The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 40

Thank you for welcoming me. Alecto, the main reason I want to LD is so I can battle orcs and balrogs and stuff. :grin:

Hello people !

I’m Tenoch (real name Noé), 19, from France. I found about lucid dreaming per chance, really, since I read about it on : a great site from a great guy. In fact it… completely astonished me. I never thought this could even be possible.

And, though, I had a lucid dream once. A long time ago. A simple dream, really, except that at a point, I became aware of being in a dream, and could even willingly move my arm. In fact it’s all I had done at this time : moving my arm back and forth, absolutely baffled and amazed by this totally unexpected thing.
I was so deeply moved that it took a week for me to get back to normal state, absolutely certain of having reached a new step in self knowledge and introsepction…

And then I more or less forgot about it, got back to real life. I don’t even remember if it was before or after I had a dream journal. I had read Freud’s works about dream interpretation, and thought it would be fun to analyze some of them. That’s what I done for a few months. Then, I suppose I got bored, or to busy to go on, but I was definitely fascinated by the complexity and the beauty of this everyday thing that is the dream.

Then, a long time has passed, and I stumbled upon this website, with this guy talking about “lucid dreaming”. Then Wikipedia, and then this website, and a few others. In fact, I can’t imagine now how it is possible that I never tried to find out about this wierd dream I had. Maybe at that time the Internet was not so widespread, or something. It never came to my mind that I could try to search other people who had this kind of experience.
And now in a few hours I discover that it is a “skill” that everyone can master. I’m… so happy ! It’s like magic. I can’t even understand why poeple don’t know more about it !

Actually, for a while, I didn’t believe it. I wondered whether it wasn’t some kind of new age mystical rubbish like it is so easy to find out there on the web. It looked like those websites full of “ancient runes” and “magical words” that are, of course, not efficient at all…

But then I found those articles and links in Wikipedia, and, most of all, all these people here on the forums. It just can’t be some conspiracy made to make me sad when I discover that, in fact, there is no such thing as Father Christmas.

So there I am. I read my old dream journal again, and I realised that I remember almost all of them. Each simple description brings back the original images and feelings. I can’t stop being impressed. I started a brand new dream journal now, after all these years. I can remember always one or two dreams per night, so I feel rather confident.

I’ll start all the explained techniques very soon. Maybe after one week of simply filling the journal. I want to take my time. I mean, this thing is so big… I still can’t believe it. I’m almost wondering if it’s not a dream :tongue:

:wave: Hello Legolas and Tenoch, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
Legolas, there are quite a few LOTRs fans here :grin: including Siiw (one of our moderators :cool: )

:thumbs: yes, a lot of people are amazed how much recall improves once they set the intention to remember their dreams and give a little time to try to recapture the dream thoughts on awakening.

well at least you know about lucid dreaming now :smile:
I always think it’s an advantage to have at least had a small lucid experience before finding out about LDing, since you know it is possible then and have no doubts :happy:

/me wishes you both well on your lucid quests

Thanks ! I sure will try !

Hello, Long time watcher, first time writer here. (Oh! An LTWFTW!)


Anyway, so I’ve been lurking for pretty much the past year during my quest for lucidity, and, now that I’ve (finally!) had a partial success, to some degree, I figure this would be a good place to discuss my continued journey toward becoming a full-fledged demon… er… LDer. So, hi, I’m me.

If you want to know, I’m a trumpet performance major right now with a minor in Japanese Language. (Perfect combination, I know.) I’m also a big-time Anime fan - in particular, Bleach, Naruto, Blood+, Death Note… Though… Dubs suck. I only watch in the original Japanese. I also enjoy writing, singing, a little bit of piano, light programming, web design, and Homestar Runner!

There, I guess, now that I’ve told my life story, I’ll shut up. :tongue:

So, I’m Keegster. Hajimemashite. Douzo yoroshiku. And all that good stuff.

Welcome Keegster :hugs:

I hope LD4all will be more fun for you now you’re a member. You can read more boards too :happy:

Congratulations with your first lucid dream <-- link

I think that now you have succes you have a better chance of getting a Lucid Dream again. I hope you’ll share those too. (Maybe beginning a DJ in the DJ-sectio?)

We have an Anime topic here, if you’re interested. Seeing the things you enjoy I hope I’lll see some of your creations in the Garden :content:

And on a sidenote, I like your sig. It is interesting.

Good day to ye all!

Thanks, I’ll definitely be sharing some of my creations with you all. I forgot to mention, I’m also big into music composition - just about as much as trumpet playing - so I’ll let you hear some of my soundz later. Probably tomorrow; I have to prepare for tonight’s concert today.

I also like my sig :razz:. It’s a quote by Japanese Mangaka (comic book author) Kubo Tite, translated to english. I thought it was very philisophoicalical. Yep, that’s not a word, but where’s the fun in using real words all the time? :happy:

Anyway, thanks all for the welcomes. I’ll start a dream journal the next time I have a memorable dream. (Last night was one of those nights… I couldn’t get to sleep till about 5:30 AM, so when I finally did, I slept DEEP.)

