The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" IX

Hey everyone! I just joined here (well, I actually joined several days ago, but that’s irrelevant) and I am eager to learn how to become lucid. I’ve only become completely lucid once in my life, and that was when I had the same dream twice, and recognized it the second time. I didn’t think of anything cool to do, so it was kind of boring, but now I hope I can become completely lucid like you guys and have my own adventures! Sounds like this is going to be fun, so take care and I hope to become friends with some of you guys, you seem like a nice lot. :smile:

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here. Good luck with LD’s!

You’re deluding yourself - this forum is full of desperate triers. As far as I can tell, whenever somebody manages to get loads of LDs, they either become moderators or brag a bit (sorry Pedro) and disappear from the forums.

Never mind though, there’s lots of experience sloshing around here anyway! :smile:

:wave: Welcome to Finder, Novablas and Flash. :grin:

Flash, when I first joined I thought everyone was having lucid dreams every night. But now more members are putting their total LD count in their sig or under their avatar.


Welcome to the forum

You will in deed find many people who have learned to LD on a regular basis. There is a lot of great info on this site. I suggest reading the how and take off tabs at the top of the page. It will give you a general overview of the different techniques to LD. Then in the Quest for lucidity there are several big sticky topics on many of these techniques. Just remember LD ‘ing just takes practice and patients.

Good luck and happy dreaming

Welcome to LD4all Flash and everybody else that I haven’t introduced to yet! :wink: Enjoy your stay! :biggrin: :wave:

I think I’m getting slower and slower at introducing everyone. Lol. My apologies.


Welcome sImen, DiThi, dnLMicky, Macrophage, ujytre, Finder, Novablas and Flash.

How did you all choose your usernames?

Well, my nickname is micky (real name is ryan…micky is derieved from my last name) and dnL is my favorite soda, so dnLmicky.

although someone pointed out that dnLmicky looks like it could be disneyland micky…i hate mickymouse and most disney, so that makes no sence.

Hi wispa,

I used to play Ultima Online (a lot) and my favourite character was a Treasure Hunter, Finder, which persona I used on the UO forums.
LD is cheaper than UO and doesn’t eat up my spare time :content: .

What? Of course it eats up your spare time. You aren’t trying hard enough - get to work! :devil:

Hello :content:

Hello Brandi :peek:

Welcome to the forum! :happy: Do you have already some experience with LDing?
Enjoy your stay :content:

I think I have years ago, but I didnt know about lucid dreaming then…

Now trying to recreate it…

I have been keeping a dream journal online for a while now remembering dreams isnt really a problem I have naturally always been able to remember them since i was very young and have just recently been trying some of everybodys suggestions on tactics inorder to have a LD …

The most i have been able to do since i have been trying is semi wake up and realize that im dreaming, usually to stop something bad happening (like a man chasing me) and as I realize i can make him stop (he does) and then I half wake up. Its hard to get back into that dream I have been trying different things to accomplish this but none of which have worked yet.

I just have to keep trying i guess :content:

I think you’re doing great :wink: On this site and its forum you’ll find the methods you need to have LDs again.

Happy dreaming! :happy:

my username is not very creative, it’s only my first name with a big I instead of the first letter.

im looking forward to post here, but first i must improve my dream recall enough so i can get started trying to get lucid. unfortunately, im having my easter vacation now, so my dj gets kind of amputated now. except of that, my dream recalled has improved dramatically over the last weeks, but i think i should remember at least one dream really good each night before i get going.

Hey, ya’ll

New member here. Pretty exciting, it’s one of the biggest boards on LD’ing I’ve seen yet. :content:

Welcome to the forum :clap:

Brandi, sImen, AirRick101

Happy Dreaming

Welcome to the forum AirRick101!! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay :smile:
Good luck with your dreaming! :happy:

Hello Brandi and AirRick101 …I hope you enjoy being a member of this forum as much as I do. :content: You will learn a lot of useful techiques by reading the sticky topics and the banner links on the colourful wings at the top of the page.

sImen…I got a sense of deja vu when I saw your name and just double-checked that I had already said hello. :grin:

Since I have just recently gotten 4 stars I feel obligated to say hello to the new members. So welcome to Brandi, AirRick101 and the other new people that have joined the forum. This is the most friendly and helpful forum ever :grin: . All your questions will be answered even if they are stupid. Otherwise feel free to roam through the forum and enjoy the amazing topics that are available.