The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 40

welcome husky!

:peek: when i saw Qatar I thought: hey, wissam is from there, i should mention that to him :tongue: then i read on and saw you are his brother :content: :welcome: and good luck with lucid dreaming! and say hi to wissam :grin:

:peek: :wave: nothing2do

Thanks for the warm welcome :happy: Hope to see you around!

Welcome aboard, Husk—and you’re Wissam’s brother, how great! :cool_laugh:

I suppose you could say so. :content:

It’s good to know that Wissam’s out there spreading the word, as I knew he would be. Now, don’t worry about your LD count! That’s bound to change soon. :yes:

You’re in luck because you’ll be surrounded by bufoons around here. /me points to herself, for instance. :whistle:

You’ll see, once all of the regular members are back from vacation. :cool: They seemed to have mysteriously disappeared for a while… :unsure:

I am new to this forum. I finally decided to register an account after weeks of reading your posts. My birthday is coming up tomorrow by the way. It is on the 1st of Jan.

hello killerdude, and welcome to Ld4all!

Hey everyone.

I just found out about lucid dreaming today and immediately got interested. I found this community through the wikibook “Lucid Dreaming.” I’m no writer, but I just came by to say hi and I hope to have a lucid dream soon.

Hello Husk. I wasn’t sure if I should go ahead and present myself, or something else. I decided to say “hi”, since this is a “hi” thread, and see what happens. :shy:

Hello pasQuale. Quite honestly, I did not expect the admin of the site to greet me. :content:

I just recently read about Lucid Dreaming during my recreational wikipedia research. It seems to be quite fun. I’m full of questions, but I’ll try not to bother everybody :tongue:

Hello everyone !

My name is Mary and I’m from Poland.
I still learn english so I can make a lot of mistakes and I’m sorry about that.

Hmm … what can I tell about myself.
I love reading books. I read a lot and my parent always says : “O My God, can you read slowler because books aren’t so cheap”
My favourite kind ( I don’t know else word) of book is fantasy.
Moreover I like writing and drawing. I do it sometimes on a lessons so my teachers are angry. Only my english teacher thinks it doesn’t matter because I’m good in this language.
My favourite pets are cats and dogs ( I have two cats and one dog).
I like sociable and friendly people becouse I think that I’m unsosiable person. That’s funny because most of people like me.
Most of my free time i spend in front of my laptop. I like taking on forums or showing my works.
And I think that will be everything xD

Hi guys,
i just wanted to introduce myself here. :peek:

Being on a lucid quest for a few years now i have discovered this fine site last week.
And how could i not join :smile:

I´m from germany, so if i make any grammatical errors plese excuse them, english is only my second language.
Lucid dreams come to me every other night now, usually through WBTB (Oh the joys of being a student :wink: ), but also through MILD and recently i was lucky to successfully match the WILD techique
(definitly a wierd feeling if you fully go through with it the first time)

I have read a few threads here already so i think i post a list of my devloped dreampowers:
-Flying (swimming, superman, plane(like superman but with arms to the side, its not as fast but much better manouverable)
-Floating (usually witth he aid of a balloon or other inflatable thing; i control the height by inflating or deflating)
-Superspeed (Running really fast or slowing the world around me down to a crawl, also enables some cool matrix moves :happy: )
-Teleportation (currently only works through a tube system, like in the mario games, but with much smaller tubes)
-Creation (creating some objects, like flowers, food or stuff, interstingly i find complex objects more easily to create than simple ones)
-Weather effects (Probably counts to creating, but its nice to make a sunny sky, create clouds or make the moon rise out of nowhere)
-Spidey walk (Being able to climb all surfaces effortlessly using only my hands)
-Making DCs disappear (If they are frightening and stuff)
-Talking to DCs without waking up (This took quite a few tries usually i woke up when i asked them for their name)

Guess there are more, but thats all i can think off now.
i plan to contribute quite a lot to this community once i find my way around the many forums here.

Happy Dreaming.

welcome draco, lady_female and Pithlit! :grouphug:

welcome draco, I hope you will post too instead of only reading :read: Good luck on having your first lucid dream!

mary, your english is quite good, there are a lot of people here who don’t have english as a first language (me included) Also, there are more polish members too :boogie:
Welcome to the forum and I look forward to see some of your drawings in the garden of creation forum :smile:

welcome Pithlit (intriguing name, where does it come from?)Congrats on accomplishing so much in your LD’s already :smile: You might like the adventures forum and do the lucid Quests there :smile: Looking forward to reading your posts :smile:

:peek: nothing2do: feel free to ask questions, there is always someone helpful bound to come along with an answer :smile:

:wave: hello nothing2do, Husk, killerdude, draco1889, Lady_Female and Pithlit :grouphug:

:rofl: and you got a shock when the great Q appeared :smile:

Husk, as sonia says … your LD count will go up and you have a personal expert at hand all the time :content:

/me hugs Husk :hugs:

hi killerdude and happy birthday for tomorrow :partying_face:

good luck with your lucid quest draco1889
you may be surprised and find the temptation to post on the forum irresistable :tempted:

Lady_Female, I think you will love it here. Have you read the discworld books by Terry Pratchett? They’re so brilliant!
We have a cat and dog lover topic in the lounge forum that you may like to read. There are also some good threads in the garden of creation ( /me plugs Trung’s story)

:thumbs: you’re doing great Pithlit, you will prob like the lucid adventures forum and you may like to start a dream diary in the dream diary forum :smile: so you can share some dreams with us :grin:

Thanks for the warm welcome pasQuale and Moogle :happy:

@ Q: The name Pithlit is from the Otherland series by Tad Williams, where it is a character in a virtual reality fantasy setting called Midland.
The series is mostly cyberpunk but has also a very spiritual component to it, as it discusses what makes a human really human and stuff.
A very good read.

