Taking flight

I’d just like to share my experiences with flight in hopes that they might help out some people who might be in the same situation I used to be in.

My first lucid dream where I attemted flight was rather unsuccesful. I’d try to push off the ground really hard, like jumping, but the only thing that would do was allow me to float into the air about 6 meters slowly, and then float back down. In that dream, I made the most of it though. I improvised a big slingshot to fire me off and away.

My second stage of the flight learning curve; instead of trying to force myself into the air, I’d try just allowing my weight to disappear. As if i was talking my weight of one leg if I were standing, but doing it to both feet. It got me up pretty high, about 50m , but I was unsure of how to control myself and maintain flight. I was afraid that if I lost control, I’d fall down and wake up when I made contact. I lowered myself down, and practiced taking off, and flying over my house and landing on the other side. It worked well, and I built up enough confidence to fly out and steal a car (I stole it off a bag of chips btw, it doesnt make sense).

I believe now that I have mastered flight. In my last lucid dream, I jumped into the air, and let my weight fall out of existence. It was an incredible body feeling to peak at a jump, but then continue to float up. I was able to hover and manuver around in the air as if I were in combat (and I was).

All in all, if you have any problems taking flight, next time you get lucid, just dedicate a few minutes to practice, and you’ll be leaping mountains in no time.

Good technique! :smile:

My first flying LD was that I couldn’t fly… the closest thing I could do is swimming in the air! I could have arrived at the destination much faster if I walked instead of swimming in the air! Lol! I worked my way up until right now… in fact… I’m hooked to flying. It seems to be A LOT easier to fly than to walk now in my LD’s. In fact, everytime I become lucid now… I float. I have to either let myself to continue floating or consciously put myself down to the ground. Hehehe.

For my technique right now is that I become pure of energy. No grativy is being affected cuz that I’m pure in energy. I have extreme control over my flying… in fact I can fly extremely close to the mountains with my eyes closed and be in meditation position. Nothing can stop me. :happy: I just love that pure control. :biggrin:

Thanks for your post… I’m sure that it will help ppl in here to get inspired to fly again or to fly for the first time if it hasn’t happened yet. :biggrin:

Sweet dreams! Don’t let a fly chase you while you’re flying! Hehehe!

My flying in LD’s is influenced in how superheroes like Superman or the X-Men (those who fly such as Rogue, Storm, etc) fly. I raise my hands in the air - typically right hand straight and left somewhat bended, with similar positions in my legs. This is more X-Men influenced actually, I think.

I’ve never had much problems with flying. I normally start in the way that I simply lean forward and like lie down in the air. I then fly like a superman does. My brother told me he starts like swimming up in the air and then continues with this swimming in the air method. I’ve tried that too. It works but it doesn’t go as fast as the superman style :smile:

Only one time it didn’t work when I wanted to fly. It was when I was in the kitchen and wanted to show off a bit in front of my mum and said “Look mum, I can fly!” And she said “Well ok, lets see!” I jumped in the air and fell down on the ground! It was just so funny!!! :lol: I fell exacly like supergirl did at that part of the movie where she looses her superpowers and tries to fly, but it doesn’t work, except that I was in the kitchen and not in the mud :smile: But in the next try it worked and I flew like a superman again :smile:

I think it’s important that you’re not affraid of falling down. It doesn’t hurt anyway, trust me :wink: And then you can try any flying style. Plus you must believe in yourself if you want it to work. If you’re not sure whether you can do it or not, there’s a bit chance that you won’t make it. Oh and, don’t try to show off to much in your dreams, you’ll probably just end up embarrasing yourself, like I do :content:

I think my best attempt at flying in a lucid dream happened when I verbally commanded my direction. Like I would say up or land or faster… things like that. Which, now that I think about it, is interesting when you take into account Castenedas’ writing in “The Art of Dreaming” about the importance of speaking your intent.

My first LD was a dream of flight, a short one of simply flying through the trees at night upwards toward a light. It’s never been a problem for me, and requires no technique; I just will myself in a direction without any complicated body movements whatsoever.
That first LD came to me naturally, without trying to LD (didn’t even know what an LD was!). I guess I had no preconceived notions of what was and was not possible in this unique state of consciousness.
I think what that says is…believe that you can and you will!

I WILDed this morning, flying over a landscape I can only describe as High-Tech Native American, one of the most exhilirating flights I’ve experienced actually. Left me with a groovy feeling that lasted for hours! :smile:

I never really had problems with flying. It the first thing I did in LD’s and the easiest thing I have done, I guess it just is depending on the person what is hard and what is not. Infact, In my last LD I had to stop my self from floating when I wanted to try something else, because I had gotten used to flying ever LDs. My most vived flying experiance was 2 LD’s ago. I was in my house and was lucid. I just jumped into the air with my arms foreward and I was off. I had fun doing bends and tricks in the air and took my hands down, but I’ve never tried flying to get to a destination so I don’t know how fast I was going.

I was never been much good at flying, but the technique I found that worked realy easily was to feel some wind blowing and then let it catch on something, I used to use a piece of paper, but when I couldn’t find some I found the letting it catch in my shirt worked just as well.
Also the other thing I found about flying is that once you’ve got into the air and started, it tends not to be an issue. The main problem is getting up and stable in the first place.

The only bit in the matrix reloaded that reminded me of lucid dreaming was that bit where Neo takes off and jumps up, arms pointed up, and flies away. Need I say any more? In my first LD I flew pretty similarly to that, and it hadn’t even been released yet.

I’ve flown a few times in LDs before… With all of them I had been pretty unaware of how I was actually flying. It was like something was just pushing me forwards. Anyhow, lately I haven’t been able to achieve flight at all… I’ll jump up into the air, yet I’ll just come back down like one would in reality. I’m going to try to give myself wings in my next LD to help me :smile: I’ve always wanted to do that…

Since I had my first LD, i have never had any trouble actually getting into the air. In my last LD, however, I just fell back down to the ground (only one time though, then I managed to get back up into the air).

The only way I know of flying is the flapping arms technique. It is a really bad technique, it’s really slow and sometimes I can’t even move with it. I’m trying to learn the superman style of flying. It’s really hard though, in my last LD I lost control and flew sideways into a forest. :happy:

I know what you mean, flying can be a pain in the a$$. So far, I’ve only been able to master the art of levitation. It seems like every time I try to take off, the dream loses its stability and I wake up.

i was about to start another topic, then i saw this one

i don’t really have a problem flying as much as i have a problem of flying fast. in my last LD i was flying around and wanted to go really fast and i tried to will myself to do so and i started to go faster (i was envisioning the neo superspeed type thing), but it was weird, i started shaking like i had achieved some sorta speed limit that i couldn’t go past

then i got annoyed and flew at the regular speed again, that ever happen to anyone else?

hmm, might jsut be a mind block, or that you were not lucid enough, try a command, such as “LIGHT SPEED!” heh…

as long as you belive you can go any speed, then you can.

“Your limitation is your immagination”

Oneiromancer, I have the opposite problem, sometimes things are just
a blur and I want it to slow down! Funny how that works.

Incidentally, we’re neighbors. (I’m in Durham)

I’ve always had trouble flying as well. One technigue I use now that works well (even though it isn’t really flying, it’s just as fun though) is to web-sling around like Spiderman. If you’ve ever played the Spiderman game on ps2 then you’ll notice that on the first level there is nothing for your web to stick to. It just goes straight up into the sky. Well, that didn’t stop me. I took that idea to sleep one night and when I became lucid I shot my webbing up and went way over my house. It was really fun. Try this out sometime.

My ‘flight’ generally consists of sitting on air, about four feet off the ground. It’s only a little faster than walking.

The one and only time I was focused enough to try creating wings (I get distracted very easily when I’m lucid), all that really happened was a prickly feeling at my back, the kind you feel when someone’s standing close behind you. I went very high that time – maybe thirty feet – but the height itself scared me and I lost control over direction and such.

Actually flying was the easiest thing for me to do. First time I tried it I didn’t think it should really be hard so I just tried air-swimming, and after floating I went Superman-style. I just put my arms in the air and zzzzzzoomed at incredible speeds. I have full control over myself whilst flying, and its the most wonderful experience.

Next LD I’m trying the big fight-scene of Neo-Agent Smith in the Matrix: Revolutions. :slight_smile:

As soon as I am lucid, I got trouble keeping on the ground, which makes staying in the dream more difficult for me :confused:


I have a lot of trouble flying also, my mosy successful flight though was when i tried DM7’s method of imagining that you are pure energy and take off. Im gonna keep practicing it though :ok: , i am getting better at it.