Taking Items from the Dream-World into the Real One

In many of my lucid dreams I come across the same problem. After exploring the dreamscape for a while in search of the secrets of my mind, I’ll find some small object which has a profound emotional impact on me, and immediately start thinking, “How do I get this thing into the real world?”

Using my heightened ability of abstract and creative thought, I have a lot of seemingly good ideas. But of course, in the end, I am unable to transfer the object into the real world either by physical or representative means.

Has anyone else ever had this happen to them, and if so, isn’t it frustrating!?!? :bored:

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So far I’ve never heard of anyone being able to manifest a physical object from a dream into reality, and frankly I don’t think it is possible to actually give physical form to something that is from inside your mind. However, ideas, sensations and the like certainly can. Some dreamers recreate the object they saw through arts and crafts, literature and other mediums.

There is an almost identical topic that can be found here: Bringing Objects from Dreams into Reality

Make a drawing/painting of it

I’ve been kind of frustrated that its impossible to take objects from the dream world too. One time, during an LD, I found a chocolate bar in my pocket, and it tasted so good that I wanted to still have it with me when I woke up. Doing that isnt possible of course, but ah well. At least I managed to finish that bar of chocolate before the dream ended.

It’s impossible to take it directly from your dream straight to the real world of course, however…

I have a friend, Pedro Barbosa (I can say he’s real name because this is an open story about him, he tells everyone about it). He used to know when he was dreaming, because in he’s dreams he had a necklace that he didn’t have in the real world. So, everytime he saw the necklace on his neck, he used it as a RC and then started to LD. That is, until some random people (don’t remeber who now, just remember was someone random) gave the exactly same necklace to him in the real world.

If you’re always finding this same object in your dreams, maybe you’re about to get it IRL, you just have to wait and see if that’ll happen or not :wink:

Yes, some dreams feel like dreams and others feel like I’m seeing somewhere else. Today I had a somewhere else dream. I was sure of it, so I kept trying to read things I could search as clues for when I woke. I finally grabbed some business cards. Forced myself awake. Found I was in a state of sleep paralysis and holding 6 cards, but they had become clear. Broke the sleep paralysis and found my hands empty. Very frustrating. Thought I did it, but had a hand full of nope.

I did take something from a dream to reality, 7th grade for me so I would have been 12/13, I dreamt I had the Batman batgrapple from the cartoon show, the one with Batman, robin, nightwing, batgirl…. Anyways I had it in my dream and heard my radio go off for the alarm for me to get up, I had the batgrapple in my hand and knew I was about to wake up so i through the batgrapple through my dream viewer hole ( don’t know what else to call it) and I woke up and it was in my lap, I picked it up and pressed the button and it shot into my wall above my head board. Then I tried to go back to sleep to dream again to get more things and I didn’t dream again but when I woke up, the batgrapple was gone but the holes were still in the wall. I tried to do this again in multiple occasions but either my mind wakes me up just before I can throw something through or I completely freeze in my dream and I wake up with sleep paralysis and can not move for a couple minutes, but I’m fully awake. Like it’s stopping me from connecting both worlds again. And don’t get me started on the God killing knife I dreamt up and then seen a knife in a new episode of a show I’ve never seen before that looked exactly like the one in my dream and it was also a god killing knife in the show so…

Every one knows that this is not possible
U CAN RE-CREATE the same object in the real world …
Try that…