The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" IX

Dash Iros wrote

Welcome :smile:

I have visited many forums but, I found this one to be the best. There is a lot of great information on this site and you will find many people who will be more than willing to help you explore lucid dreaming.

How long have you ben interested in lucid dreaming?

Happy Dreaming

Yea, I’m new.
I decided on using my more somber avatar over my usual one.
I’m still working on making a good siggy.

I hope to learn to remember my dreams better. Yea…
Kthxby! :grin:

I really like your avatar, the simple black and white make it stand out.
There seems to be a friendly competition going on with the sigs :grin:
Welcome to the forum 395
The remembering dreams sticky thread is a good place to start if you want to improve your recall

hey peeps
well im sorta new to this site ive being reading it for a while but just decided to sign up, got some really great tips on LDing
im only still a rookie when it comes to dreams ive got inconsistent dream recall and only had 3 very low level LDs but hopefully that will change :content:

im brand new here, gotta learn how to ld
it sounds awesome

gonna be browsin for tips etc.
see ya around

Hello jlb and tracer :wave: hope you have fun browsing the forum and posting replies.
Good Luck with your lucid dreaming quest. :dream:


It’s my symbol and an astrological event I made up, the dark star.
It occurs when the light of many stars bend around a black hole and are seen just behind focus, kind of like when you look at the ring of light made just behind the focus point of a magnifying glass.
It’s also a symbol of the apocalypse :tongue:

I shaped it weird because I thought it looked cooler that way :mrgreen:

:peek: Ahh! You aren’t going to bring about the end of the world in 2012 :cry: :tongue:
It makes it more interesting knowing the story behind it. :wiske:

long time surfer first time member.
ive been a member since last week but didnt know that there was a newbie heya place to say heya.
been into lds for 3yrs…very cool and love this forum-always refured to it because of the variety of experiences shared on here its also very active and easy to use.
so here i am saying a late hello-‘hello’ and thankyou for having me.

peace out

Hello sme_bro. A sense of deja vu here, I have already said hello to you at sealife. It’s a small world. :happy:

certainly is a small world of lucid dreamers.
thanks for the warm welcome :smile:
glad to be here

Incidentally, I never posted here… I know that it’s a bit late, but… hi everyone!

Hehe welcome to the forum r3m0t!! Enjoy your stay :wink:

Also welcome to tracer, jlb and sme_bro :happy:

hey. first of all, i just had one of those near experiences yesterday. i had no idea wth was going on and started to freak out. augh dont wanna type it again, here ill copy and paste what i wrote in a diff. forum.

i looked at the clock at 3:00. all of a sudden i got dizzy and started to blur. i was going at unaturally fast speeds in a car and heading towards this tunnel of light with nothing but shadows surrounding me. i remember that at the end of the tunnel was a dead end, and i was going faster. so fast that it sort of went into “light speed” where everything just sort of blurred. but then, all of a sudden i hear this “drill” noise above my head, or something going really fast that it makes a high pitched screeching sound. well it kind of freaked me out so i forcefully woke myself up.

this the first time in which i was totally aware of myself actually GETTING into a dream although not in control. it was more like you’re inbetween a dream and reality. after i “woke up”, everything was black but i couldn’t move. it was like i was paralyzed or something. the weird thing is i could feel my body just lying there. so after forcing all my strength into one swing of movement, i REALLY woke up like how people wake up after nightmares. geez, i look at the clock and it’s 3:04

at this point my bed starts to shake for no reason. like an earthquake or something. it continues to do so for like 8 minutes or something. but that’s not important.

[color=blue]Welcome to the forum![/color]
That sounds really interesting LoneWolfZ…I delayed welcoming you hoping someone with more lucid experience would visit this topic first. But it looks like you have to make do with me :shy:
You will find lots of interesting topics in this intro section and quest for lucid dreaming. You will find everyone is really friendly here and will answer any questions if they can. Also don’t forget the search button at the top of the page…it will help you find the topics you want to read.

Welcome r3m0t the astral explorer, seems you finally explored this topic. :tongue: We’ll have pasQuale posting here next. :wink: … she hasn’t introduced herself here either. :peek:

Dear Lonewolfz,
Based upon my own experience, I would say that you were astral projecting no doubt! That is great. Do you read about OOBE’s? Well if you do more research on Astra Projection you will become more and more likely to be able to control those experiences. Why? Well based upon my very own experience again, 'the more energy you put into it, the more energy you will get out of it.
Nice to meet you. :ok:

welcome LoneWolfZ and other new members
I look forward to reading more of your dream experiences. That sounded amazing

Welcome everyone that I haven’t introduced to yet including LoneWolfZ.

To LoneWolfZ: Your experience was interesting. I think you’re naturally talented for entering into some kind of trances easily as you experienced here. You could use that when you attempt to WILD, I don’t think it would be very hard for you since you’re already able to enter trance easily. I think you were able to enter a trance between awake and dreaming. It is where most astral projection happens. When your bed seems to shake or that you hear high-pitched noise, it might mean that you’re falling into a deeper trance. It can seem terrifying, but the more you explore around, the more you realize that it’s not as bad as you think. :happy: You could use that as your advantage when you attempt to WILD. If you don’t know about WILD, I highly recommend you to check it out. It’s a good method for getting some LD’s by falling asleep consciously.

Good luck. It was nice hearing about your experience!

Ok everybody- welcome to ld4all forum! I’m really thrilled to see you all and have fun posting! :wink:


Hi, I’m new here! Well, not necessarily new, I’ve been lurking about a lot, but I’ve joined now.

So HI!

Welcome to the forum Easty! :happy: And all the others ofcourse… :content:
I hope you’ll find here everything you need to have great LDs!

Enjoy your stay :smile: