The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" IX

I’m glad you finally got the urge to start posting. Here’s wishing you many lucid dreams. :dream:
(I have copied your question from 123 as the posts there get automatically deleted after a period of time)

I tried using a MSN group site…it hotlinks ok for general use but won’t work with avatars, probably because the url address is too long.
I use at the moment which is a free hosting site site.[/size]

Molto grazie, Moogle!

<---- Questo é un weemee!

(Not really Italian! English, but quite good at Italian. Wouldn’t really tell from what I just said, but…)

Hi Easty, welcome aboard :smile:
I like your avatar its kinda happy!

Happy dreams…



welcome :smile:

This is the best lucid dreaming forum there is. I don’t even use any of the other forums any more. You will find that the people on this forum are friendly and more than willing to share their experiences with Lucid Dreaming.

Happy Dreaming

Welcom Easty, LoneWolfZ, r3m0t ( not quite new…), sme_bro, jib, tracer 395… whew. Remind me never to leave this forum more than a couple days! I come back and there are way too many posts to catch up on and so many new members! :smile: My how LD4all has grown since I joined!

Welcome to all the new members! I hope you gain as much from LD4all as I have!

Hello everybody! I’m another “new” member who’s been lurking around the furums on and off over the past year or so, and thought I’d actually register to help motivate my dream recall.

I remember having at least one lucid dream when I was very young. I grabbed a toy car from the TV and thought “if I go to sleep with this in the dream, and hold on very tight, it’ll still be here in real life!” Needless to say it wasn’t; maybe that’s why I can’t remember having any more LDs after that. :sad:

Then a couple of years ago I had a weird dream and decided to research dreaming, and eventually came to this site! I was so excited for weeks, and got to the stage where my dreams were taking up pages and pages. Unfortunately, they got too long, and I had less time to write them down, so I lost my momentum, and never got an LD.

SO, I’m hoping you guys will push me till I bleed. Or have an LD. :happy:

Wow a year plus of lurking…I wonder if it is a record. :grin: I can’t imagine resisting the urge to post for that ammount of time. :tongue:
Anyway it’s good to see you finally made your first post. :wink: I wonder when I will see ianegg’s next post? :peek:
I like the idea you had when you were small of going to sleep holding a toy car to try and get it into your dreams. :happy:


I’m a brand-new guy here. A friend told me about this site while we were comparing our dreams on MSN.

I’m glad he did! The entire prospect of lucid dreaming is very intresting to me! Although from what I’ve read on this site, I think it’s going to require all of my awareness and patience! :smile:

Most of my dreams seem to have this other force controlling me and my actions, although somethimes I seem to be able to control myself in a sort of semi-conciousness, but I still accept the dream surroundings as reality! :content:

See you around,

Hi IanEgg and Astrojazz welcome aboard :smile:

Hope you 2 will surprise us all with many lds and interesting dreams :wink:


We aren’t really much of a permanent community here, except in the Lucid Lounge. If you want to join a close-knit group which does dream stuff together, knows each other well and so on, join a dream team at the SeaLife forums. Click on the fish icon on the top menu (“FAQ”, “Search”…)

Hey everybody. I found out about lucid dreaming a couple of years ago, and have been trying it on and off since then. I hope to finally stick with it for awhile until I get really good.

Well it was only part-time lurking, a visit once in a blue moon. I’m not the most regluar of people (regular as in time wise, I’m normal otherwise, honest) So don’t expect the world of posts from me!

I actaully wanted to take the car OUT of the dream with me. :happy: Though holding onto something sounds like a good thing to experiment with!

That’s ok with me, I’m not much for group outings. Funnily enough, all the times I’ve noticed the blue fish, I’ve never clicked it. Then, I havent been registered, so pretty much ignored the icons :razz:

Hi all the other new people, good luck with lucidity!

Welcome to the lurker king ianegg!! I’m so glad you decided to post :wink:

Also hello to evilshiznat and AstroJazz!

I hope all 3 or you have fun exploring your dreams!
Good luck :peek:

:tongue: Charlottedreamer beat me to the topic this time. :happy:

Welcome to evilshiznat and AstroJazz!

You’ll find it’s a really friendly community here. Have fun browsing, posting and dreaming! :dream:

Hey Everybody! I’m a new member. What can I say? hmm… well I am 20 years old soon to be 21 :grin: , and I have been having lucid dreams for as long as I can remember. I used to think that having lucid dreams was the norm until I told a friend about a dream I had and how I realized I was dreaming. She looked at me crazy and said that never happened to her before. So then I started asking other people if it had ever happened to them and everyone said no. So I started doing research on what I was experiencing, and that’s how I found out what is was called. I used to just call it, waking up in a dream. So anyway, I came across this forum and was so happy that I could interact with people who actually know what I’m talking about.

Hi pocahontas83, welcome to ld4all! Glad you found us, i wish you a pleasant stay :smile:


if you dare travel all the way back, back to the beginning of this topic, way in the old days, when it was still called: new here? shake hands with the rest of us! You will find my introduction :wiske:

[size=75]or take the shortcut here :tongue: [/size]

Wow pocahontas83, you have been personally welcomed by the website owner. You will have us all envious :grin:
I’ll add my own welcome to pasQuale’s and hope some of your LD ability rubs off onto me :tongue:

pasQuale I have read the shake hands thread…but had forgotten your post :shy: but remember Atheist’s post there. Well I foretold you would post here and you did :tongue: so my “freaky powers” are increasing :happy: :wiske:

Hi, my name’s Joe. I’m 20 and live in the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire, England. I’m a novice lucid dreamer, and i’ve had 3 LDs so far, but I am desperate for more! It can become a very obsessive interest this LD! Oh yeah, the first place I found out about LD was on this website, which I stumbled across for some reason I can’t remember now a couple of months ago. So a big, big thanks to the maker of this place.

p.s. I changed my name to 1984

Welcome to the forum jphicks!! :happy: Yes you’re right about that: LDing can be quite obsessive! Nice to hear that you’ve already had 3 LDs :smile: Keep them coming! :wink:

Also, a warm welcome to you too, pocahontas83 :peek: :happy:

Hi, I’m Siiw, and I’m new. :smile:

When I finally got a net connection back, it was very nice to see that this page was still here. It has always been one of my favourites. I’m 26, from Norway, and has been LD-ing naturally for as long as I can remember…but not very often. I hope I will learn a lot from you people. :smile: