Strangest experience of my life last night

Well, I’ve just started trying this WILD thing after being here for so long, sounded fun… I’ve only started doing it in the lsat couple days, I’ve had full SP, what I believe to be HI and minor tremors…But last night I had the crasiest experience ever.

Last night I was laying down listeing to a lucid mp3, as the man counts to 10, you slowly go into SP… After this he (man on the tape) tells you to listen to the rain and make a scene for yourself while he counts to 20 from 11… Usually, he goes past 20 and I’m lying there with nothing but a tired body, but last night it was VERY different. As I lay there I began to picture myself drawing numbers in the sand on the beach. I would count to about 10, and check my eyes to see if there was any HI, nothing for the most part. My body was EXTREMLY paralysed and I felt a slight tingly feeling. I was waiting for his 20 to come, as as he got close I started to draw the numbers in the sand faster, and faster. When he reached the count of 20, my body went crazy, my eyes started to go nuts, and it felt as if electricity was being shot through me. I started to shake quite badly, and I started to fear it but I knew it was all part of a WILD. I then thought of how to become part of my dream… I remember someone talking about a specter appearing through their room and bearing down on them to hurt them, I used this to my advantage. I put an image of this specter into my head and pictured him grabbing me by the feet to take me into the spectral plane, but as he pulled me I grabbed onto its arms and we were both shot through the roof. I felt this electricity everytime I tried this, but no matter how many times I tried to summon it to bring me into the dream world, I would just feel this electricity, shake, and wind up back in my bed, still with SP. At a few points, I felt as though my body was being lifted up off of the bed, but as my stomach grasped for air (on its own) I felt myself lower back down… What happened to me last night, and how close was I…

Wieeeeeerd!!! I have no idea wath happend to you maaan!!!

Where you on LSD prehaps??

I dont think so unless someone slippes me some tabs in my sub :razz:

sounds to me you where having a WILD experience or maybe an almost out of your body experience. - so yes indeed, very close.

What you expereineced was either part of WILD, or else you succeeded in entering the dream (but didn’t actually realise it).

Yeah well, this is a common problem with WILD, perhaps even the most common problem, how to get into the dream (or OBE, but in my opinion that’s related)? All I can do is point you to a technique I made that works for me, perhaps for you too. You can find it here. Good luck WILDing :smile:.

Thats a cool technique, Ill have to try it. The thing I tried was making your dream body ‘roll’ out of bed…Nothing, just a thought that passed through my mind, I was still in bed… The thing I don’t understand is, are you supposed to THINK of a dream and enter that, or watch your HI constantly and watch a dream thing form?

Both can work (try it), or do it as in my tech, then it just happens without much thought!

Last nigyht I tried to just roll out of my bed but no luck, I’ll try this spinning on the axis thing and see how that works out… Is this anything like what I did with the ‘specter’? How I had it ‘pull’ me up into the dream (or at least try to.)

wow, that is nuts… congratulations but the way, I haven’t managed to get that far but would LOVE to be able to WILD. May I ask where you got your tape? did you download or buy it? thanks :smile:

Its just 2 tracks and I got it off of a link someone provided at Seeker took the link so you’ll be hard pressed to find it, but if you do, you’re lucky because it is one amazing thing.

I found a 25 minute one in another section of the forum :smile: , I’ll try it out tomorrow night. If anyone has a link to another tape/download it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Iv had similar experiances, jsut without the tapes they are frightning at first, but you learn to enjoy them. Tehy can be pretty damn exciting have fun :smile:

I can WILD without the tapes as well and feel its better to practice without assistance in this case. But i will say that i wouldn’t have a problem with using countdown tapes if i ever have a dry spell or if your just eager to enter the state of lucidity. The tapes will help you along and probably make you better but try and do it by yourself.
As for the experience you had i’d say that had a more than average intenisty. I’ve had WILDS but never where my body went out of my control to such an extent. usually i feel that im sitting in the middle of the action, there your body seemed to play a big role.