The Aliens/UFO topic

There are topics here in the lounge about almost anything, but there was no thread about this matter, so I decided to create it myself.
Now, on topic. The possibility of alien intelligent lifeforms visiting this planet has always fascinated me. The universe is unimaginably vast, and that’s something both against and for ufology. It’s very likely (almost certain) that life could have developed on other planets, but it’s incredibleble (for this day and age) that some people from other planets could travel all the way here (light would take years and years to travel between our system and another, let alone matter). All we can be sure about is that weird stuff has been happening around, and maybe for thousands of years. Some claim to have just seen lights in the sky, while others go as far as stating that they’ve met live alien people.
Now, being what I am, I never totally discard any possibilities until they’ve been proved false once and for all (which sometimes is hard), so what I do is to look for proof pro or against the fact that we are or have been visited by “others”. So, I’d like this topic to try and do that. I’m looking for material to form my opinion with, unless further discoveries are made. Here’s my initial contribution to the discussion:

Interesting videos to search on Google Video:

  • Out of the blue
  • Area 51: first footage of an alien (note: this one is about that famous “alien interview”, the juiciest morsel of all…)
  • The disclosure project

The discredited:

  • Adamski: he never met any aliens nor go taken any rides on ufos, the “spacecrafts” on his pictures were special bottle caps he took from work.
  • Abductions while in bed: those are cases of SP.

Any opinions or materials are more than welcome in this topic, hehe.

I do not believe that alien spaceships visit earth. I do however believe that the universe is florishing with life. The chances of there being life somewhere, is greater than the chances of earth being the only planet with life.

There are so many planets out there and so great distances that it would be very slim chances of some lifeform having capability of travelling here and at the same time choose our little insignificant planet over all the others.

I also have very little faith in radio telescopes listening for a signal I think there might be alot of intelligent civilizations out there, but why would they have chosen the exact same path as us? Why would they use the same radio wave technology as us? The chances are just very slim of that.

…and if for some reason they DID use radio waves, we’d receive at least ancestral transmissions.
I’ve read somewhere that the alleged aliens may get here using wormholes, but nobody knows how to control them or use them effectively.

Cant talk about them they are watching me :scared:

/me gets a tin foil hat , now he is safe

So I think they are real but its kind of scary to think about personally i think i saw one but i am not sure. The first time i had an LD thats what woke me up THEM

Can you say how it happened? Even if I’m sure it’s been a case of SP (I’ve updated the first post).

I think that theory was made by Stephen Hawking? Because i recall not so long ago that he apparantly admitted that he was wrong in regards of this theory.

That was probably some kind of SP with hallucinations.

Most alien abduction cases seem very similar to SP. They wake up paralyzed in their bed and then aliens come and abduct them while they cannot scream or move.
I believe this is the same as the old hag just with aliens instead of the hag.

Probably it was that,

Here it is I had my first LD then i feel really strange and I decide to wake my self up, Was lying in bed and suddenly this Thing a lot like a shadow appeard on my stomach but not exactly in it a little bit up then i got so freakes out i closed my eyes and was okay…

Stheven Hawkins did not say that he was talking about his “Information Paradox” Theory that said all matter will dissapeer if sucked by a black hole ( For people who dont know about the Law of Consevation of matter it states matter cant be destroy or created) so it was a paradox, and thats what he said he made a mistake on.

I’ve just read somewhere that radio waves keep travelling outside the atmosphere, and if you’d be far away, you’d read old programs. That was supposed to apply to TV waves too.

This will be a thing of the past once the analog transmitters are shutdown, which has already started happening… Then no more tv for the aliens to pick up :smile:

And the stuff from the 50’s and on and on, till analog transmissions lasted? Is it still travelling? :confused:

What about UFO?? Anyone seen one? :confused: :confused:

Yes i have! But i highly doubt it was some kind of alien spaceship. But i have seen some flying objects that i could not identify.

I don’t believe in UFOs or intelligent aliens or anything like that. I’m willing to concede there may be life on other planets, but it’s most likely primitive bacteria or plant life.

Well, there can be intelligent life out there too, rather unlikely but plausible still, only that doesn’t mean something that’s almost impossible for us (interstellar traveling) is a piece of cake to them.

Moreover, we’re a bunch of ill–tempered chimps who throw H bombs at each other, why would intelligent alien life even consider getting anywhere near us? To quote Bill Waterson (creator of Calvin and Hobbes), “sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”

Its almost like saying why studie other life form like jellyfish they are just primitive animals that wont ever make a difference or study other animals like ants. Sometimes we can learn alot about the enviroment from them.

Oh don’t get me wrong :happy: I’m not saying we’re not worth studying. I’m just saying it’s not safe to study us. :grin:

The problem is that the universe is probably flooding with planets that are very similar to our own. Why choose earth over all the other billions? Also it would be pretty far fetched that anyone could travel such distances without using centuries. I am sure that there are life out there and i also strongly believe there intelligent beings out there, but i doubt they travel here…

I of course believe in UFO’s they are seen daily and are real. Whether they are extraterrestrial in origin remains to be seen.

Most of them are probably government/military aircraft.

Intelligent life on other planets? Sure, statistically the chances are more than likely. I doubt we were the first nor will we be the last.

Whether said Aliens would visit us, I would have to say no. Not if they are more intelligent, they’d leave after five minutes. Whether they have visited Earth at any point though, even they Mayan’s talked of extraterrestrial visitors.

Who knows what it out there, I know I dreamt of alien space craft last night :tongue:

Why not? Why do you think Earth is so special? Recent evidence suggest that life is not as rare as we once thought. There are even the possibility of life having existed or even existing today on for example Mars, which is infact a very near neighbour. There are billions of galaxies, with billions of suns and most of these suns have probably also planets orbiting them.

I believe we are just a drop in the ocean! We are that insignificant…