Sudden waking - Help!

In the past two LDs I’ve had I’ve remembered to attempt to undertake the Quest for this Moon, in this case planting seeds.

However, on both occasions I have managed to remain focussed on my objective but have been brought into wakefulness quite suddenly without warning. There has been no tell-tale fading in order for me to attempt to remain lucid for longer - just waking up suddenly.

Has anyone any ideas as to why this is, or more importantly what I can do to prevent this from happening? I’ve not become over-excited to wake up or perhaps I didn’t become lucid until too far into a dream.

Any help, thoughts or opinions? :smile:

Just in case you didn’t consider it, could it be FA?
Otherwise I’d suggest you try to reenter the dream.

Well, if you could just do the generic spinning/rubbing hands together/details searching thing just after gettnig lucid. Otherwise, chaining is the good option.

Thanks so much for your replies folks :smile:

Krakatoa - I hadn’t considered it a FA, though I did have one the other night which annoyed me. Just lately I’ve been so tired (extra work etc) that I’ve really struggled to remember my dreams at all but no things have calmed down a bit I’ve been making more of an effort and after I’ve woken recorded what I can remember. This particular night I was laying still trying to recall all the bits to write down and then discovered I was dreaming writing them down! Was I annoyed though! When I realised I had forgotten most of the dream :tongue:

Duck - your chaining technique sounds most intriguing. How does this affect recalling the dreams though. I’ve been making a huge effort to put the light on to record as much of the dream as possible. I have a feeling, though your method may induce better results, they will be lost by not recording them upon waking. What do you do?

Thanks again for your replies :cool:

I had this happen. It kept happening after 10 seconds in the dream and i’d re enter it over and over for about 10 times.

At first, my recall skills are average. I don’t have bigger problems with recalling dream, as long I’m recalling them shortly after waking up.

And about chaining influence on recall: It depends. Sometimes I have no problem with recalling first chained LD’s, but with time it’s getting confused (especially when you chain dreams more than 5-6 times, all the akwenings might swap places). Sometimes first chained dreams are hardest to recall. Sometimes all dreams are easily recallable.

I’d say that chained dreams are like a one long dream to recall.