Hey Everyone, I’ve just entered the world of lucid dreaming, I was introduced by a friend who is very interested in astral projection. Only been at it for 2 nights now, but so far have managed to remember one dream per night :smile:
Having looked at a few other LD websites, this one looks by far the best, and it also seems to have a large community :happy:

Enjoy yourselves, and cya round

:wave: Laughing and crying

And yes, LD4all is pretty big, but there is a great atmosphere there. Some people here also are interested in AP, at least this stuff is related. It seems that you recall dreams easily, so good luck with LDing ! :smile:

Salut à tous !

I’m a Senior in high school and I’m just checking out this site on the recommendation of someone in my Psych class. Um, at first I thought lucid dreaming sounded kind of scary, because someone I knew told me about how he accidentally had a lucid dream when he was little, and as he was dreaming he was afraid he’d be stuck there. Haha, I know that’s not true, though, I’m ready to try ! :smile: I’ve thought about it for a while, too. After reading through a little of the forum I thought it all sounded much more complex and interesting than I thought before, and I wanted to join !

I’ve never actually had a lucid dream, but I’ve dreamt I had one…unless you guys would say this is a lucid dream. I’m not sure. Anyway, in my dream there was this one big metal pipe in front of me, and I « realized » I was dreaming and colored it with red stripes like a candy cane. :smile: The thing is, though, that I feel like I just dreamed I realized I was dreaming rather than actually realizing it. Does that make sense ? Haha. I think if I had actually had control I would have done something much less lame. :tongue:

I live in Eau Claire, WI for now, but on the 25th I will be starting a 6-month stay in France as an exchange student. Est-ce qu’il y a des francophones sur ce site ? J’aime beaucoup pratiquer mon français et en fait je le préfère beaucoup plus que l’anglais ! :tongue:

I hope to get to know y’all soon enough !


Hehe, je viens de demander dans mon « post » s’il y avait des francophones ici…puis j’ai regardé les autres posts récents et te voilà. =P Quelle coïncidence !

Hmmm…après avoir lu les règles du forum je me demande si on ne voudra pas de français sur le forum, vu que ça empêche la communication avec les autres. =P On va voir !

Hehe, désolé, mon français n’est pas (encore) parfait. :tongue: D’ailleurs, je vais bientôt étudier à un lycée à Lagny-sur-Marne…est-ce que tu sais où ça se trouve ? :smile: Je ne sais pas si c’est bien connu…

Hello !
Indeed, I think this forum is English language only.
I suppose Lagny sur Marne is near Paris, but I hadn’t heard of it before.
Welcome ! I hope we’ll find here the answers to our questions, and I’m sure it will indeed happen.
Good luck !

:wave: hello Keegster, Laughing And Crying and JeanJPoirier :grin:

personal recommendations :yay:

the definition of a lucid dream is knowing you are dreaming while in the dream … control and vividness are two other factors
LD4all is an english only forum (if you wish to converse in french it’s best to do it through private messages) … but I believe that pasQuale is planning on launching a french version of LD4all

it’s great when past lurkers finally decide to register :yay:

Laughing And Crying … AP discussions can be found in our beyond dreaming forum :smile:

Ok, I posted some here.

Welcome Laughing and Crying :content:
LD4all is the best (but of course I just say that because I am here and everywhere else they would say that one is the best =p)

Welcome JeanJPoirier,
When looking at your DJ I noticed you were probably French since you used “Janvier” and now I notice you are trying to learn French.

I could actually read all the French you two said :happy: There used to be a french only topic in the playground, but it disappeared due to inactivity in it. (Every topic there disappears if there isn’t posted in it for a month)

Keegster, I noticed your work. I really liked the one you posted. Maybe I’ll comment later on it in depth, or maybe I just leave it with that. but I must say that I enjoyed listening to it.

I feel like I’m spamming up this topic now, but thanks! It’s always nice to know my work is enjoyed.

Anyway, so I feel less spaminating, welcome to all the other people who joined afterward, from one LD Rookie to another. I guess.

Thanks guys, I feel really welcome now :smile:

I have managed to borrow a book on lucid dreaming from my psychology teacher, so with that and this site, I feel I know where I am and what to do…after all there isn’t much information better than personal experiences.

Hiya to all fellow Lucid Dreamers,Id just like to say hi as I am a comlete newbie to the forum and pretty much to Lucid Dreaming.
I used to LD between the ages of 9 and 12 and then they just stopped.I didnt really know what they were back,but a few years back read an article on LDing and new that I had experienced them before,and on quite a regular basis.
I havnt had time to invest myself fully into getting back into LDing but am doing so now.
Iv got myself a couple of books and searched the net,where I found this site.

You all seem really cool, and from reading other threads can see you have a wealth of knowledge I can learn from.

Im looking forward to re-joining the LDing world.

:welcome: Jayster !
Don’t worry, getting back to lucid dreaming is usually way easier than trying it from start. Even more when you had them naturally. And yep, on Ld4all there are much people with knowingess and experience.

Good luck with rejoining to lucid dreaming ! :happy:

about of nine months maybe ? Somehing about that, but before it I was interested in OoBE thingy