The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part III

Goals!? I’d be happy just having an LD. But if you must know…

  1. To make impossible challenges for myself, then accomplish them without any powers or advantages.

  2. To face myself and try to defeat myself in a competition.

  3. To make dream scenarios of the story ideas I have in my head.

Here are a few of my un-ambitious goals:
-Telecanesis (Being able to move stuff with my mind)
-Talk to DC and get LDing tips
-Have sex with a hottie, of course (LOL)
-Go crazy on skateboard/bike/rollerblades
-PLay strikingly fast on bass guiatr and/or other instruments
-Tell of people I hate

Here are some of my fairly ambitious goals:
-Be able to freeze LD time
-Spook around in outerspace, and go to different planets and moons
-Hypnotize people
-Change my environment (change objects, temperature, color of sky, etc.)

I’ve had lucid dreams about 5 times in my life and 4 I just ran to the first hot girl I saw and had sex with her, so now I’m just gonna try different things.

-Look at the sky
-Find a mirror and see what I get
-I’ve dreamed that I ran against this guy who’s the fastest in my class and somehow I started running like I was going at least at 50mph so it was pretty cool, yeah running at a very fast speeds is one of my goals.
-Telling people that they are in my dream and I can do whatever I want with them.
-Do some dragon ball moves.
-Defeat unbelievable guys. (I just did that last night in a ND and it was awesome, he not only could stretch like Mr Fantastic but he had a machine gun) But of course I defeated him with a help of a friend.
-Beat the crap out of anyone I hate.
-Have some more sex :wink:

Here is my list.

1# Fly.

2# Create a (female :razz:) DC friend that can help me in my lucid dreams.

2# Breath under water.

3# Make myself into a giant and destroy a town.

4# Do some fancy magic.

5# Walk trough a mirrow :mirror:

6# Do some Matrix stuff.

7# Rob a bank. Hmm, why not? :razz:

8# Talk to myself.

9# Fly myself to the LOST island and live with the LOSTaways.

10# Morphe into some kind of animal.

11# Fly in to space :smile:

12# freeze time.

I like to fly, and explore. Thats about all really.

I rarely do anything special in my LDs, I don’t know why. :shrug:
I usually end up doing something I could just as well do IRL, like looking at trees :roll:

So far I just like :fly: . I havn’t done much since Im a total newb. Im going to work on the basics when I start LDing more often. Like walking through walls, climbing walls and stuff like that :content: .

I’ve only had one LD so far (about a week ago), and it only lasted about half a minute and I didn’t really get the chance to do anything. However, I’ve been continuing the same techniques that helped me get that first one, and I hope to have another one soon. I do have several things planned, of increasing complexity, so I hope to do the easier stuff first and work my way up.

I’d like to walk through the streets, as if everything were normal, and start creating mischief and messing with DCs in subtle ways, with telekinesis, transforming stuff, etc.

I’d also like to explore my dream world, preferably by driving around it really fast. Forget about fancy race cars, though; I think it’d be more fun to drive my car from RL (a generic used Buick) at insane speeds. :cool:

Taking over the world also sounds pretty cool; I’ll use my supreme dream powers to conquer the Earth and of course my government will be dedicated solely to the purpose of serving me. Or if I don’t feel like taking over the world, I’ll at least stage a coup of the USA which will consist of me putting on big boots, walking into the White House, telling our President how awful of a job he’s done, and administer a kick in the behind which will cause him to go flying out the window, thus declaring myself King of the United States.

Also, just like any other adolescent male, I’d certainly love to have lots and lots of sex, but considering I’ve only had a single LD so far that only lasted half a minute, I think I have a lot of practice to do first to avoid losing lucidity or waking up. Just in case, maybe I’ll wait until I think the dream is about to end, and I’ll quickly summon the ladies.

I’d also like to try entering DCs’ bodies and messing around. Maybe once I’m experienced enough with dream sex, I’ll enter a female body for some of that hot lesbian sex action.

  1. Turn into a wolf (Actually I probably shouldn’t, I’d never want to go back again.)
  2. Fly. Duh.
  3. Establish a dream world I can visit every time I have a LD.
  4. Kill some people I don’t like.
  5. find out more about my self.

i can usually fly but i want to do it proper also since as im 13 i cant drive a car or nout so driving a car at 1,000 mph will do me fine and maybe fly reel good. as for sex ,well you cant do the last 2 in reel life and ill just wait for sex so there you go

i have merged “what’s your goals?” into this topic since it covers the same grounds.

