The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" IX

Hello jphicks, I’m from lancashire just to the west of you. :grin: So hello neighbour!

Welcome Siiw, I have been reading your journal in the diary section. So I feel like I know you a little already. :wink:


I’ve discovered LD 2 days ago by surfing the Wikipedia,
the only thing I’ve managed so far is that I had remembered
5 dreams from previous night, I hope I’ll have LD soon as I have
many ideas for them :smile:
After I woke today I started to swear because I didn’t realize
that I was just dreaming. I also made a reality check recently
and I saw that clock hands were moving backwards! Damn, that
was just a real malfunctioning clock :grrr:

lots of new members since I last looked
Welcome Easty, ianegg, AstroJazz, evilshiznat, pocahontas83, jphicks, Siiw and kamilprz

hi! i registered here yesterday after having sniffed around for some time. i find LD’ing very amusing, and for now i am training my dream recall with my mp3-player. there’s still a way to go before i remember one dream a night, and i also have some problems using the mp3 player half asleep :tongue:. btw, i am living in norway, scandinavia. i am 17 years old and still going to high school, and next year i am going to new zealand as an exchange student.

Hello, I’m new here!! but this is my 2nd post, because I already introduced myself in my LD Journal

Wow, three more new members!
Welcome kamilprz, sImen and DiThi :grin:
You’ll find this is the most friendly forum on the internet. :happy:

Hey, I’m new here by a few days, although i have 1X posts.

Discovered Lucid Dreaming from a psychedelic trance CD named
“Lucid Dreaming” some 30 days ago (it’s booklet had a link to the
Lucidity Institute). And today I’ve reached low lucidity twice, but
still what a rush !! Can’t wait to get full lucidity :smile:

see you around :peek:

and a big ‘hejsan’ to all swedish oneironauts out there :happy:

Hello to Macrophage and dnLMicky. I think I have read all of your posts dnlMicky :content:
I wish you both many lucid dreams. :dream:

1984>The user name 1984 is easier to remember and suits you better…judging by your George Orwell quote in your signature. :cool:

I agree with you :ok: This forum ROCKS!
Ld4all wouldn’t be the same without the forum…
I have been seeing this forum for a month but for some reason never posted until yesterday

Definitely :happy:

A warm welcome to all the new members: DiThi, Macrophage, dnLMicky, kamilprz, sImen and Siiw. Welcome! :cool_laugh:

I hope this forum will help you to have lots of wonderful LDs :good: :wink:

Hi everyone im new here, i am 19 and i live in canada. ive had a few lucid dreams in the past but none when ive been trying. However i did make progress last night, i remembered four different dreams, when usually i can only remember one

Welcome to the forum :partying_face:

Keep practicing

Happy Dreaming

Well, of course it would be different!

:happy: Welcome to ld4all ujytre. You’ll find many topics on how to achieve and maintain lucidity. Hope you are regularly getting LDs very soon. :wink:

Just discovered LD. I’ve always had vivid dreams, but I’ve only ever bothered remembering the erotic ones. My control in dreams is not good. As soon as I really try to change something, I wake up :bored: . It seems to me that I don’t so much need to find out that I’m in a dream and thus become lucid, as to prevent lucidity from waking me. I’m delighted that there’s so much stuff for me to try to improve control.
I started a DJ last night and am performing RC’s all the time. Wife thinks I’m daft.

Welcome to the forum Finder! :happy:
Yes I think you may find here solutions to the problem you’re having with control in LDs :smile:
Why not convincing your wife to practice it too? Would be great if you could do that :smile:

Oh and I like your quote :wink:

Welcome to the form.

Many of my friends thought I went off the deep end as well when I started to talk to them about LD ‘ing. Now they are having LD ‘s of there own.

Keep practicing. I predict that you will get a handle on you dream control in no time.

Hey all, I’m so glad I got pointed here from a friend of mine. I’ve lucid dreams before but I still cannot do everything I want. I never tried to do any lucid dream inducing techniques until yesterday when I started my first dream journal and successfully remembered my nightmare…
I want to eventually be able to do anything in my Lucid Dreams and I know this site will help me to help myself achieve this goal so expect to see me around here a lot. Also, just for the heck of it, my sig includes the things I can’t do in my Lucid Dreams yet. Anybody have any advice for achieving those specific things? I can keep myself in a lucid dream fine now (spinning actually works!) so I just need more control.

Welcome to the forum. :smile:

I look forward to reading some of your posts.

You are definitely on the right forum. You will find a lot of information here on dream control. Don’t worry it just takes a little time and practice and you will soon be doing everything on your list and more.

Happy Dreaming