South Park Disscusion

Would anyone like do discuss new South Park episodes? Some are just silly and do not warrant much disscussion, but alot have great social commentary. So, is anyone up for it?

(South Park is an American cartoon, in case anyone has not heard of it.

Im not sure if Im up to all the new episodes…or am very good at social commentary XD…But I really like South Park! :slight_smile: Im up for any related discussion! =D

Careful with the language, guys. :wink:

I’ve missed the newest episodes- I feel so left out! :cry: Hopefully I’ll be able to catch them later.

Good, I’m guessing? ^^

Expeptional. The best one was the one about the Hybrid cars and Kyle moving to San Francisco. Chef’s final episode was hilarious aas well.

I don’t watch South Park much, but from what I can see, it can be both highly insightful or really dumb depending on the epsiode. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more.

Ah, an episode about hybrid cars and Kyle moving…I guess I’m not caught up to the new ones yet then…>_< I dont even know if those ones have aired in Canada yet TT_TT


Sorry forgive me…I-I just had to do it Kyale.


Cough I’m leaving now.

:roll: I meant this to be a serious(or as serious as south park can be) disscussion about their social commentary…

Lol, that was really funny Dan the Man. How can you be SERIOUS about SOUTH PARK!? heheheh

You know I’m not being serious now right? Don’t wanna piss anyone off.

I’ve decided that without a doubt South Park is the funniest show on television. I’m a fan of family guy but the humor does not come close to comparing to the humor in South Park. The humor in South Park is so much more thought provoking and almost always contains messages about how people are in real life, they just kind of exagerate to the point of being hilarious. For example, recently there was an episode about Towlie (a talking towl) who disguised himself as a person and wrote a book that became very famous. The book affected all of its readers. Then everyone found out that it was a towl that wrote the book and not a human so they completely turned against him despite the fact that his book helped so many people. Obviously the consequences turned out to be even more hilarious.

I’ve watched South Park a bit, and I must say, I hate it. Same goes for The Simpsons, for their inhumane way of parodying things, and being generally filled with idiotic storyscripts for the other characters. :grrr:

My opinion only, don’t let this get to you. :wink:

Oh, right, I remember that episode very well. :content: What I like about the newer episodes of the show are it’s ingenious expressions of political satire - of many of the situations mentioned in a little thing called “The News.” :razz:

As for the towlie episode, that was also based on an actual event. It was a direct relation to when James Frye wrote a memoir entitled A Million Little Pieces. He appeared on Oprah, which of course, launched the book to the bestsellers list. Sometime later, it was exposed that he had made up some details in this memoir, so in reality there were many fictional details. Keep in mind, if you’re writing a memoir on your life, you can’t make things up as you go along!

Hmm, I would have liked to see the episode in which Chef died as well, but somehow I managed to miss it. :ack: Just in case you didn’t know, Isaac Hayes left the show because he was offended by the Scientology episode, or so I’ve heard. (He is a Scientologist, that’s why he took offense to that). South Park just isn’t the same without Chef, though. :sigh:

I find it funny that somebody who worked for South Park could get offended and quit. It’s like they can make fun of poor people, jewish peaple, mentally handicaped people, fat people, really pretty much anybody, but when you hit that topic that affects that person personally then they’ve crossed the line. The thing I love about South Park is that they make fun of everybody, they don’t exclude anyone. Nobody should take offense to the show because eventually they’re going to make fun of something you believe in. It’s pretty much inevitable.

Yes, I agree with Diggity. Issac Hayes has stayed with South Park through them making fun of EVERY denomination of people, until they came for him. That move had no class, and it just goes to show how self-centered a person can be.

As for the new episode which aired last night in the US at 10:00pm on Comedy Central, it did not have much good material to discuss. It was very funny, but no biting social commentary or anything. One of the nannies from the TV show “Nanny 911” came to his house to teach him to behave, and when he did not, the nanny made him sit on the “naughty stool”, to which Carman relpied, “You know I’m just going to get off right after you move, right?” It really made the whole “discipline your child without beating his a$$” thing seem absurd.

I noticed no one mentioned the Al Gore episode lol. In case no one saw it, basically al gore comes to south park and warns everyone about a creature called Man-Bear-Pig…exactly what it sounds like. The boys get dragged into the whole thing cause Stan feels bad for him, because the ex-vice president has no friends. And Al gore is so covinced Man-Bear-Pig is real, which everyone knows its not.
And I wondered if man bear pig was some kind of metapore for some problem in the world now, (i think maybe while watching it I thought globalwarming, but I cant even remember) just by the way the he was talking about it. Cause it seemed strange to me that Matt and Trey woudnt put some sort of mesage in the episode, cause they have been doing it for a while, not that im complaining I love the show. Also I found it funny how instead of saying serious Al gore said cerial, not sure if he actually said that once, or they just thought that would be funny, but either way that annoyed my friend allot how he kept saying it over and over :lol:

Honestly South Park i must say is one of the funniest shows we of this generation have since beavis and butthead.

However the newer episodes dont have the same lasting power and creative awkwardness they normally represent.It is almost as if matt stone and Trey parer are running out of energy, they are fnny in their moments but the episodes dont have the power to stand out and be talked about for days. They dont focus heavily on the culture as much it seems and they pull on other moments of time. Such as the episode last night where they made cartman be like damien and end as the omen. It isnt like the Virgin mary episode or the terry schiavo episodes. I think south park may be falling past its glory. I do enjoy it though for being witty and up to date and not just full randomness such as the smpsons or family guy (Yes i know they pointed this out.) or even american dad. The other shows just dont compare, the other shows dont reveal anythign about their creators, such as south park does through the characters and the way they developed or the names of certain characters. Yeah that is just how i feel, so yeah thanks for listening/reading.

I am almost positive they were reffering to global warming, though I don’t see the connection between a serious problem such as global warming and such an absurd creation as manbearpig.

Yeah now that I think about it, I recall Al Gore taking the boys to the Man-Bear-Pig tracking station or whatever it was called, where he tracked the location, or spots of where MBP would be, so I guese thats one of the reasons I thoght its about global warming.
And as for the connection between a creation like Man-Bear=Pig and Global warming…well thats the humor in it, and plus its a metaphor anyway, a pretty abstract one at that :rofl:
Although i really didnt get the where they “stood” on the issue. If it was about global warming (which im pretty sure now), then maybe they were saying that it is a problem, but its not “Super Cerial” and people who overeact, shoudn’t.

I don’t think manbearpig had anything to do with global warming, the meaphor is just too abstract to make sense. IMO it’s just another one of their weird animal creations like skuzzlebutt, towlie, the talking alien taco, all the funky aliens, barbra streisand robot, ect. Probably just some gags to keep the non-politically informed interested. But I didn’t really like the death of chef episode, he was a great character and the way he died was just rediculous lol (and that scream, WTF?). The George Clooney “smugness cloud” was classic though… :smile:

I didn’t like the death of Chef either, the death was really fitting for such a major character (it seemed that this was done on purpose to be more a “sting”).

Towlie is one of my favorite characters… I just had to say it. :lol:

I haven’t been able to watch Southpark like I used to since I’ve been really busy for the past year, I was able to see a Cave in Episode re-run though.