The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 40

cheers,how long have you been lding 4

Hello! I’m new here. I never did a LD before, so I might be needing some help. I would LOVe to try to enter a LD (animal transfigurations!) but I’m a bit scared… I don’t know what happens when I start it. I tried it last night and felt like I was falling (although I was in bed. Does this happen?). I gave up and decided to ask some more questions here. See you around!

:welcome: welcome back to the LDing world Jayster

Hmmm… so hi. I am the lover of all things Nintendo and pears… yes. So anyway i didn’t know if I was going to join the forum, but then I had a Lucid Dream! on my 6th night after reading the guide! yay! I’ll post it here straight from my dream diary on my PC:

Yeah so that’s my first Lucid dream. Yay me.

Edit: lol oopsie :tongue: i just finished posting a new topic when i got a message saying "post in the “BIG Hi, I am new here!” topic "…

oh well… :tongue: So I moved it in that topic now :content:

Yay you! insert overused :yay: smily Lucidity is awsome for me, and I suck at it. How great would it be If I actually tryed…? Anyway, my advice is if you find things like lucid living too difficult for your life (eg. I’m too lazy) try to casualy induce LD’s. Just know you’ll get them once in a while, think about them randomly, get a good nights rest, stuff like that. Anyway, here’s a bowl of lucidity cookies up for grabs! I only had the motivation to eat a few…

Edit: Ooooh… I gots 100 posts…

< <

*Grabs a handful of cookies, runs out back door…

:colgate: . . . :cookiemon: . . . :obe:

Fair 'nuff.

Hi I’m new here and I just started training myself for LDs about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago so I have a lot of work still. In fact I’m in the mist of a WBTB right now! Wish me luck and I’m happy to be apart of the forum.

Welcome Jayster, :wave:
I hope you like it here and welcome back to the world of LDs. You probably remember how great they can be.

:welcome: Aquarys,
I’m sure a lot of people can give you the help you need. You can find a thread about transforming into an animalhere if you’re interested :content:

Welcome Marioman64 :handshake:
Congratulations with your first Lucid Dream. It is good to see that it made you join this forum. It is a really nice one :grin:

Welcome FishtankHank :cool:
I moved your topic into this big thread as well. Good luck with LDing and let us know if your WBTB was successful :wink:

:wave: hello Aquarys, I didn’t spot your post last night :look:
There is a topic about morphing into an animal LD4all Quest #2: Overtone Moon: Transform into an animal

:wave: Marioman64,
:yay: congrats on your first lucid dream! :yay:

:wave: FishtankHank
good luck with your WBTB :thumbs:

Welcome to LD4all :grouphug: I am sure you will all enjoy your time spent here ;boogie:

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