Stop trying to dream.

Aww :slight_smile: :grin: Thanks n00dle, you rock too! :hugs:

Dream on. // Olesia

please refer =[

Can you fly n00dle?

Of course we don’t see them flying :smile: they’re only flying in THEIR reality, not mine or yours. Jeez, have you ever seen anyone fly? lol I sure haven’t. :grin: I mean, I don’t actually believe that anyone can fly and that everyone else will see it, I know people aren’t birds lol, but I’m saying, if you manipulate your mind to really think you’re flying, then in your mind you could fly.

Dream on. // Olesia

steve, yes, i can fly.
so can you, if you do.


thats why i asked what we see when we look on a person that flies in his reality at that moment??

Alright, alright, no need for the caps lol. :hide: :grin:

I’ve so far never met a person who claimed they could fly, so therefore I wouldn’t know what they look like.

Anyone else who knows?

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well, it doesnt matter if u did or did not see it. its YOUR (and noodle’s) theory. just wondered what it said about the reaction of the world that observes those poeple flying. lets take you, n00dle, when you flies - how it affect the real world?

Well it’s not my theory at all, but I guess it just made sense to me. I’m just participating in the discussion here, that’s all. :smile:

Dream on. // Olesia

"…then in your mind you could fly. "

Wouldnt you call this a dream/daydream?

n00dle, are you saying you can create an illusion of flying? Or trick yourself into thinking you are flying? Because I would agree with that, but if you are really saying you can literally fly, then… :unsure: :neutral:

I’ve read about the resonding succses of this topic, and i forever will call it the “BILD”(Belif induced Lucid Dream). Also, i’m bookmarking this in my sig.

It seems to me that he’s saying yes, and no. All of reality as an Illusion Steve, experienced subjectively and differently by each and every person and creature on the face of the Earth (and then some :tongue: ). I believe what Noodle is explaining in some depth is that there is no difference between dream and reality, as long as you believe that there is no difference. Now this doesn’t mean to say that you’re going to jump off a cliff, accidentally thinking it’s a ‘dream’.
What is required is a dramatic change in perception and paradigm. Noodle is attempting to explain his enlightened perception to those of us who are not quite at the point where we are able to grasp that perception, though we may be close. I think I understand what he’s saying, and it makes incredible, spine-tingling sense. I feel a piece of the puzzle fall into place when I read Noodle’s words, and it all seems to make a little more sense.
There is no lucid dreaming, because there is no dreaming. There is perception, there is consciousness, there is control. Of course there is dreaming in the sense that we understand it - but we need to shift our paradigm to understand that reality and dream are the same. We need to fully integrate this belief into our conscious and subconscious minds, the world needs to become our dream.
Master of our own realities.

This occurred to me just now after reading this thread. I recognised the name of that movie, and just now ran out to hire it from the video store (I have been procrastinating about renting this for the past two months).
On my way to the video store a guy rudely (and unnecessarily) cut across in front of me, and made a ‘tsk’ sound behind my back. I looked back, frowned, and mumbled to myself “What a rude areshole, he didn’t have to cut in front of me like that. Anyway, this is MY dream!” And laughed, just as the thought occurred to me.

It’s not about hoping that it works. It’s realising that this is what reality is, how things are.

I think. :unsure:

Maybe we see what our minds are ready to see. Maybe they are flying, and we choose not to see it. Maybe your mind has constructed and fabricated a situation where everybody apprently sees the same thing as you do, ‘normality’. Maybe you didn’t even say “why can’t we see people flying”, but maybe this is a construct of my own reality to prevent me seeing reality from that different perspective.

Does this make it easier: You are Neo. You are in the Matrix. But nobody else is in the Matrix, they all are in a separate Matrix (with a different reality, maybe someone has a purple sky?). All these separate realities interact, to create what we could call a meta-reality. In this way you can see how we each experience our own subjective reality, which you could change at will if you are ready to accept it, and yet you would still remain ‘compatible’ with the meta-reality.

