So close, yet so far away.

Hello all,
My name is stormbreaker and I’m 15 years old. I’ve been trying to get lucid dreams for only a week, but I’m very motivated indeed to get them. However, I’ve bumped into a problem. I’m currently trying the Wild technique, and I’ve been making more progress with it then any other technique, but there is a recurring problem preventing me from actually dreaming.
You see, I’ve found that I can enter sleep paralysis (not complete, I can move if I really try, but it restrains me mostly and I have the tingling feeling)and I can get into a state where I see HP imagery from time to time and I barely feel my body except for some swallowing cause of slimes in my nose getting into my mouth. However, whenever I realize I’ve been having HP imagery it goes away, and I can’t seem to actually enter a dreamstate. I can get very close, but not quite achieve them. Now I find this very frustrating for two reasons:

  1. When I really want to dream, lucid or not, I have to get out of the sleep paralysis state I’m in, do something else for a while, and then return and just fall asleep, without being concious.
  2. When I do this, I have the strange sensation of being physically rested, but not mentally. I find myself actively craving a dream.
    Do you have any advice on how to actually enter the dreamstate fully, without it falling apart?

I would say that the problem occurs because as you aproach the state you become increasingly excited and this wakes you backup.

I believe that the trick is to stay calm :smile:

Am I right?

Well, no, cause I’m not excited at all. In the beginning, when sleep paralysis is still kicking in, my heartrate is kinda high, but after a while I’m fully relaxed and I don’t really feel excited.

Hi stormbreaker,

You should attempt WILD after sleeping a few hours, if you havent tried yet. It has a way higher rate of succes this way, since WILD from going to sleep in the evening is near impossible for most mortals. If you want advice on what technique to use for WILD during the night in more detail, you could check out this stuff. Good luck.