Talking about LDs in a LD.

One night when I become lucid, Im not going to let the DCs know that Im lucid, and I want to say something like…“wouldnt it be cool if this were a dream?” I would like to see if I could get them to tell me that Im dreaming.

haha, cool idea :grin:
this morning i became lucid while looking at a drawing, and although i didn’t say anything, a friend DC said to me: “look at it carefully, so you would remember it when you wake up”.
And once my brother pointed to some purple handed spoons and said: “now pay attention, we don’t REALLY have purple spoons”. He was right, I thought, and I realized I was dreaming!
Many times I told DCs that this is a dream, sometimes they don’t believe it, sometimes they say they already know. Once i even demostrated the nose breathing RC to a DC, which frightened him, hehe. :smile:

mmmm…maybe it’s possible to train your subconsius to make the DCs tell you that you are dreaming?

I think it’s possible. DC’s are very helpful sometimes. I don’t remember where, but I’ve read recently a LD in which the dreamer was about to perform a RC. Then a DC came and said to him: “There is no need to perform a RC. I did it for you and you are dreaming”. :grin:

hehe, that would be nice

That would be awsome to have a DC help you with becoming lucid. It seems like most DCs try to shy away from the subject of LD. Like in the movie “Waking life” when Willie Wiggins asked the red head what it was like to be a charecter in a dream, and she changed the subject by asking him where he lived.

That’d be sweet! I ought to try that in my next LD… :hmmm:

This actually happen in my last dream where i turned lucid.

One of the DCs suddently said this: Are you aware that this might be just a dream? Me: No way! i know how it feels like to be in a dream… but then a moment later i thought to myself: hey, this does really feel like a dream… and then i turned lucid :razz:

LOL…I’ve never had an LD where I talked about being Lucid but I have had ND’s where I’m dreaming

So if it’s possible to programe your DCs to tell you that you’re dreaming, how do you do this??

I talked about LD’s in my ND’s. But I never become lucid because of it.

I remmber once I had a ND… I was in a haunted house, and doors kept slaming, and windows were opening, and closing by themselves, and I told a DC to do a RC every time something weird happens, but I never went lucid. How is that possible? I think I posted this for… Maybie its was in a dream… Maybie I need to do a RC…

IMO, it could be done through a sort of VILD, for instance: visualizing repeatitively a DC to help yourself in becoming lucid. Never tried though.

hey, I a couple nights before I had a LD where a DC was signing my hand, and told me: “What’s that on your hand?”, and I tol her it was her sign, and she told: “No, not that, you have 7 fingers”.
It was my first decent LD, you can read it here if you want: … highlight=

Congratulations, for you and your helpful DC! :wink: