Sleeping Positions

I usually sleep on my back most of the time. Occasionally I slightly move to one of my sides. When I take naps I usually lie on my stomach.

What position do you sleep on that you would usually do when you try to attempt getting a LD?

Usually I get better results on my back, sleeping in a different area. Other then my bed.

i can fall asleep in any position, but most of the time i sleep on my back while trying to get an LD, its more comfertable.

When I focus on trying to LD I sleep on my back, head between my pillows, and my hands on my chest above the quilt. I find it to be the best WILD position too :tongue:

I sleep on my sides, with on hand under the pillow, or on my stomach with both hands under the pillow. But i can’t fall asleep on my back which really makes me mad>

Plus, i get most of my lds on my back.

I sleep on my side, but when I LD I start on my back, and at the point of HI during WILD I switch to my side… Shouldn’t matter for a lucid dream as you are constantly disconnected to your body anyway. :content:

I usually sleep on one side, but when I focus on LD, I sleep on my back.

Yeah i sleep on my back

Usually I sleep on my back or on my sides, it depends. Sometimes I’ll be on my back and I’ll become uncomfortable and switch to my side, or vice versa. I’ve never noticed either of them really helping with LDs…

Last night i remember lying on my back with my head kind of to the side, then the moment i moved my head to face the ceiling a wave of tingly sleep paralysis engulfs my body from my neck outwards. Then i start to hear whispering voices like in LOTR when Frodo puts the ring on… I kept snapping out if it though but every time it would creep back about 5 seconds later but i ended up waking up completely… frustrating, as my best LD came from SP in the middle of the night! :happy:

I can only fall asleep in one position, so there’s not much choice for me :smile:

I sleep on my stomach with my right arm under the pillow, and my head always turned to the left. I can’t get comfortable when it’s to the right. Broke my collarbone on the right side when I was younger and never had it set, probably has something to do with it.

I don’t know how people sleep on their backs! It makes me feel like I have a fused spine.

If I’m trying to get an LD, like doing WILD or something, I’ll sleep on my back. If I’m just trying to go to sleep, I roll over on either side :content:

I sleep on my stomach with both hands under my pillow. I had all my LD in that position. I will try sleeping on my back and see what happens.

I have no particularly standard of position to fall asleep to get an LD but i can not fall asleep other than on my side. i prefer my right side

Thank you for all that have posted. I usually don’t sleep on my side because my ear is on my pillow and I hear something when I’m not moving. I know some of it is my heart beat but theres just this movie that I saw in 5th grade where like microorganisms crawl into your ear and you can hear them do it. I think thats what happens. I’m not sure, I just freak out if I concentrate on that sound too much when I have my ear on my pillow.

I can only sleep on my back.

i usually sleep on my side or stomach, i find that i have a lot of difficulty falling asleep on my back. if i hug a pillow, however, i have no problems falling asleep on my back at all. kinda strange, but helps with WILD a lot

Sleep positions are more a preference , but in the case of lucid dreaming, I would THINK that sleeping on your back would cause sleep paralysis easier, as sleeping on the side causes the tendency to be uncomfortable and change. I’m currently trying to train myself to sleep on my back, i hope it will help…

btw, i had an LD last night! :smile:

I usually sleep on my side :wink: For some reason that’s the only position in which I can fall asleep.

I think I can only have a LD when I sleep on my back, but I can only sleep comfortably on my side.