Stop trying to dream.

Yes I did… nope, it didn’t. But I think that that was beside the point.

I think I know what you’re saying, that there are certain things you cannot change with objective reality. I agree, but also I think there may be many more ways to perceive subjective reality that we have not yet tapped into.

I guess by the point that you have achieved ‘full’ control of your life, you are enlightened and wise enough not to make a mess of it.

Short answer - can’t fly in RL yet, but I’m working on it :wink:
Long answer - ‘Enlightenment’ is a process. I feel that reading what Noodle has posted has allowed me step up another rung in the ladder of awareness and perception. I too am still finding it difficult to fully integrate this perception into my beliefs, but Noodles thoughts have helped me a lot in this endeavour.

And I still want to hear back from him :tongue:

element - ‘i know we cant see people fly’

dude, the only reason you can’t see people flying is because you don’t see people fly. who’s fault is that? not mine. i see people fly all the time. i see people teleport all the time. i’ve even let my friends create existences right in front of me. if you’re getting upset at this, its because you’re loosing control of your own reality. remember, it’s yours. make it how you want it.

when I fly, it definately affects the world around me, because i create those changes.

this is not an illusion of flying. i don’t trick myself into flying. I can literally fly. No, don’t ask me to prove it to you in person, because you won’t see me flying, because you don’t want to. But i do.

I think it is harder to explain how things work if you try to explain the 99% of it. (conciousness). Let me explain the 1% (unconciousness) and hopefully through contrast the rest will fall in place.

Everyone says they go to sleep at night. What the hell is sleep? I’ve never seen myself sleep. I go to bed, i lay down and rest, close my eyes and experience time compression. Someone wanna tell me I’m asleep? Prove it to me :smile:

If you wake up and something feels strange, and you do an RC check, and it works, and you start flying, how do you know you are REALLY ‘asleep’? How do you know you are ‘dreaming’? what the hell is a ‘lucid dream’? It’s just a word the collective conciousness defines for those moments where you finally LET GO of your own boundaries that you created. Opening the doors to the playground.

What if you just wake up one day and reality ‘stays’ that way?
Wouldnt it be great if that happened?..

Well, instead of saying wouldnt it be great, just wake up one day, open your eyes and lift your feet off the ground, fly to the sky, and never come down… :smile:

It’s a shame that when someone can’t see something, they get frustrated and upset. Please don’t. I encourage you to spend some time with some little kids in a park or something. Kids often have ‘imaginary’ friends. They’re not imaginary. They’re real. People just get conditioned as they get older and the friend fades away… Do you yell at kids for running around playing with thier friend sally the fairy, just because you can’t see her? :smile:

n00dle, when really smart people try to tell me something i dont understand them. when really dumb people try to tell me something i dont understand them either. You are either really smart or really dumb. or crazy. lol

I’m a bit of everything. :smile:

Just don’t give up till you understand things, because when you do, it’ll all fall into place.

Your eyes actually see things appear during this?

And to you it seems like you are in a dream all the time now? So you can do whatever just like in a LD?

Don’t ask him to prove it. How convenient for him. Jesus was able to change the true physical world for all to see, but this guy won’t do it because we won’t “believe it” and therefore won’t see it. What if I do believe it, good sir? :wink:

Ya know, I had a lot of imaginary friends when I was younger too. And guess what - they were imaginary, they existed only in my mind and not on the physical plane, and I knew it. :cool:

So many people say this because they want to appear to be “wise” and they want you to second-guess yourself so that you’ll take them seriously.

To everyone; just remember to be aware of mind games. :wink:

:wow: This thread has opened my mind to something I’ve been wanting to know for some time–I will now fly from my two-story bedroom window because I believe 100% that I can fly :tryfly:…maybe just 99.99%, I’m working on the other .01%…:roll:

So n00dle, what you’re saying is that when you “fly” you actually fly around Earth but nobody else can see you do it? I don’t know I think that’s pushing the boundaries of sanity man.

I LOVED that movie. It enlighted me about the world. Especially Duke Reginals Court of Endless possiblities. I stongly suggest anyone who wants a lucid to go see it. It’s all about quantam physics it gets a little stupid near the end though. But they did state “If a being belived in themself 100% without a hint of doubt they could walk on water, and they belived this with every fiber of their being, they CAN walk on water” Totally blew me away how stong ones mind can be.

It’s the believing in 100% with every fiber that makes it so hard. I’d estimate 99.999% of people would never come close no matter how hard they tried.

Yea I don’t think it’s possible to walk on water even if you believe it 100%, but, if you can, then take a picture while you’re doing it and send it to me.

Okay okay, maybe some of those people were a little crazy. I mean there was a section in the movie that took a true experiment. They took samples of water from some river, they then took photographs of the cells and such. They took the photographs an compared them to photographs taken from the exact same river, except this time they took an emotion, such as love. They then wrote love on a sheet of paper and stuck it on the cup, they had help the cup prior to this and held it when they had felt that emotion, they let it sit over night and the cells were completley diffrent. Im not one to belive things either, and im sure there was somekind of outside interference, however humans are 85 to 93% water, atleast thats what I heard.

   So maybe emotions due have an adverse effect on us as they did on the water? This movie just gave you situations in which you were left to ponder. For instance if a tree in some area of the world had fallen, yea there was no animal or creature to hear it, did it make a sound? alot of you may say yes, no one was just there to hear it but exactly what is a sound? is it something you hear? therefore did it make a sound? It's just that kind of stuff they present you with. Im not trying to sound smart at all and I dont think I did, im just saying the human body is capable of such incredible things it's just in this day and age or at least over here in america they aren't put to the test.

n00dle, a reply?

n00dle hasn’t been to the forum in a week. He’s a casual poster, like myself, but hopefully he’ll see this soon enough.

If a tree falls it makes a sound. It doesn’t matter if anyone is there to hear it or not. It’s still sending off the sound vibrations.

But thats what im talking about! It’s sending soundwaves, for who? no one can hear it.

But it is sending soundwaves, so it is therefore making a sound.

God hears it. :smile:

haha if athiest read that he would probably beg to differ. :wink:



Last night was my second attempt at getting an LD. It failed again. I tried MILD + WBTB, but both autosuggestions were “I am going to dream and do an RC” etc… It didnt work. Tonight, I’ll try “Im AM lucid”. If it works, major props. Major props anyway, because it works for so many people. XD