The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 41

try WILD with WBTB , I’ve tried WILD alone many times but it’s never worked, much to my displeasure. WBTB is the way to go, helps an enormous lot.

ok man :content: i will.

[b]Hey, I’m Seren1ty.

I’m an absolutely newb and I am completely fascinated by the prospect of lucid dreaming, I am very excited to begin lucid dreaming! I have tried for two nights unsuccessfully so far (at least I think they were unsuccessful!) I am going to master the art of lucid dreaming.


Welcome to LD4all Seren1ty :content:

What is the technique you are you trying?
I hope it works for you soon, and don’t forget to report us the results :wink:

hey welcome to ld4all.

I know almost everything there is to know about ld ing but have never had one. How depressing. well if you need any info, PM me if you want… not that I’m an expert. or a novice. I rank too low.

:welcome: hello Seren1ty, welcome to LD4all
and good luck with your lucid quest when you get your first LD you will know it was worth waiting for :yes:

[b]I don’t think I will be disappointed!

As for my technique, I am using a combination of three techniques. I perform frequent reality tests to ensure I eventually do one in a dream. As for when I go to sleep, I use a combination of WILD and MILD.

I have some questions =0

When using the WILD method, one is concious during the hypnagogic state, correct? Using this method, how am I to know when I am actually asleep. I am just a little confused about this =0. So basically I go right from being awake in to the dream? Can somebody who has experienced this perchance describe it to me?[/b]

Uh…i’ve introduced myself before, but because my account was deleted when the ld4all site was down, im just gonna introduce myself here again. Pretend like i never was here :open_mouth:

Hi! I’ve never had a lucid dream before. I’m going for the WILD method, but it fails utterly all the time.

And i dont understand these things:
If i want to put one of those pics in my sig, shall i put the one with the date of my birth?

/me waits for a reply by moogle, my fav mod :happy:

I’m new here!.. I’ve lucid dreamed once while trying…I’m glad I registered

:happy: :smile: :content:

:welcome: hello Arabinator (moogle gets a deja vu moment) and Spartan76092 :happy:

:yes: yes that’s right just put your date of birth in the calculator and then use the icon it gives you.

congrats on your LD Spartan :yay:

Thanks moogle


Lets hope for lds, spartan and moogle! :grouphug:

:ding: Hope that just wont happen :scared:

Hi i’m new :smile: I’m Ansie’s siter and i come from the Dutch forum. I play too in the wolfgame :happy:.

:wave: hello Sanoma, welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy wolf game :wolf: :seer:

:rofl: I use so many :ding: in my DJ … I should buy some shares in the company that makes the signs :tongue:

Hi, I’m new. Dunno what else to say really. Kinda clueless when it comes to LDs, but I really want to have one!

Hi :smile:

I’ve been lucid dreaming for 6-8 months now, and reading other people’s experiences has been a huge help and motivator. It’s great that we get to chat together because I think that this topic is limitless. I look forward to dreaming with you all.

:welcome: hello rikunatsumi and lodaki, welcome to the forum :grin:
I hope you both enjoy being members here as much as I have done. And rikunatsumi, I look forward to the post where you say “I had my first LD!” :smile:

(my last post seems to have gone away while the site was messed up yesterday, so I’ll just post it again… unless I’m dreaming :tongue: ) Thanks for the warm welcome! I think I’m gonna like it here. I have a question. Does anybody think that LDs can help with depression or phobias? I’m thinking of doing a psychology paper on LDs. (btw, is my avatar working? I can’t seem to see it, my comp never gets along with the internet.)

Welcome rikunatsumi [=
You can confront your fears in a Lucid Dream and therefore help to defeat them. I think it works the same for phobias, but I’m not sure if LD can help you with depression.

Your avatar is working fine here. Did you make it yourself?

The introductions continue tin Part XLII :moogle: