Sleep Paralysis - what a pain!

Many times when I take a nap on the couch down here, I may have a semi-lucid experience of experience vibrations etc. However when I try to wake up from my nap I am often plagued by sleep paralysis. I’m kind of curious to know who else may suffer from this and if there may be a particular reason that it only happens on this one couch?

I’ve had it many times before and it doesn’t always bother me, but it has begun to become quite a nuisance. I will lay there not being able to move and try to ‘will’ my limbs to move. Eventually of course they will and I’m happy, but if I lay still for just a few seconds I just get stuck again. This can happen repeatedly and sometimes I can even open my eyes but still not move. It becomes quite frustrating and many times haven’t been able to snap out of it until someone (aka a parent) wakes me up or yells down the stairs that supper is ready.

Does anybody have this problem or suffer from it to this degree? I find it so weird.

Don’t worry bud, it’s extremely common - especially once you start practising lucid dreaming.

Are you sleeping on your back? Try to notice the sleeping position you are in when the SP occurs, and if you want, try to avoid sleeping in that position. Once the SP wears off, try immediately changing your sleeping position.

If your not speciffically sleeping on your back, probably your couch is making you sleep in some kind of position that is giving you the paralysis.

I’ve been having sleep paralysis for quite a while, but you are right on the sleeping on my back thing. Because mostly I do fall alseep on my back or on my side by end up flipping over to my back.

Hmmm, I have a problem with it when I get really stressed. I can’t imagine why it only happens on one couch. But I know what you mean about it being a nuisance to need to get up but you can’t, usually I end up going right back to sleep when that happens and it eventually wears off. Missed a lot of appointments that way actually.

:eek: Please bzteam, where did you get this information from?

there is a Sticky: The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Parts I and II in the stuff of dreams forum
you can find part II here [The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic Part II)

From posts and from personal experience :smile:

I’ve never had Sleep Par. Souns Kinda Fun !


Wake up after 5 hours or so of sleep, stay up for a while and then go back to bed, but try to be aware as you are falling asleep. There is a good chance that you will experience sleep paralysis.

It happens to me almost every other night, and I usually wake up into it.

You can use the SP for entering a dream while being fully conscious. Try visualizing the act of walking when you have SP the next time, then you might soon find yourself in a dream.

You could also try visualizing a dreamscene if the tactile visualization does not work.

Sleep paralysis is actually a good thing for lucid dreams.

Thanks for the tip, Tomas.