The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 40

:welcome: hello hyperangel, Aralias and Larxziss :grin: welcome to LD4all

:rofl: well you made them hot but not in the way you expected :tongue:

:eh: I think you would enjoy reading :read: Trung’s story that he is posting in our garden of creation forum.
You could post some of your poetry etc in the garden too if you wish to share it with us :content:

:wave: hello Larxziss … I’m a “near neighbour” from south of the border :content: Recently we appear to be getting lots of creative new members :yay:

I hope you all enjoy your time spent at LD4all. The forum is great. So much LDing information and when you want to chill out from that, there is lounge, garden and playground … not to mention the wolf game :wolf:

Well i suppose this is the right spot :smile:

Yes, im new here, but not new to LD. Well i suppose thats a little pretentious i’m no expert, but LD has interested me for the past 5 or so years. I bought “exploring the world of lucid dreaming, by stephen laberge” and i read it a few years, ago and plan on doing so again, since its been a while. I just re-started my dream journal and hope to get back into this again… I was going strong for a while, but gave up for a bit. Hope to add to the forum, and learn a lot since i have some new questions.


:wave: hello studley :grin: welcome to the LD4all forum
I’ve already read the first post of your DJ … I’ve never played WoW but know quite a few members who have done :peek:
I hope you keep your dj updated so I can enjoy reading it :smile:
Since you aren’t new to LDing, you will probably like to check out our lucid adventures forum :cheer:

Hello and welcome studley !

I have never played wow either but i play and mmorpg called tibia :smile:

If you are found of roleplaying, why not try out our woldgame ?

Good Luck with LD !

Hi all ! I’m Alchera, I’m 13 and I live in France. I heard someone talking about LD on the radio last week, and I remembered that I had a few LD when I was younger, but it faded out :sad: And then I found…this wonderful site and forum ! So two days ago I decided to try WILD, and I think it’s almost working, because usually I don’t remember my dreams, and even if I didn’t stay awake, I remembered my dreams perfectly. I hope that soon I’ll have my 1st LD !

:wave: welcome to LD4all, Alchera :grin:

it’s amazing that just putting a little more focus onto our dreams can really improve our dream recall :yay:

By the way if you are using WILD I really recommend combining it with WBTB :content: since it improves your probability of being successful at getting a good LD :thumbs:

Hiya! I’m 18 and live in the US. I did a report a while back on LDs and recently found that report and became interested in the subject. I found the link to this site on wikipedia. I’m currently experimenting with MILD, and we’ll see how that goes.

Welcome to LD4all Vrathal :hugs:

I hope you like it here and good luck with MILD. If you have any questions about it you can ask it in the First Steps to MILD. Don’t forget to tell us about your succes and all the Lucid Adventures you are going to have. :content:


I’m Tom and I’m 15.
I’m from England and want to take control of my dreams.

I’ve had a few lucid dreams before but as soon as I realise I’m dreaming I always wake up straight away which is quite annoying :sad:

Hopefully after being on this site for a couple of weeks I’ll succeed :smile: and will be able to make up for all that wasted time I have spent just sleeping every night and having boring dreams!

Good Luck with lucid dreaming Tom !

And well, normal dreams arent waste of time for me, they are always kinda, hmm, strange to me :wink:

Maybe try some prolonging techs when getting lucid ?

:welcome: hello Vrathal and lucidexplorer :smile:
I love your vivi avatar Vrathal :smile:

That is quite common at first but once you get used to getting lucid you shouldn’t wake up as fast. Stabilising techs help too (using commands, rubbing hands together etc)

I hope you both have lots of lucid experiences this year :boogie:

ey, i’m Henry, 15, from the USA.
Don’t exactly remember how Lucid dreaming came into my head, but i did a little research and it sounded amazing.
Whilst researching i stumbled upon this place, so figured what the hell, might as well join up!
I might have had one lucid dream before, but i’m not exactly sure.

Probability has an interesting way of working out for me, ergo I registered.

I have to admit that my eccentricity has managed to get the better of my ‘lurking’ time so without any expectations I give you my persona in impartial synopsis:

“An adolescent dutch boy with interests in physics, religion, history, art and all that defies or bends logic.
Usually slightly cynical and excessively sceptical once words like ‘spitual’ or ‘timewave’ get uttered.
Musicly I prefer heavy or power metal altough occasionaly I listen to the following or a mix thereof: black-, death-, grind-, gothic-, melodic-, symphonal-, -metal, classical, (hard-)rock, industrial and religious or native.
Artisticly my interests lie in the classical masters, be it megalithic temples or Rembrands Nightwatch, anything modern is wasted on me though.”

Should suffice for now.

Hello to everyone here.

Welcome Henry,
Good luck with starting to Lucid Dream. You can look around to see the different techniques that exist. Have fun!

Welkom Inquisistor Bob :content:
I hope you will like it here and I hope we’ll read amazing Lucid Adventures from you.

:welcome: hello Exploit and Inquisitor Bob :grin:

you should post that dream into the sticky The BIG “Was this a LD?” topic - Part V or as the first dream in your own dream diary in our dream diary forum … then you would know how near you were to LDing or if it was an actual LD :smile:
… and what an amazing journey to arrive here … just a random thought setting you off :content:

three cheers for the laws of probability :yay: :yay: :yay:

/me mentions there is a dutch version of the LD4all forum too :happy:

Oh … speaking of dream diaries … I moved your Shopping mall of DOOM! into the dream diary forum since it was a lucid dream :smile: (you can edit the first post to change the title of the topic to a suitable dream diary name if you wish)

Thank you both for the kind words ^^.
When I come across another interesting, not too severely sexually or gory tainted dream I’ll be sure to write it down.

And I’ll go check out the dutch version of the forum.

Thanks for the welcome, and
doing it right now.

Hello everybody. Yesterday I was reading something about lucid dreaming and decided that it sounded very interesting. I found this site and I am convinced that it is something I want to try. So, I will dedicate myself for as long as it takes to learn how to have lucid dreams(it’s not like I’m wasting very much valuable time, I sleep at night anyways). Right now I am working on dream recall because I very rarely remember dreams.

This is my progress so far. Last night as I was falling asleep I told myself that I was going to remember my dreams and write them down when I woke up. I wasn’t too sure about this because whenever I tell myself to remember to do something in the morning I always forget. However, when I woke up I remembered immediately to remember my dream. So I just laid there and the last little bit of a dream came to me. Then I remembered what happened before that. Then I remembered what happened before that. I might not have remembered the whole dream, but what I did remember was quite vivid. I then wrote it down. I have only remembered a dream so well once before in my life and that was a nightmare I had when I was probably about 5 years old. I can’t believe I was able to do that on my first try. I’ll see if I can do it again tonight.

Anyways, I hope to start having LDs in the not-too-distant future. I have a lot of great ideas for things I want to do.

:wave: Legolas

I’m sure you will :smile: Good luck, remember that motivation is important ! :content:

Welcome, nice to see a LOTRs fan join, you’ll notice I have Haldir in my picture :content:

Good luck with your LDs, stick to it and you’ll remember more and more dreams, don’t lose the passion!