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Do you believe in telepathy?
Have you had an odd “coincidence”?
Discuss here :smile:
For those who don’t know,telepathy is the ability to “read” minds/have common thoughts.

Finally a thread about an ability I always had. Sometimes it caused problems like voices in my head and voices from a place where noone was :shy: I definately believe telepathy and want to develop it along with TK :razz:

We have proofpoits Ghostie
I do believe in it,i saw a documentary on the stuff the world is made of,by Gregg Brandon or what’s his name.
It was posted by somebody here…
We’re tied through a net of photons that react with the human DNA.
That connects us physically,right?

On second thought,i’m 50% skeptic…What i expeirienced might be coincidence :smile:

The only thing I’ve really experienced along the lines of telepathy is that me and my brother will often end up saying the same things at the same times, or come up with similar thoughts at the same times, but I’ve always attributed that to ‘like minds’.

This happens a lot between me, my brother and mother. Usually when the phone rings, we already know who it is before picking it up. It seems to work even more when it’s one of us calling the other.

Well,i have two friends in school,i’m not familially related to them in any way.
We have the same thoughts very often,at least thrice a day,but there’s cases where we can even make over ten.
And we always high-five,wich makes us look odd :tongue:

Well, I am able to see what people say before they know it :tongue:

I easily see when people lie, these are my better sides of the telepathy :razz:

I can sometimes observe when a person lies…
And i do the think it before the other says it thing because most ppl that surround me are predictable,not like me :tongue:

We are always communicating “telepathically” with the entire universe, as everything is interconnected, or the scientific term, entangled.

i used to think i had some sort of telepathy when i was little since i’d be thinking something and then shortly after someone would say what i was thinking. it never happens nowadays though, and i’m still skeptical about the idea of psychics.

Many times when my mother calls me I know what she’s going to say. But I can’t really say it’s telepathy… It might be the tone of her voice or something. But even so… it’s one of those things that happens so often you start feeling kinda weird by always saying it’s a coincidence.

One time I remember I was having lunch with my parents and out of nowhere a song from a commercial came into my mind. A few seconds later my father started humming it. I was like :eek: Our SC just might have picked up on something (like a neighbors tv we can barely hear) or something like that. don’t know.

Although I will not rule out telepathy. :happy: I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t doubt anything anymore (which doesn’t mean I beleive in anything :tongue: )


ONe time I tried telepathy. I tried thinking to my sister, “Get off the karoke machine.” A few seconds later, she got off of it, and she was looking at me.

This can’t be really telepathy,right?
Just an hour ago,i begged my mother to order me a pizza.
I looked at the clock,it was 9:00,i told her,it’s gonna be here at 9:25.
When it got here,i looked at the clock.
It was EXACTLY 9:25
I have to post this in crazy clocks :tongue:

It was telepathy, just another form of it :wink: Ive done this and it seems to be effective, Im not good of this kind of telepathy :sad:

Err…can you actually PRACTICE telepathy?

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You can practise everything, you just need a push out of the door. Nothing is impossible, it just takes longer time :wink:

The term telepathy is kinda misused, if you asked me.

As the term usually implies on a conscious transference of an organized thought from one mind to another, it almost completely rules out the entire field of this kind of communication which is omnipresent in the universe.

A very simple example,
you go out to dinner with a friend of yours and he brings a friend of his you don’t know.
The moment you encounter him, before you speak one word with him, you already have an opinion on him. You may instantly like him, or maybe you will feel not wanted…
Whatever it is, you are communicating with this guy way before you start speaking with him.
Ill give you another example, one that may be far more convincing.

on 1966, Cleve Backster, a researcher, conducted a series of experiments with plants.
He was very skilled with using a lie detector. He connected a plant to a lie detector and wanted to find out how long will it take for the plant to react to water being poured on him.
He found out that the plant is reacting much the same way as humans, experiencing happiness when water were poured on him.
He knew that threatening is a powerful way to evoke a reaction.
When he simply thought of burning the plant, he noticed a major upward line on the lie detector, meaning the plant experienced fear. When he went to grab a match, the line had another upward peak. The plant realized he had a good chance of getting burned and therefore became frightened.
When he lighted up a match without intending to burn the flower, it showed no response. The plant realized the difference between false and true intentions.
Further more, he wanted to see how far this goes…
And so, he took 2 plants and 6 volunteers. He made the 6 volunteers draw lots, the winning volunteer had to go to the room with the 2 plants and rip one of them out and destroy it by treading on it.
The volunteers did not know who amongst them was the one to do it.
After the designated one destroyed the plant, he connected the second plant to a lie detector and had all of the 6 volunteers walk by the plant, each in his turn.
The plant showed no response to the 5 volunteers who had not been involved with the destruction of the plant.
When the destructor passed by the plant, the plant immediately showed extreme reactions associated with fear.

The plant was therefore able to distinguish between the people, sensing the different energies of them.

Hope this makes things a bit more clear.

As I already said, you are always communicating telepathically, projecting your thoughts, with everything that exists, obviously, that includes people.

For example, Mattias mentioned thinking about a song from a commercial when his father started humming it. That song was in the air and simply enough, they both received the signal. When you look at it that way, you realize how natural this is.

and about practicing telepathy, if you want to try to transfer a thought from your mind to another, yes it is possible to practice, and quite easy to achieve.

cheers :smile:

I heard about that experiment :happy:
Today i had a real strong case…
My friend(one of the two i have strong telepathy with)was presenting a book.
“And there was this dragon that would come to their village and…err…”
And then we both said “Burn” in the exactly same second.
“But he ollowed them to the other village and the village would be…err…”
Burned :tongue:
Yes,i know what you’re thinking,but what are the odds of saying it in the exact same moment after 10 seconds?

“odds” are pointless…

If it brought a smile to your face, im happy for you :smile:

this happens all the time when i am in a public place

my friend and i would make a bit of a game about it

in particular his mind, mine, synchronistic, such as if we talk about something, when we get to the “point” of it a song will come on and explain what we were just saying back to us

and lots of things, for instance you say something like “absolutely” and someone across the room says “absolutely” at the same time, but much more intricate, as if they are bearing witness to the flow of your ideas, they are…

now i don’t know about reading thoughts (thankfully) but i have witnessed it in others.

empathic energy i am more in tune with.