@ Moogle:
I have already created a thread for my dreams :smile:
The link is in the second line of my sig.
Hope you like them, although they are of older date (more than a year old).
I´ll add newer ones and lucid ones when they occur :smile:

Hi, everyone! emillard here, from beautiful Port Chester, NY. I am very big into photography and writing, especially poetry. I have become very interested in LD lately. My first attempt was last night, and it was completely unsuccessful. Hopefully I can learn how to do it right on this forum.

:welcome: hello emillard09 welcome to the LD4all community
In addition to the LDing forums we also have an active garden of creation forum for poetry, writing, art etc.
So you will be able to mingle with members there too when you want to chat/post about something other than lucid dreaming :content:

Yes, I read a lot of Terry Pratchett books and I love them :smile:
The only book which I don’t like is Harry Potter. It’s boring for me

Hey LD’ers…

Let me start of by expressing how thrilled I am to have found this site. I’ve thought that Lucid Dreams was a myth, for a good amount of years by now, since a couple of years ago I couldn’t find anything on the subject (Guess I wasn’t looking that hard…)

I have always loved and cherished dreaming, and ones ability to appear in the most fantastic of stories and events. Dreams can knock me out, making me ask myself “Was I only dreaming?” or complainting “Nuts… Just a dream”.

My first encounter with the term “Lucid Dreams” happened a good couple of years back. I was watching an episode of a TV-show called “Ed”, in which the main character (Ed), had heard about Lucid Dreaming and tried to enter a dream. I was of course wondering if this could actually be done, since the thought stroke me as amazing, so I searched a bit and didn’t really find much. Being the push-over I can sometimes be, I told myself that it was something they made up, or merely a myth. To my surprise I was wrong, and my dreams of having lucid dreams could become truth… by dreaming… Erh. Anyways.

So here I am :smile: (Lucky you, eh?)

To talk about me briefly:
I’m a 19 year old guy (can’t really grasp the whole “man”-title yet) from Denmark.
I don’t do much really. I finished my first phase of school last summer, and since then I have, more or less, been doing what I want, as long as I could. I’ve worked with Flash, experimentet making some music, and just having a good time actually. Well, guess it’s time for me to face the world and get myself a job now… Bills have an irritating tendency to not pay themselves.
Uhm… Interests? I’m a basketball-addicted hiphoper actually (What is HE doing here???), who enjoys rap. Don’t get me wrong tho’, I rarely listen to gangster rap and rap based on violence and such. I’m more to the poetic side of rap or rappers with skills in using methaphores and lyrical molding. Rap with heart :wink: (I’m actually an odd person… A mix of everything)

I started just yesterday getting familiar with lucid dreaming, when I found ld4all. So I spent my evening reading the guide, and impatient as I can be, I jumped into trying WILD right away. I figured that I am very familiar with my dreaming, so I might as well give it a go.
Shockingly I reached low-lucidity (I’ve been told in the chat-room, based on sharing my experience), but I guess I was too eager or excited to become Lucid. One thing is for sure though… I’m gonna keep at it, and do alot of practicing.
I’ll probably practice a bit more, instead of just jumping into it. My attempt last night resulted in me, sleeping for around 11 hours and ignoring my alarm clock…

So to summarize my post:

Hi :smile:

:wave: hello SocDK, welcome to LD4all :smile:

I believe there is a topic about that in the lucidity centrestage forum (together with other films/programmes that refer to the LD experience)

you may like to look at LD4All Hip Hop Playground! (garden of creation) and may be make a post in it :content:

good luck I hope you achieve full lucidity soon :happy:
you may like to start a dream journal in our dream diary forum so you can keep a record of your progress :boogie:

Well, the only thing I can think of to start off with is “Hi”. So - Hi!

I got into LDs about a year ago, was a little obsessed at the time. Now I’m just getting back into it. A few months ago I began having lucids randomly, without meaning. Usually the lucidity only lasts a little bit, or parts of the dream govern my actions (like running away from a bad guy). But it’s kinda cool.

My last lucid was pretty weird and got me back into the swing of things, I guess. I remember becoming lucid in a bathroom after looking in a mirror. Then I locked the door and tried to make pillows turn into hot guys. (Yes, I’m desparate. :grin: But they came out like burned, black blobs. So I feel like I need a little help controlling my dream-fabric.

:uh: …when I’m not sleeping I do NOT enjoy school, but I do enjoy writing short stories, reading, and watching anime. :shy: And that’s about it. XD

By the way, loving these smileys. :rofl: :love:

Hello all, I just found this site a couple days ago and have been lurking till today.

As far as interests I’m mostly into Mixed Martial Arts, almost obsessively.

I also enjoy writing poetry and studying history or reading some good fantasy or thriller novels.

I currenly work at the Grand Canyon in AZ, feel free to let me know if you are dropping by.


Well, hi everyone - I’m new here too (obviously).

I’ve always been interested in dreams, but only encountered the concept of lucid dreams a few days ago, and I’ve been trying to have one since then.
Which sort of happened last night for the first time. But I think the best part of that was an OOBE rather than an LD.

Hmm, I suppose it won’t hurt to say a little about myself… I’m an 18-year-old guy from Scotland, and I really enjoy writing. I also like using ideas from dreams in my writing, so being able to have LDs quite often would be a big help.