Snooze alarm causing lucid dreams

The last couple of days I’ve been snoozing my alarm (so it goes off again in 10mins), and done this repeatedly about 4 times in a row, and I end up in a dream where I automatically know I’m dreaming.
The problem is, its not very vivid and its almost as if I’m half awake after about 30 seconds into the dream. I’ll be vivid for a while and then everything fades out and i’ll be awake but still in a dream like state where I can hear and feel the dream a bit and then I’ll waver in and out. I tried making it more vivid by rubbing my hands together but it didn’t seem to work.

Anyone know how to fix this and whats going on?

the same kind of thing happens to me sometimes, except it is VERY low ludicity
so i guess i’m really no help…

You need to actually expect the dream to become clearer, otherwise techniques won’t have much effect at all.

well i’m half asleep when i hit the snooze button… so i don’t really think about anything…

It’s better to use an alarm that repeats but stops in a couple of seconds. Having to move to stop the alarm really ruins it. I use an mp3 that beeps at intervals of 4 to 20 minutes.

i actually have a set of intervals that usually works really well- i have them written down somewhere at home- but since i’m away over the break and i’m not sure where i got them…

some basic thing happens too me, im sometimes unsure if my eyes even close while im dreaming.

The FILD tecnique is sometimes blurry too- either that, or it’s hard to stay in the LD
but I still highly reccomend it because you have like a 99% chance of getting an LD with it

This technique is well known and there are information and a timer with specific time intervals just to do that in lucidology.

Well, if I’m not exceeding myself, also made a version of it for mobile phones supporting j2me: Dream Cycles Timer.

I still didn’t get much success with LDs yet, but I could achieve 2 hrs sleep keeping full consciousness with it (without dreams), and feeling refreshed the other day.

The only problem with the lucidology timer method I have is that if I set it, I can’t determine how long it will take me to fall asleep- EVEN when using the stop drop and roll method (I don’t roll- it doesn’t work for me)