Slowing time in Lucid Dreams?


Has anyone here actually tried to or succeeded in slowing time in their LD, to make it last longer than IRL (e.g. the dream went for 1.5hrs, but in your dream world it lasted longer). Or, could somebody link me to a thread where someone has managed to do so?

I searched, You are the first to think of this, good work!!! (I’m going to try it tonight!)

I know I’m definitely not the first, but I can’t seem to gather any info on it D=. Good luck.

You too… :wink:

Has anyone managed to do this?

People have freezed time before. I don’t know about slowing it down.

There have been quite a few previous topics.

Extending Time - a 7 page topic from 2003

And a short one from 2006 - Stopwatch!

Time Control - 3 page topic from 2008

pausing/slowing time - 2 page topic also from 2008

Have fun reading :smile:

Quite a read. I’ll try and remember to sum it up here when I’m done. Thanks a lot :smile:

I wanted to try this… I hope i can tonight :happy:

Good luck with that, I think it would require alot of experience with LDing to get proper results. Some things I think may help are verbal commands, asking DC’s and imagining two pyramids counter-rotating - whatever that means :confused:

My analysis of the linked threads:

The first one discusses the topic in great depth, and many people have posted stories of dreams that ran or seemed to run longer than they actually were, although nobody managed to do it purposefully.
The second thread proposes a method for controlling dream time of pulling out a stopwatch in your dream and seeing what it says, meaning you have however much time it says left. There were no real successes posted.
Third thread was similar to the first one, discussing the topic generally and theories as to how it may or may not be possible.
The last thread had people posting their thoughts and small successes. It seems another theory related to slowing time in dreams is slowing time in near death situations.

I can easily slow down in my dreams without any special techniques. The real problem is not the time itself slowing down, but keeping myself at the correct time/space ratio. I mean you can slow down easily but slowing down time it also slows you down, so you must find a way to keep yourself out of time, thus causing some major sensitive problems in interaction with the dreamworld.
Anyway, even if you manage to slow time, it doesn’t mean at all that you will be able to have longer dreams - longer than the sleep-cycle - because you can’t ask from your body something he is unable to complete. When you dream longer periods than IRL it doesn’t mean at all that you actually modified time in any way. Let’s take an example: you are going to school from home. This activity would take IRL about 20min counted on the clock. Well, if you would do this in a dream, the moment you leave the home it is linked, consequently, to the moment you arrive at school. So you have the feeling you walked 20min but actually you did not - it would appear illogical if you wouldn’t - and this trip only took 2-3s. Imagine now dreaming a life time. The days of doing the same thing in dream are cut and cut and cut until it is stripped down to the sleep-cycle.
The idea is that you can slow time, but this won’t affect the time when the dream ends.

Yeah, that was one of the main theories against it. But I believe somebody in these forums (can’t remember the name or thread) taught themself to speak out loud in a lucid dream and found that they spoke very quickly during the longer LD’s.

I remember reading once, somewhere, although i don’t remember where (and i know it wasn’t on this website) of a man who had a dream which lasted only one night in reality but lasted for around 100 years in the dream.

This is rather outrageous and sketchy… i don’t know if it’s true, but i believe that it is possible, however difficult it would be.

No idea how it would happen or how it could be achieved though.

I don’t know if this is possible, because of the fact that your mind is aware you are dreaming, which means you are “awake”. which would have to mean that time would pass at the same rate as it would while you were awake. At least that’s what I think. If anyone has success with this, they better post it!

right, but what you want to do is speed UP time in your dream, so that you can accomplish more in the time slot that is given by how long the REM sleep lasts. slowing down how fast the dream feels would give you less time.

Stephen Leburge, father of modern Lucid dreaming wrote an account of a dream lasting 100 years. He also posted a contradicting statement. Stating that people who tapped their finger and used eye signals to prove lucidity passed time at the same rate. Counting to 10 in their dreams took 10 seconds on the monitoring side as well. So I dunno. But dreams happen in an instant. So if scenarios can unfold in this alloted time, it sureley must be bendable. An advance technique and understanding sounds neccessary. A de-cluttered mind and cleaned subconcious as well to obtain this asepct of Godliness.

You should definitely check out writerscube’s dream journals as he has numerous examples of having dreams which last only a couple hours in real life but last as long as 7 days in dream time. … postorder=

I read this in an old book once(When I mean old…It’s OLD!!!). It was about the human mind or something…
There is man, he dreamed a dream. He dreamt that he travelled to many countries and dimensions, He dreamt that he wrote a thousand paged book, He dreamt that he had a long chat with an old man but when he woke up, he found out that it passed only 2 minutes.
I don’t know if this is true…I think it could be possible?

Thats very interesting.
I just woke up and im joining WBTB with WILD in a few minutes when I log out. I will attempt this in literally 5 mins! :spinning: Will post results!