The Big Spirit Guide Topic - Part II

Welcome to The Big Spirit Guide Topic Part II.
This is a continued discussion. Part I can be found here.

Anyone who has talked to a dream/spirit guide… have you ever asked them what the best method that you can use to induce lucidity is? Or would that not be a question that would make much sense?
I dunno, I think that it might be interesting to see what your subconscious has to say on the matter, since it is completely tied with dreams.

srry, but with all the questions i ask about the universe and stuff that never crossed my mind as sumin important. I dont think they would tell us anything we already dint know, like practice and believe.

If there is a secret hidden method only you can figure it out and it will work for only you.

Some1special i think that still would be a Nap at daytime or WBTB!


I think I might’ve found my spirit guide :happy: Or rather, she found me. I’m going to try to meet her again in my next LD… :content:

:happy: mm yeah i read it in your dream diary! :happy:

Very neat!

Post plz if you make any furter investigations about this!


I remember when I first began LD’ing calling my spirit guide was one of the first things I tried to do (after unsuccesfully trying to learn to fly).
He appeared as a tiny little pixie or something jumping around on the shelves at the end of my bed. He told me his name was “Mr. Atgi” and kept repeating that I should “ignore the little things”.

It took me a good month to get the joke.


OHH! I get it! Hehe…

How do you know if the Spirit Guide is for real or not?

came across a weird being last night in a dream.

2 of my dreams earlier had been about sex, actually more about porn movies haha.

I remember sitting up in bed, looking over to a door in this room i was in and seeing someone behind it, they walked out and appeared to be pregnant, i then imagined her to not to be then she wasn’t- i must of been semi lucid at this time, then she wasn’t, then she was holding a baby wrapped in a white sheet then i imagined her not to be then she wasn’t, i then made her come over to te bed probably to root or something, she looked straight into my eyes fully front on and kissed me, i didn’t close my eyes then woke up.

weird things:
She was blue or maybe a cross between blue and a little green, had short hair, not a particulary stunning body and had weird eyes, maybe a little asian in her, she looked kind of scared and hesitant. I also tried changing her to a different woman but didn’t work but i wasn’t fully lucid but i kind of did know what i was doing now i remember it.

The fact that i wanted it, and when i want it in all my dreams the characters all ways look willing and happy not this one though.

Got any ideas anyone?

cmon people. that blue chick was freaky and i’ve had no ld’s since so i need to know opinions.

does anyone know of these weird type of beings.

Reminds me a bit of the green chick in Star Trek the original series.

lol learjet your always finishing off with somthing funny, managed to meet the hag girlfriend yet? :content:


Funny if the hag lady was my spirit guide. That would explain a few things actually. :wink:

Had a dream last night where I met my spirit guide. Dream recall wasn’t so good so I can’t remember if I asked him or he just told me. He was in the form of a teacher or professor.

I asked him “is there anything you would like to tell me”. He wrote something down on a blackboard. What it was I can’t remember.

Morphius: I’d wonder if perhaps your blue lady wasn’t something psychological you needed to deal with, just manifested in your dreams as a blue lady, who reluctantly has sex with you. Especially if you haven’t been able to ld since it happened. Maybe it’s something your afraid of, I don’t know. All I can suggest is really keep close to your reality checks, and if you see her again, ask her what she’s all about.

thanks for the reply Archrin

I have been able to Ld since, quite a few times, it could very well be that she is just a dream character but i have never seen someone like this before and this was a quite vivid semi ld dream and thinks just changed at an instance which i have never been able to do nor seen in any dream.

But who knows, hopefully i will find my spirit guide soon.

I did witness a voice telling me to look towards 2 bright lights in one not long ago, i spose anything can be persumed ey.

I haven’t even tried searching for my spirit guide. I never really thought of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in touch with it tonight. Hopefully my dreams will be better than last night’s.

I too wish to get in touch with my spirit guide. I lately have not been focusing on that, but whenever I do, I dream of just the feeling of a strong being rigth behind me or on my side. Can’t see 'em, but I just feel that I am being guided along the right path by a being who truely loves and cares about me.
But what’s with all the mystery? I want to be able to meet with my guide face to face and talk and play together like real good friends. But still, it’s all just so mysterious.
What’s up with that?

Is this REALLY my spirit guide?!

Ok I had a lucid dream last night that took place in my house. A very long and vivid one by the way… anyway in part of it I said"I want to meet my spirit guide!" and all of a sudden a little nude mad with a beard that resembled my father appeared in mid-air. I took him out of mid air and he sat on my arm and just looked at me. I asked him what his name was but instead of saying anything just looked at me and shook my hand. I told him my name and said"Well I guess you’d already know that…" and he just stared at me through my father’s eyes behind the thick, gold colored rims of his glasses.

I put him down and he walked over to a spot on the wall in my house where there is a guitar and a trumpet hanging on the wall. I thought that since he looked so much like my dad he might like to play guitar as well but instead he took down the trumpet and played a few notes–very badly I might add… I couldn’t think of anything to ask him but I had a feeling he’d still remain silent. do you think this was REALLY my spirit guide? is there something I should know about him or his silence? this just kind of puzzled me.

I guess that’s too vague to determine whether he was your spirit guide or not. Maybe next time you should keep on asking hehe. If he’s silent, ask him why he won’t talk. But maybe he was, I wouldn’t know.