Something Ive noticed about cropcircles. … re=related

Take a close look at this crop circle. Notice anything? What does it look like that the crop circle is on. Ive noticed that in all crop circles they all have those lines in the field. Allso Ive never ever seen a crop circle with people standing in one, or Ive never seen one with any roads near it. What I think is that these cropcircles are actualy a trick of the eye we think we are looking at a fild, but infact we are looking a a peice of carved out plywood, but there is one pic on there that would debunk my theory, because it is a close up view instead of an airview. Just a theory

The images on that video looks like a piece of plywood indeed.

Did some googeling:
This one looks like a rug: … circle.jpg
Here you can see a road: … 1S_500.jpg
Here you see other parts of the landscape, possibly a road: … 08/10/crop -circle.jpg

At least some crop circles are obviously fake.

Note: I don’t really know what a crop circle is.

The question would be why, and who. Because every cropcircle pic is like that. Maybie the Freemasons. Maybie I should just keep my mouth shut, before I blow the cover off the alien invasion

Nevermind, because this video shows better close up shots of cropcircles. Thank God I didnt want to be skeptic, and debunk something so amazing.

I always assumed that the lines were an ordinary feature of crops—basically either left by farm equipment or for farm equipment.

Here’s one that shows plenty of surrounding landscape.

And as for the many theoretical perspectives—well I don’t talk about that stuff in public.

love or fear, kava ? what alien invasion, we were invaded eons ago,

2012 is about ascension into cosmic consciousness and total freedom it is the "second coming " in a non dogmatic and non - religious manner, it is not invasion

Dec 21, 2012 is also the next intergalactic alignment, when the earth, sun, and moon (possibly every other planet, not sure) will be completely aligned with the supermassive (yes, its a word) black hole in the center of our galaxy.

the show i watched about it said what COULD happen when everything lined up perfectly, but i didnt catch that part becouse just at the right time, my sister burst through the door yelling about some sixth grader who could sing some lady gaga song on youtube


i like your parable, if its not a true story you are a genius for writing and it that did happen ,

that is also brilliant and unfortunate

its not american idol , well yes it is an idol, and idolatry, but its more accurately spelled IDLE,

but let them have fun yeah ?

there is this technology called a zero point wand
you wave it in circles over a painful area, and the pain diminishes, and is quickly healed,
it has a very high healing ion count which is easily measured by air ion meters, on youtube you can see this being done

its a miracle, a small one, but something that would easily end chronic pain and diseases of cellular deterioration, i have one

i mention this because ,
2012 is likened unto things far more awesome than the nano wand,
and , the consciousness of the people is likened unto thinking that a coke has the same nutritious properties as a glass of apple juice

these circles are made by high technology to be sure,

we would ask who

and that leds to love vs fear, which leads to trust

the universe cannot be a hostile place, for us humans are even starting to realize that we should be good to each other, and we are not that advanced !

Wow :smile:

About the planet alignment, i thought NASA deffinitelly said there won’t be an alignment of the planets in 2012. Just look for their statement on the official NASA site about 21.12.2012

My problem is that there are too many variables. Personally, I do believe they are man made. But, I don’t have proof either way and can therefor not rule out either option. Not to mention the other options. It could be something terrestrial that is unknown to us, it could be spiritual. There are far, far too many possibilities to assume it’s done by aliens.

For instance, that video you posted on only gives the options of alien or man made. It’s easy enough to debunk man made, but difficult for enthusiasts to debunk aliens. After all, there is no hard evidence. Just eye witnesses (which is unreliable at best) and the circles themselves.

Here’s a new theory I’ll just make up. Tiny, almost completely invisible sprites are trying to get into contact with us. They have a superior understanding of mathematics and geometry, as is evidenced by their ability to form such geometrically perfect shapes. They are capable of knocking down the grain in no time at all as they fly at incredible rates of speeds. It’s almost like a strong wind or energy. This matches eye witness accounts as well.

Now, other than the fact I said I made it up, how can you disprove that? How can I prove it? The answer is, you can’t. For skeptics like myself and enthusiast alike, we don’t know what caused them. There’s nothing that points to it being aliens trying to contact us, and scant evidence that it is just an incredibly elaborate hoax.

well Mr Rhewin, it is a good point but you dismiss eye witness acccounts, as in, a man who is visited by them, transcribes their messages for people, what would you say about that man ?

now what if thousands have had visitation, have been on ships ? I remember one man was a little boy and drowning, and he kept thinking “I can’t swim” and a voice said “but you can walk” so he was walking on the bottom of this pool or lake and then he was inside a ship, and they started telling him things.

now you can dismiss every anecdote as insanity or you can start to think that anecdotes do hold an objective weight especially when you collect many of them.

ex : i kept asking to go to a ship one while i went to bed, when i woke up my body had felt like it literally telephoned back into my room and it was lying in an impossible sleeping configuration, no where resembling the configuration i had fallen asleep in, and on a different area of my bed.

now we will want to argue about SP hallucinations, and i agree that many of it could be SP hallucinations, but there are classes people with psychic awareness, which we still can’t explain very well with our science yet, who speak to these beings all the time.

truthfully our best way to figure out the answers is to listen to the experts in credible fields, such as former astronauts, etc, and they seem to be overwhelmingly stating either they “don’t know” or that they DO know and want the world to know. there are for instance tons of military people that have spoken about the reality of other beings.

your angle makes sense, for instance, if there is evidence it is covered up, and not very well, ( there was a CNN discussion on roswell a year or two ago that was interesting, and larry king was defending the enthusiasts saying of course roswell was covered up that’s a known fact! ) , because the evidence OF covering up is undeniable, but the evidence they are hiding is harder to get at.

here’s an example "
there was a disclosure conference held last weekend, they are done once a year and have actual very real evidence from people within all the various fields of study , government, etc, that KNOW.
the sevrer of the conference was shut down during its broadcast, and videos of the conference are being deleted from youtube,
evidence that there is evidence, we aren’t quite sure what it is ( but they are, both the good and the not so good ) , and that of course there is ample evidence of covering up .

now are there are fairy related crop circle cover up shenanigans ?

it was rumored this conference would have been on live tv , but was not.

Woah, hang on. Rhewin actually mentioned eyewitness accounts of crop circle formation. Alien visitation hasn’t been brought up yet, and there are plenty of alternate explanations for visitation. It’s in a different league, because we can all go and witness a crop circle if we choose, there is no material evidence for alien visitation. So to attack his argument or accuse him of ignoring something because he didn’t take account of ‘some man’ (who is nameless again at this point.) seems a bit contrived to me. Also what’s with the mr?

Objective evidence of what? That people have experiences that can be similar (Assuming they even are similar, a fact I doubt actually for the large proportion of accounts) Surely of all places, a dreaming forum where we experience all manor of weird and wonderful things, it’s not hard to make the connection that perhaps these experiences are dreamed or hallucinated. (Another option to your argument of, they are either insane, liars or truthful.)

Sorry, but you just demonstrated the flaw in your own argument for me. You could be classed as ‘experienced’ with the realm of dreaming, of sleep experiences, you’ve been around the boards for a while now, and know about hypnagogic experiences. Yet you just made the implication that you had experienced abduction during sleep, based on two things. You felt like you had just been transported back, and you had moved in your bed. Both of which could very easily have been caused by a restless nights sleep. This is precisely why I am dubious of using other peoples interpretations of experiences, no matter how many people you pick as any form of objective evidence, besides an indicator of something interesting to look into.

There is a reason people who base their opinions on cold logic consider ‘argument from authority’ to be a fallacy. As I explained above, all that applies here too. However expert somebody is, they are not infallible. Also ‘tons of military people’ (whom shall remain nameless.)

Proving or arguing that ‘somebody in authority doesn’t want you to know this.’ is often used to try and gain credibility. It doesn’t for me though, it’s also known how the internet at large reacts to censorship, if government really were doing this, they learned nothing from incidences like the 09 F9 event.

Well, basically what GreenDragon said :tongue:. I like the “Mr” though… hmmmm, do I detect a forum name change? Nah.

But yeah, my big problem with eye witness acounts is that they can be based on so many things. First off, if you’re expecting a certain thing (aliens), your mind will intereperate unknowns in a way to match your expectation. Does this mean all eye witness acounts are bogus? Of course not. But they have to suplemented by some form of hard evidence to give them credibility. Whether you have 1 or 1,000,000, it has to have something to back it up.

In colonial America, a group of eye witnesses (teenage girls) saw “witches” coming into their homes and tormenting them. This was the beginning of the Salem Witch Trials. Do eye witness accounts without hard evidence mean a lot to me? No.

if this is not irrefutable evidence, well, it is,
then what is ?
ex premier from cananda , he is talking about their jets being shot down by ufos for , of course, firing upon them, and that the ETs came many years ago asking to help us so that we do not destroy our planet

I still see no hard evidence. And this is entirely refutable. Ok, he has a position of leadership. Why should I believe him? What proof has he shown me of these “visitors” other than yet another second hand account? Just because he has a position of authority does not mean that his word in undeniably true.

If anything, I heard a lovely speech about how the U.S. has spent too much on a nuclear arsenal. Yet another person who is spreading paranoia and conspiracy theories.

To answer your question. irrefutable evidence is clear videos, photos, government documents or any amount of tangible evidence. A picture of a blur in the sky or a strange creature of unknown origins does not count. An authority figure speak as if they are infallible does not count. There can be no question of the background of these sources.

I still do not discount that there may be aliens. I’ve seen no evidence to prove otherwise. But I’ve seen no evidence to back up Mr. Hellyer either. Let me see the black box on the planes which have gone down. Let me see the footage of these planes wreckages. Let me see the interview with the “visitor.” The fact is no such evidence is available.