Create a scenery with a dream-villa + hot maids in kinky outfits, who aid me in preparing mirrors, doors to dreamlocations and other stuff. =D. (That scenery would be in a forrest). I would like to start EVERY dream in this scenery so I’d be lucid rite away :cool:

I haven’t yet had a truly lucid dream, but a few things I’d really like to try would be:

Flying, of course;
Summoning characters from the book I’m writing and learning about them (I’ve got a bad case of writer’s block) and asking them what I should write next;
Placing two mirrors across from each other, like in a dressing room: I’d be interested to see how the brain would create that infinite image;
(Maybe) playing a video game I started creating in 7th grade but never finished;
Being able to breathe under water- I’ve heard it’s an experience to rival flying;
And lastly: Ride a llama, or at least own one. I’ve had a strange fascination with llamas for a few years now. Thankfully, it’s died down recently, but it would still be a pretty cool experience.

One thing I WOULD not do, at least until I become an experienced LD’er, would be to meet God or Jesus, as a few others have suggested. I think I might freak out and wake myself up.

Man, I can’t wait 'til I get an LD!

I’m sure I’ve probably said this before but Flying is what I love and gliding over the ground without ever touching it.

I yearn to transform into an animal. That IMO would be the best.

Yeah, that’d be pretty sweet! :cool:

I would just want to HAVE an ld…lol. But some of my goals are:

  1. to see my mother…(she passed away 2 years ago.)

2)go through a mirror and go to a dreamworld

3)Meet DC’s who can give me advice on ld’ing and real life problems


  1. look at the sky

If I ever get a super-lucid dream, I’m gonna try to do these things:

1.) Burn the constitution in front of the President’s face.
2.) Walk into a children’s store completely naked.
3.) Skate the moon.
4.) Pee on the american flag in the middle of NY city.
5.) Put diarrhea in a big squirt gun, and run around in New York squirting people with it.
6.) Eat the sun.
7.) Throw up on London.
8.) Commit a bloody, violent suicide right in the middle of the most crowded city in the world.
9.) Add myself as one of the guitarist’s of Slayer.
10.) Forcibly reassemble Black Sabbath forever.
11.) Eat my arm in a crowded Toys 'R Us.
12.) Fly around and drop “bombs” on Alabama.
13.) Grow 3 million zits on my face, and then ask Jessica Simpson for directions to the oil farm.
14.) Burn down Harvard while laughing a horrible laugh.
15.) Party with everyone who’s glad I burned down Harvard.
16.) Replace Nickelodeon with Nick@Nite.
17.) Cancel the Disney Channel.
18.) Force Disney to stop ruining the movies.
19.) Destroy every copy of Battlefield Earth.
20.) Insult every single thing in the universe.
21.) Deeply offend and disturb America 8 times.
22.) Spend half of the time left at Skatopia.
23.) Smile at an animal until it gets close, and then break it’s neck.
24.) Relieve myself on Japan.
25.) And finally, do everything I just did backwards.

I’ll have to think about this… I haven’t had many LDs yet, and the ones I have had… well, they weren’t very productive. :tongue:

But here’s what I’d like to do.

  1. fly (of course, of course)
  2. explore my whole dream world, so I can make a map, name everything, and be able to go wherever I want to.
  3. meet God (I actually did this in a ND once, but as I wasn’t lucid, I never really did anything.)
  4. walk through a crowded city street singing at the top of my lungs
  5. Jump really far (done this, but I wouldn’t mind doing it again!)
  6. listen to music that doesn’t exist IRL (and maybe bring some back with me?)
  7. talk to characters I’ve created and get to know them perfectly
  8. talk to animals, plants, or inanimate objects
  9. walk on water
  10. try to share dreams with people see if it works
  11. talk to myself as a child
  12. try to find out about my past lives
  13. go swimming in the ocean
  14. slow down time and see how long I can make the dream last
  15. eat things, just random things I find lying around
  16. be invisible
  17. be something else (a bird, a star, a tree, etc.)
  18. give myself wings
  19. just generally freak out the population (run around naked, kiss random people, get wings and walk around the city, etc, etc.)

Annnnd I’m sure there are more.

"1.) Burn the constitution in front of the President’s face.
4.) Pee on the american flag in the middle of NY city.
12.) Fly around and drop “bombs” on Alabama.
21.) Deeply offend and disturb America 8 times. "

:sad: Are you anarchy? Or are you not from America?

Indeed, I hate to be so critical but there better things to do in a lucid dream :wink: