Summer = Many a lucid dream

So last august when I started lucid training, I had many lucid dreams. When school started my lucid rate dropped to about 1/20 of what it was in the summer. School ended about a week ago, and guess what. My semi-spontaneous lucid dreams are back! I had a very lucid one this morning. I seem to be getting atleast 10 hours of sleep a night compared to my 6-7 hours during school so I’m guessing that my amount of sleep is the chief factor.

Is this situation the same for anyone else?

Oh wow, someone else was experiencing this too? I became lucid twice within 2 days last week, both totally on accident without any real intent, and one of them even while I was on vacation! (I’m kind of mad about that, because I couldn’t write it down for 3 days afterward, and by the time I got the chance, it was really fuzzy).

Hard to believe someone else is getting the exact same thing, maybe it’s just easier to LD when it’s nice and hot outside. Though it can’t be the amount of sleep for me, in my case I get far less sleep than normal on vacation, because my sleep schedule gets thrown so far off.

Oh well, whatever it is, let’s just hope it continues for the both of us huh? I’m getting a great chance to test out some dream powers I never even thought of before.

Absolutely, Ive had so many more ideas since last summer. Now that that its lucid season, I’m stoked. Its weird, the dreams are very lucid even though they occur randomly.
What I really want to work on is manipulating my environment/ Traveling. :razz:

Sleeping for ten hours increases your chances of having lucid dreams simply because you have more dreams. I don’t know where you live, but over here, the summers are incredibly more bright than the winter, what with the midnight sun and all that. Brightness can really make dreams more vivid, because the light makes you more awake. So you are closer to the threshold. This ofcourse makes you more aware, so LDing should be easier.

Now Stricken, you may sleep less, but you probably get to sleep in the daytime right? Well, that makes it brighter as you sleep. Also this sleep cycle adjustment is supposed to make you more awake because you are used to be awake at that tiem of the day.

Not to mention stress. Having no schoolwork to do sure releaves the stress which normally is not very good for LDing.

So all that light is actually good for LDing? :eek:
The only thing I dislike about our Swedish summers is that the nights are so infernally bright but if that really is good for LDing I might have to change my opinion about that :happy:

I also have this! I started LD’ing in december and had many LD’s and great DR. When classes started I had fewer LD’s and my DR dropped almost to zero. :sad: I think the amount of sleep and stress help…

Anyway, I can’t wait for my next Lucid Season (liked the name :wink: ), but I’ll have to wait a few weaks…

You know, I’d give my arm to end school now.

School really gets in the way of my education -.-

My dreaming started pretty much a couple of days before I started to leave school permanently. I’m dreaming much more frequently now!

I used to be lucky if I remembered 2 dreams in a month, now it’s much more frequent.

I actually postponed my attempts to have frequent lucid dreams until school ends (4 days to go). Then I’ll have much more time and will to stick to the LD’ing business…

off topic: love the name (Lucid Season) :cool:

Maybe it has something to do with your sleeping cycles changing.

Mrs T. The bad thing about the light is that it is not helpful for sleep. It keeps you more awake. So it might also be harmful for lucid dreaming because the sleep may suffer.

I don’t remember any dreams during school time either… it’s anoying. :sad:

man! that is going to suck for me. I’ve only started reading and practicing Lding. and school is gonna start in a week. I really hope i get some before school. :grin:

Screw that, I’m not going to let school be a barrier to my lucid dreams.

Hm… Interesting. I seem to have more lucid phenomena occur during my school year.