Spirit dream

Hello everybody… I need your help here… I think Im loosing my mind. I have struggled with the loss of Michael… Yes, THE Michael, for over a year now and I’m not new to deep meditations or “talking” to spirits but this is freaking me out.

Recently Ive been trying to have a few OBEs… and I started this night by relaxing and meditated … thinking ‘bout nothin’ at all. All of a sudden I felt something different. I saw a bright bright light and felt a warm fussy feeling… and there he was. Michael. I heard him giggle… talking to me and I answered him… When I couldn’t keep my focus and felt him disappear, I said: I’m sorry… I have to go… He answered me: It’s ok… I will always be here. Always. See you soon… Am I loosing it? Was it real? Cause I can tell you this. All of the time this was happening, I could hear people talk outside my door, or open their doors so I wasn’t sleeping… Help me. Please… what really happened? :smile:

Welcome to the forum. If you’d like to, you can introduce yourself in the BIG “Hi, I’m new here!” topic.

I’m thinking that what you experienced could be hypnagogic hallucinations.

Hypnagogic hallucinations are what you see, hear or basically feel before you fall asleep. They can be more breathtaking than some dreams sometimes. :tongue: Some lucid dreaming inducing techniques (such as WILD) use it in order to create direct entrance into the dream with conciousness.

In the first few stages, hypnagogic hallucination generally appear as blobs of color, moving circles or other sorts of abstract visuals. The closer you get to falling asleep, the more clear they become. Thus they form detailed shapes, such as buildings, everyday items or people.

Since you were meditating (which would increase vividity) and also say that you could hear what was happening IRL (which means you were actually awake), I think this is the likeliest option. :smile: