spirit guides and obtaining them...

Dunno if this is the right place to post this but I have been wondering how to obtain a spirit guide I’m kind of in desperate need of one everything in my life is going to hell and I need some direction, I’ve read up a few things and tried a couple things but I can never tell if the responses in my head are me thinking it out want or if theres really a connection between me and a guide. I think helloand occasionally hear hello back but I never know if its my self saying it or someone else. I know dreaming can often help in finding one so I’m wondering can anyone help me in my quest for a guide?

:welcome: Allo Stsdude2.

You can read up all about them on The Big Spirit Guide Topic and also in this moon’s quest. You can always ask someone who’s already found theirs ( :wave: ). Pretty much all you have to do is ask for him/her to show up once in a LD.

Good luck finding yours. :grin:

/me hugs Stsdude2

Good luck with SG and IRL :smile:

since wolb already gave directions to the BIG SG thread, I’ll lock this one then :smile: