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Tape-On-Your-Eyelids method…
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Steps: :bounce:
1-Go to Sleep
2-Take 2 short tape strips and stick 'em to your eyelids horizontally.
3-Don’t open your eyes.
4- Sleep normally until…

Theory: :look:
Since in the REM sleep state your eyes move rapidly, by having these tape strips stuck on your eyes you should get a tingle sensation while dreaming, doing so you’ll get a high chance to get lucid.

Problems: :sad:
1- You will feel your eyelids someway sticky.

Please!! :bow: give me some feedback!! i want to know how effective the tech is. :smile:

Be free to post, i really want to hear your oppinions about the technique.

it seems to be a good theory! it’s a creative solution! it should work in practice with some people!
although it’s not the kind of theory i like i’ll probably give it a try if i’m too frustrated! i’m more a lover of the no external factors method(wild mild rc’s).
did you invent it?
did you ever try it?

Well i think so…unless that technique of the tape strips has already been done. But i didn’t copy anyone it just popped into my mind.

Let’s say yes and no; i was doing the technique but i wasn’t ready to have the tape strips that night, today im gonna do the technique without giving up… :smile:

BTW thanks for your presence in the topic! :cool:

Hi cranberrydude :smile:,
I haven’t tested your method yet and I don’t know very much about REM phenomenon but I was wondering : are REM linked to eyelids movements ? Don’t eyes move independently from eyelids during REM periods ? Do you mean that during REM periods there would be little eyelids sensible movements ?
Thanks for the info and for the good idea,

Interesting idea! I’ll be very interested to hear how well it works.

In answer to Grg’s question; REM is about eye movement – not eye-lid movement. Note; the eye is not perfectly sperical – especially at the front where the cornea, pupil, iris, lens, etc are, where it is transparent so light can pass through to the retina. This part bulges out a little.

This is why infra-red sensors can measure eye movements just by bouncing an infra-red beam off the eyelid. It’s actually bouncing off of (and detecting movement of) the bulge. REM can be seen by the naked eye. That’s how REM was discovered in the first place – Aserinsky first noticed REM while recording the brainwaves (EEGs) of sleeping infants. Until then it was assumed that brainwaves would be uniform throughout sleep, and no one had recorded sleeping adults for long enough to know differently. (Babys have way more REM than adults).

interesting tape theory, i’ll try it out… though i have a feeling you might be sitting in a corner laughing your ass off at people taping their eyelids before going to sleep :wink: hehehe

i always wondered about this… is it because they sleep more? say they get their deep sleep just as fast as everyone does, but because they sleep 16 hours a day, they’d get 6 hours of almost constant rem?
or is it really that if they were to sleep say 8 hours a day, their deep sleep would be significantly lower than a “normal” (average age) human being.

Infants have a far higher percentage of REM (50% of total sleeptime for newborns) than adults.

It is generally supposed that this has some connection with learning and memory consolidation (REM/dreaming appear to promote these in adults).

If I’m not mistaken, babies have more REM because their brain is not yet fully developed. As a matter of fact, your brain doesn’t stop developing until your about 18 or so.
Anywhoo, I’m gonna try this technique. I think you’d definately notice something that could be used as a lucidity cue, at the very least your eyes might feel kinda funny in the dream :smile:

Heh, Nice idea :wink:
But I wouldnt be able to sleep with tape on my eyes…

Thank you everyone for the support by posting!

Now I do have to fix some things in my TOYE method.
First of all i tried this technique last night and it was the most horrible experience BUT that doesn’t mean the technique is a failure, is almost like saying “WILD doesn’t work,it causes you to have uncomfortable sensations” just because is not a comfortable technique that doesn’t mean it’s not good.

Now what i have to fix with this technique is that instead of having the tape strips stuck vertically im gonna change that to have 'em horizontally or with tiny pieces(thanks Elektro) because the way is now is an inferno so try the technique but like im gonna demonstrate now that’s a lot better.

Ciao and thanks everyone!

Well the conclusion is that the T.O.Y.E is somehow a new original and creative way of getting lucid but just a few very ppl are gonna try this out because of the issues…but at least i did something to help…

But what were the results? Did you manage to have a LD with this technique?

Well with the old method(vertically) i didn’t have any ld but i haven’t tried the new method(horizonatlly) completely yet.

If any of you want to do the “new method” and find if it has any good result you can do and tell me… but i don’t know i don’t think it will work unless you improve the T.O.y.E technique someway.

This certainly sounds like a good (and origional idea) but I fear that few people will wish to put tape on their eyes :/. I mean - doesn’t it hurt when you pull it off again in the morning?

If I can find any tape in my house (which is actually quite unlikely) I’ll give this try though.

I’ve put tape on one eyelid, in order to verify if I was feeling something when my eyes were moving. The sensation is very weak. Do you think it could be sufficient to induce lucidity?

:wink: Hmmm… Just for fun, a new idea indeed: the TOYEAFOYFSOYH method: tape-on-your-eyelids, aluminium-foil-on-your-feet, saucepan-on-your-head. I don’t know if you’ll have more LD’s, but you’ll look like a cosmonaut! :lmao: :rofl:

How about putting something between the tape and eye lids? It may make the tingle sensation get stronger. I dont know i havent tried. Maybe maybe not, somebody try it out!

Well actually(for me) it doesn’t hurt, BUT it will make you a dizzy dummy(with the old method).

Yeah, and tell me the results…

This is a good idea but im not the right person to pull it out.
TOYE needs some fixes :neutral:

Well is pretty weak(the sensation) BUT if you know how to improve this technique i’ll appreciate that.

LMAO!!! :cool_laugh: that’s a good one! you made my day “B.W”.

Hey good idea :cool: nice way to improve the technique but
what thing should i put between the tape and eyelids? :eh: