teeth in dreams

I keep having these dreams abut teeth good dreams bad dreams just plain weird dreams can any one tell me anythinng about this its kinda creeping me out

Well, you could use that as a springboard to lucidity. Next time you see teeth, to an RC. Pretty soon, you should be able to have a lucid dream.

what is a Rc

Go to ld4all.com > first > reality check. :smile:

Teeth dreams are probably just a random theme. If you purposely use techniques to get lucid, then you can change the dream to whatever you want. All info is on the site, go ahead and ask questions if you need to though. =]

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“to see teeth predicts sickness to come and disagreeable people.” - dream dictionary

I’ve had a lot of dreams about teeth too.
Dropping them, pulling them out… once i dreamed that my teeth were turning transparant like glass.
I don’t know if there’s a connection, but sometimes I wake up and find myself biting my front teeth together.

Teeth is a very common dream theme. lots of people have dreams about teeth falling out, having no teeth, having one gigantic tooth, etc.

some people say it’s a subconcious worrying of one’s financial situation, but i’m not really one for dream dictionaries.

there is a topic about teeth falling out in the stuff of dreams forum
forum.ld4all.com/viewtopic.php?t … ight=teeth

I think a lot of people have teeth dreams, I’ve heard it’s very common. Most of mine have involved teeth falling out, although teeth in general don’t seem to be a big theme for my dreams. Some people say there’s some kind of symbolism in this, which I don’t doubt, but I’ve heard so many different interpretations of this that I’ve really given up on believing any one theory.

Ive heard it has something to do with the household, and your home life.

My mom used to say that if you dreamt with teeth it had to do with someone you knew. Never any real details other than that link moog pointed out.

[b]She’d say:

If they hurt then someone you knew was ill, sick.

If they fell out and the gums were bleeding. A family member will soon pass.

If they fall out but there is no blood then an aquaintance will pass.[/b]

But what is it about the teeth dreams that are creeping you out? B/c you don’t really given any details about the dream itself.