcher(not sure how its spelled but sounds like Michael Persenger, who runs the neuroscience research group at a university in canada) believes he has evidence that thoughts can fly from one mind to another. He believes that the earth’s magnetic field is like an ocean rippling with waves which electrical activity from our brains can surf along on top of it passing from one person to another. It’s a radical idea but he has designed an experiment to put it to the test.

His team places 2 subjects(Mark and Mandy) in rooms 20 feet apart. The rooms are acoustically and visually isolated from one another. They are also shielded from earth’s magnetic field. He replaces that field with a precisely controlled magnetic field of his own design generated by electrical coils on his headband. In this way he can be sure that both subjects experience identical magnetic fields.

Over the course of the next 20 minutes a light will flash at Mark several times while Mandy remains undisturbed in her darkened room. The team monitors both subject’s brain activity. 3 minutes in, the light begins to flash in Mark’s room. About 5 minutes later the light flashes again. Mandy’s brain activity spiked, right at the times Mark saw the flashing light.

When Mandy describes the experience she says that around 3 minutes in the left side of her vision she experienced a bright flash. Later around at 6 mins in she saw a flash on the right side of her vision.

Persenger: “When the light was flashing for one, we can see all these changes. The other person’s brain activity even though they were in the dark, also changed.”

The experiment seems to show that 2 brains in separate locations can share a single experience.

Through The Wormhole - Season 2 Episode 5
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -

If you just want to see the experiment mentioned above then skip ahead to part2 4:50.

I have to say…I’m impressed. I’ve been meaning to watch that show anyway :tongue:

If you are interested in The Chroniclers (we’d love to have new members!), here’s the link to the current topic

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the real truth is we truly don’t understand enough about the physics of shared dreaming (or the physics of lucid dreaming for that matter) to say whether or not it’s possible. There will be believers and there will be skeptics. Just like a religion. I know for a a fact that in all of north America there is only about 4 dream labs none of which have done a single test on shared dreaming. So we simply cannot just say “no, it simply does or doesn’t exist” we dont fully comprehend what our mind can do. But with as many people saying that there are shared dreamers (including myself) you cannot simply rule out the possibility. That in itself would be foolish to do.