so heres the thing...

ok Ive been trying to start a DJ but in the mornings i wake up and Im so tired that i cant remember to write in it till its to late and i forget it :sad: i know im remembering a dream because i remember remembering,if that makes sense,

so i guess my question is if anyone knws how to get past this?

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Keep your dream journal next to your bed. Tape notes around your bed that say “WHAT DID YOU DREAM?”. Make dreams an important part of your life, so you are excited to write them down when you have them.

i’ve got my DJ on my headboard under my phone,witch is what wakes me up in the morning,ether my girl calls or i’ve got an alarm,i thought of the notes thing but never really got around to it,ill give it a try

you can keep a notepad by your bed and only write down general notes and key words. Then when you get up later and don’t remember the dream (only remember remembering) those notes might help click and bring parts of the dream, if not the whole thing, back to memory.

You know, when you solve problems, youre supposed to go for the root of the problem. For you, thats being tired solution-get more sleep

To feel less tired waking up, it is also possible to use auto-suggestion and wake up on your own at a fixed time. I reccomend it, as the alarm really is a nuisance that doesn’t fully wake you up and makes you forget a tremeondous part of any dream, unless you are specifically trained to avoid that forgettance.

You can try tonight - “I will wake up on my own at x”, where x is 10 mins before your alarm, and you can cram in a “and i will remember what i’ve dreamt” for good measure.

I’ve heard of using auto-suggestion but,honestly,never had much faith in it,it just sounds…for lack of a better word “silly”

Well, I can only tell you hundreds of people on this forum only have been using it with success for quite a long time, including me: i can wake up anytime in the night, plus i use it for other stuff in daily life, like remembering the whole list of things to do/buy, etc.
To quote a certain french ninja, “If it’s a stupid idea and it works, then it’s not stupid” ^^

this works for me… i just keep running the dream through my head until i have it memorized, and sometimes ill write down a few key words, but usualy if im to sleepy to move playing the dream over until i know it usualy works. allso when you run the dream through your mind do it as if you are writing in your journal, and say it to yourself out loud. repeat until you have it in your memmory. hope this helps.

i have heard about it quiet a bit since i started reading this forum,but how would i do it? is it as simple as “im going to wake up at 6:25am” ?

i think i will try that,especially on those days that I’m rushing to get to work(most days)

in a few days i ether post here saying it worked or just start posting my DJ,i dunno tho,my dreams have been pretty personal lately and…i don’t know if I’m willing to tell the world.

P.S. sorry kava,i accidentally spell checked your post, :grin:

It is, with practice. You must build confidence, so start with something easy and unreated to your goals, like “I will remember to buy x when i go shopping” or " I will wake up before my alarm goes off" and build your way from there. One of the most useful suggestions is “I will wake up after each dream and remember them” or similar; for inducing LD’s with this tech, give a look at the Suggestion test to see what works best for you.