I apologise for the Matrix analogy, but it makes it easier to understand :tongue:

Wow you make a intresting and profound point Snape… hmm how the seperate realities interact? …im just curious :content: (thats not meant to sound sarky lol)

So what are you actually saying Snape?
That you are not real, and this forum is not real, etc? Am I the only thing that real in this world, and I’m existing in an parallel universe / existance. Every each one of us live in his own reality?

Please describe further, thanks.

Shibang, and the penny drops. Darn tootin right we are!
You live your reality, you see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel. No one experiences exactly what you do, and nobody feels like you do. You feel love, I feel love, but for each and every person emotions and perceptions are different (either slightly, or incredibly different) based on what experiences we have been through, what we have thought about them, and what neural wiring we were given at birth or have created since then, ie nature and nurture.
But not to get too far off-topic, I really want to hear more from Noodle - as I’m definitely not having the success with LD’ing that he appears to be having :content:

Keeping in mind that there would still be a subjective reality, but that nobody is able access it due to the fact that we experience reality subjectively (through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth etc). I suppose the closest we get to describing objective reality is by observing events that appear to consistently affect all people and/or objects in the same manner, and through this we devise the laws of gravity, physics and so on. This is what constitues objective reality - though who’s to say that these effects or laws would exist if nobody were around to witness them?

If I squeezed an apricot until it bruised, it would appear to me to be bruised. I couldn’t, with 100% certainty, say that it appears the same way to anybody else. In fact (and now I’m really getting silly :tongue: ) I personally have no way to know whether anyone else even exists. All I know is that I exist as a point of awareness somewhere inside what appears (to me) to be my head, and at this moment I appear to be typing my thoughts out on what appears to be a keyboard.

I think Noodle has taken this a step further. What he’s describing sounds a lot like Buddhist enlightenment.

On a more personal note, I meditated like usual last night, but couldn’t help thinking about what Noodle had said. I laughed, right in the middle of my meditation I laughed, laughed until I almost cried. How stupid I have been! Trying all this time to recognise when I’m dreaming, when I already AM dreaming. NOW is the time to recognise it, not tonight.

Ahha! Do you know how that feels?

I see… therefore the reality in question could be in theory a “dream” that we must wake up from … but then I suppose the question would be what if you were to become lucid in this “dream” …

Snape, you are not the only living thing in the world, or even universe. Neither is N00dle…or Element… or me…The world is not created in one person’s mind. It is not one person’s to perceive… How would you feel/ what would you think if I told you that I believe you only exist in my mind or my reality? What a complicated topic, lol…

snape, when you did your medidation and realised you ARE dreaming, did you try to make a RC? did it work?

even if this life would be what-so-ever i think our mind wont let us fly and do “non-logical” stuff in the “real life” becuase it has to seperate between 2 levels of awareness - real life and dreams / hallucination / etc.

try to think what you life will become to be if you’ll have “full” control of it? i’ll bet you would make em a mess in a couple of minutes and theyll be over somehow.

i truely understand and believe this perception of you and n00dle’s, but i cannot seem to implement it on my exitance. for too long im trying to ask one single and simple thing - once you’ve understood that you ARE dreaming (in “RL”), did you menage to fly etc (in “RL”) ? or is it just an insight of yours?


I’m not saying that I’m the only living thing in the world, I’m saying that the only thing I can say with 100% certainty is that I know that I exist, and that I am conscious.
I cannot speak for those who I perceive appear to suffer from the same affliction of conscious awareness (or who appear to be contradicting my point of view :tongue: )

The only place I do exist is in other people’s reality, and my own. For you to say that I only exist in your reality is ok, because for you that IS the only place that I exist!
And besides, what my emotional reaction would be to you telling me this, is beside the point… if I became upset when somebody told me that I only exist in their mind, it wouldn’t change the fact that this is true.