Subliminal Messages.. few questions

i downloaded few programs that supposed to send subliminal messages straight into your subconscious mind…
the name of the programs:
Subliminal MindXP
Subliminal Mind
Subliminal Flash Messages

these programs displays texts that you can write, and displays these texts each sentence for 10 miliseconds…

you conscious mind could not get it, but the idea that is you subconscious mind will.

that do u say?

I did a public speech for school on subliminal messaging. It was crap.

This should work. It’s basically MILD apart from you don’t notice it.

Try putting it on someone else’s computer for a laugh, see if they get lucid!

what your saying is, this is just bullsh*t ? so why its not allowed in adversting ?

no it’s not bullsh*t, it does actually work!

Some scientists did an experiment in a cinema, they showed a film that had subliminal messages saying “drink more coca cola” in it and the viewers at the cinema bought 75% more coca cola than was normal! And they never knew about the experiment!

That’s pure proof!

And I meant my public speech was crap, not that subliminal messaging is crap.

oh, thanks

so you think thats programs like i mentioned, can really help you with all that lucidness thing if you put sentences like “every night i have LD”
“im gets lucid in each of my dreams”
and stuff like that…

another thing,
i know about that research, its happend in 1957 and finally the scientist who did this research admited that the whole thing was lie, and after that pepole do a recheck about all that thing, the result was valueless.


so miuch for my pure proof…

oh well, try the programs out anyway, but try things like:

“I will recognise I’m dreaming,”


“do a reality check”

yeah, tnx!
anyway, if somebody else know more about this all thing that called subliminal Massages

The best way to know if those programs does something is to try it… do you have more LD’s now? If you do - they are work! :grin:

Derren Brown’s take on subliminal messaging appears to be very effective, they showed it in his latest tour “Something wicked this way comes” if you happen to get your hands on it :smile:

(In case you don’t get to see it, his finale trick, hinges on placing subliminal messages throughout his show, some obvious some not so obvious, but its not until the end of the show that you actually realize he did it, where he plays back the subliminal messages to the audience and explains it, pretty interesting though :content: )

I tried it, but it didn’t influenced me, even a bit :sad: . Maybe it had something with my PC screen response rate or something, I was able to read text. I used Self-help subliminals. I needed to do a own messages, they had to make me lucid in dream. It didn’t seem to do anything.

It was pretty annoying when I read another people’s posts, when they said that it “Keeps them doing RC’s like mad” etc etc.

I’m sure that subliminal messages done in right way would made a huge help in lucid dreaming.

Sounds like a good idea, ought to try this later, I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.

The problem is finding the right way to do it… which i’m assuming is pretty difficult, but from what I understand it’s rife in marketing/advertising. However, I think the trick here is trying to get “the message” into your mind without you realizing and with a program like that you’d realize when the message (and more importantly how, destroying the “subliminal” aspect) would be forced/slipped into your mind, thus bringing it into your conscious frame of mind

…if that makes sense… lol

After briefly skimming this thread, the problem with subliminal messaging is that very little accurate research has actualy been done into it. According to what I’ve read subliminal messaging may be no more influential than normal overt messaging.

Also Derren Brown is thought to sometimes use mathematical and standard magic tricks rather than psychological tricks. The author Simon Singh has tried to prove, on a few occasions, that Derren Brown uses no more psychology than most magicians. Brown’s television program isn’t conclusive proof for subliminal messagings effectiveness.

In conclusion subliminal messaging might be useful or might be just a placebo, if it works stick with it. If it doesn’t there are other, more well founded techniques out there.

I think some people are convinced that it works, seeing as one subliminal ad(for McDonalds) flashed on-screen during Iron Chef a couple weeks ago…They claimed it was a “technical error”, but the duration, framing and setup lead me to believe otherwise. I mean c’mon, during a cooking show people are bound to become hungry, and then magically a full screen sized logo(yellow lettering on black background) for mcdonalds(accompanied by it’s slogan @ the bottom) flashes on the screen :wizard: …I wonder how much McDonalds had to pay food network for that one(I also wonder how many people actually responded to the message…).

You may be wondering(probably not) if I was affected by the message…nope.

Subliminal messages are everywhere, it’s impossible to block them all.

For instance Ads with dream like environment are considered subliminal messages. You might see how many of them are fantasious, or colored sights with reflections, or maybe even both.

The flashing message is just the nastiest.

Well, I did try Subliminal Messaging once. And for the first few days after the experience, I was actually able to recall three dreams in three different nights! I did place in messages related to lucidity (i.e. “It is easy for me to have lucid dreams”) though they did not work. However, my Dream Recall is better now.

i wouldnt play with subliminal messaging.
imagine that the programs you got besides playing your messages played also some messages of they’re own interest, that way they could be brainwashing you and you wouldn’t even know.
try really hard with the other lding techniques you probably be more successfull.
good luck

This probably works alot better if you don’t notice the messages.

I think you should try writing down your subliminal messages that you want to get across. I find that when i’m writing the same line over and over again my mind wonders and my subliminal mind seems to be doing all the writing.