Now, we can shrowd this with conspiracy theories about how this is a cover up. Event A and Event B, which may be entirely unrelated, somehow piece together on a web to show what the government is hiding. I can’t be confident in such wild speculation. I’ll say it again, if you expect aliens and you expect government cover-ups, that is what you will see.

How can somebody who says there is a massive government cover-up conspiracy, involving many politicians lying, including those in the highest offices in their country. Turn around and say, this one man’s statement is irrefutable evidence? How very convenient. I guess the other statements made by others are refutable? How exactly do you make the distinction on who’s statements are irrefutable and who’s aren’t?

[rant]All this alien marlarky… they are coming to save us… bla bla bla… it rings of other saviours and judges from the heavens!

Think about it… how much of all this alien psychobable that is vomited out across the web these days - from signs from the aliens, to visitations, to abducutions, to special messages, to etc etc… the human being has been having such experiences for centuries - and as a sign of the times, it is attributed to something ‘else’ be it the judeo christian God, the greek gods, norse gods, celtic gods, the earth goddess, Jesus, Alah leprechauns, banshees,etc etc etc etc etc or what ever takes your fancy. Aliens are just the latest in a long line of ‘explanations’ of the unexplained.

My point is, that humans seem to be in need of someone from above (the heavens) coming to save us from the morbidity of our existance that we create for ourselves. And there lies the solution… we created this mess (if you actually want to see this as a mess - I see so many miserable posts here about how fucked up their world is- whine whine whine) our selves!!! We dont need anything else from ‘out there’… be it alien or spiritual… that will intervene and help us out! We made what ever problems we have, and just as have the power to make such problems, we also have the power to fix them. No god or alien is going to hold us accountable… we are only accountable to ourselves.

I strongly suggest that people stop putting all their friggen energy into something that is only circumventing the real problems we face, and actually put their creative energies into finding real solutions.

True hope lies within ourselves. Believe in yourself and nothing else, as that is the only true thing that each of us can believe in.[/rant]

I do not understand your message Green Dragon,

as for Rhewin I completely understand and totally agree, all those things are irrefutable evidence, and they need be compiled together, and surely have been and are constantly being, that is why disclosure conventions such as that one, of which his speech was only a small part.

now the question would be are you yourself interested in finding and putting together or witnessing these various testimonies, videos, photographs, etc ?

You mention “blurry pictures” however the space station footage is not blurry in and of itself and contains thousands of various sized things, pulsating light in regular rhythmic intervals, which “space junk” would not do , as well as that some of them are calculated at being many many miles in diameter, at least 25.

the only answer for GD is simnply this : the people within systems of authority, to come out in advocacy of having information that is completely objective, sharing it freely with the public, urging the entire world to be transparent about UFO files ( Rhewin myself I have posted the declassified UFO files from Canada and Britain ) , are quite credible.

How can they not be ? Perhaps we could suppose they are trying to plant seeds in our minds about aliens on purpose, and making it up , but that would be a very intensive campaign when a fake invasion would do a lot better of a job as, most of the people of the planet just believe what is On TV and there would be no need to sway the small fringe “votes” on the internet who are actively seeking obscure information.

should one go through the GFL thread you will see that anywhere i post a link i found it interesting and of substantial value to verify that AT LEAST UFOS which are SHIPS and vehicles exist. But understandably if you are only receiving information from my posts and are not interested in delving into the evidence, then you will have a much more skeptical view point and say “hmm”

it is hard to take the hypthesis that there is no ET life wen many many many military , etc, officials are saying contrary openly to the public, not just this one man.

the documentary “the day before disclosure” has been leaked to youtube as i understand it, and i have no seen it, but i am sure it would be an integral piece in shutting the door forever on any discernible doubt.

as in , this is not, some guy, somewhere, saying, yep i saw them, its very very influential people, and i do not see why they would have a sub conspiracy, although some of them i would suspect a degree of disinformation , coming from the obvious and yes, irrefutable understanding the the United States refuses to acknowledge UFOs WHILE at the same time many countries publicly release their UFO files, including footage of mexican air force intercepting a fleet of UFOs which is in my GFL post.

YES , we can take the evidence which is here and run different hypotheses but I do not see that many of the people putting up arguments have looked at it.

This man stated there is still an active cover up
it might be very hard for him to produce black boxes, that could be something you could be jailed or killed for, after-all ,
at the same tim Cananda has relased its UFO files to my recollection, and they are on a Canadian website to see , and ,

unless we go “this man is lying, there is no UFO coverup” then what he says makes sense, and would accurately explain that it would be a bit challenging to show people the hard evidence of every single claim he is making, as even if UFO files in general are declassified it might not mean that all things as obscure as black boxes from planes that were , as it sounds to me, vaporized in the first place, are so easy to get a hold of and show in a public convention.

understand this convention is not being held by people like me : it is being held by people like that man!

Hard to explain. If you suspect someone is doing X and they say they are doing it well then, you got them. But i fully understand your way of thinking. What someone sees as evidence may be bullcrap to someone else.

Here is an interesting movie that i thought was somehow related.