The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 46

:welcome: hello Bones and welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
We have a forum here (Lucidity Centrestage) where we can talk about films. books etc that feature LDing in some way. Waking Life has it’s own topic in there.
I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :smile:

Hey Bones :welcome: I think you’ll have a lucid dream as soon as you really get in to it :wink: For me it took 2-3 months before my first one. And was it from the movie Waking life that you came to know of lucid dreaming or did you find out about it and then watched the movie?

Gah, Moogle, you’re too fast lol :razz:

I saw The Waking Life and then my sister explained to me about Lucid Dreaming. Thank you for the warm welcome.
I am getting close, I am remembered a few dreams from last night and I was talking to myself trying the steps.

Hy everybody :happy:! I’ve become really interested in Lucid dreaming since sometime last week when i was researching SP on Wikipedia, and always you get sidetracked and end up on something else, luckily it was something as cool as Lucid Dreaming! I’m not gonna stop trying to have one! :happy:

I think i had a few when i was very young but i don’t remember what they were about :razz: hopefully I’ll have my first proper LD in the days to come. I’ve already got my DJ started.

Everyone seems really nice from what I’ve seen so I’ll look forward to sharing my dreams with you all!

I’m glad that I was able to find this forum. I have been practicing lucid dreaming for sometime but with limited success. I am hoping that I can learn from all of you and finely master lucid dreaming. One of the biggest obstacles that I had was not having anyone around that cared about lucid dreaming and did not want to here about mine. I found it hard to stay consistently focused on becoming lucid because there was no one to share it with. So now I have rejuvenated my goal and have been reading as much as I can. Any advice that you would like to share I would appreciate. I read “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” years ago and even got the nova dream mask. I did not have any success with the mask and found that it was not comfortable to sleep with. So now it just sets in its box in the closet. I love my dream life I would just like to make it even better by becoming a master of lucid dreaming.

when i was little i had a lucid dream it was wierd and i didnt realise what it was then… i just remember wierd things were going on but it seemed normal until my mom made bugs for dinner… i realized i was dreaming and politley told my dream family that fact … then i teleported to school some how and i forget the rest :razz: i plan to work on having actually intended lucid dreams and meeting u all

:wave: hello ed247, Muhdi and wriggles36 :happy: I hope you all enjoy your time at LD4all :boogie:

Well with having a few in the past, you have the advantage of knowing you can do it :yay: so it shouldn’t take that long before you experience a proper LD

That is the great thing about pursuing LDing while part of a forum community … you always have others to share and discuss your lucid dreaming experiences with :content:

yuck! :help: that would have freaked me out even if it was a dream :tongue:

Hey, my name is Logan. I’m 14 years old and start school tomorrow. I love science and every aspect of it. I started studying a different form of science each month a while ago. I first started studying astronomy which is one of my most favorite things in the world (or not in the world :universe: ). Then I started studying physics. Then I started studying medicine. Then I started studying nuclear physics and radiation. In Sepetmber I started studying sleep and got distracted by LD4all! It’s so amazing, and I’ve been stuck ever since. Even though I haven’t been able to have a LD yet it is still wonderful to be able to finally remember my dreams! And since I found out about this I started having dreams more frequently. If you want to get to know me more drop me an e-mail at:

Hello postalman :smile:

Welcome to LD4all, Logan. :welcome:
Enjoy your time here, the community is fantastic.

It is good that you found us here, this forum is a great help to newbie Lucid Dreamers. If you ever have any questions, the Guide at the Homepage can help you immensely. Of course, if that isn’t enough, just PM me and I’ll see what I can do.

Hey ya everyone! Woo Im new!

hello! Welcome to LD4all. enjoy.

Hey Bones, ed247, Muhdi, wriggles36, postalman12, wilhem and FallenAngelAK :welcome:

My dream journal helped me to improve recall :smile: I’m sure It’ll do the same for you and improved recall will definatly help you get lucid :happy:

:lol: Yes I know what you mean about getting sidetracked, it happens to me all the time :grin: I can lose many hours just browsing from one thing to another :confused:

Good luck to all of you in getting lucid :smile:

:wave: hello postalman12, wilhem and FallenAngelAK welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

Hello everyone, I have come from the French forum I practise the LD for 4 months ago
See you at the forum, and a lot of LD for everyone :wink: :content:

Hello WolfsRain :wave:
Welcome and good luck with your LDs too :happy:

I’m new here :tongue: and I have had about 2 good lucid dreams and 5 really short ones.

HI im new to this site but not two LD i have had alot when i was young but now i want somemore. :cool: so i hope i will be succsessful at this site :grin:

:wave: hello WolfsRain, Mugiwara and dogg :boogie: welcome to the LD4all forum

WolfsRain, we are seeing quite a few new members popping over from the french LD4all :happy: … I hope you post quite a bit on the english forum too :content:

Will you be posting :user: your LDs into a dream journal in our dream diary forum Mugiwara?

You should soon start getting LDs again dogg, since you had them in the past :smile:

/me wishes you all good luck in your lucid quests :thumbs:

Hello! I joined about …uhh… two weeks ago. I’ve been so busy reading all these topics in the forum that I haven’t even introduced myself. I’ve always been interested in dreams, but have only seen a couple of pretty short lucid dreams over the years. I learned about LD in the beginning of this year and it feels like such a fantastic experience! Haven’t had any considerable success yet, but I’ll keep trying!