The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 48

hehehe, hello Silver_Age_Supes. I read about lucid dreaming a few years ago, then tried for a month, failed, and forgot about it. I then watched Waking Life, and got back into it, hehehe. You’ll find a lot of people who are interested, fall out of it, and then come back. I think it attests to the wonderfulness of lucid dreaming. Anything is possible in your dreams :content:

:welcome: Struk and Silver_Age_Supes!
Same here Amusded. I am not sure how long I’ve been into lucid dreaming, but I haven’t been into it between July and now because I got into the grasp of school work. :sad:

Velcome, Struk and Silver! We all dreamed of your arrival in advance. :neutral: What? Wait… You mean nobody else did?

Just kidding :happy:

Hi All,

I hope there are a lot of interesting persons around here. My purpose of being lucid while dreaming is basically to explore the mind and understand more about myself and the world. And, as in Tibetan dream yoga, learn to be lucid while awake too :smile:

This seems to be a nice corner of the net to hang out at. See you around.


:welcome: HI! There’s a topic for this Here but, a mod or sombody might move it. Lately I haven’t seen people being active on the forums. I’m not sure why…

Good luck with the LDing! :thumbs:

:welcome: hello Silver_Age_Supes and Zorro, I hope you both enjoy your time at ld4all, it is a great community.
silver_Age_Supes, lucid dreaming is one of those things that once you find out about it. the knowledge is always with you :content: I’m glad you feel motivated to become more proactive :smile:

Zorro you may be interested in the lucid living topic click for link in the general lucidity forum

:welcome: Zorro!

I hope you gain your knowledge about lucid dreaming! I hope you will find this forum satisfying.

Hey zorro!

Hi~! I have always loved my dreams, and recently started to read about lucid dreaming. I hoped for one last night but no luck hehe, but I did have an interesting dream, I can’t think of any dreamsigns in it, it could of well been reality ^^;
And anyway uh, I hope I can make friends with some amazing and interesting people <3

:welcome: Freya!

Just keep at it you will have an ld eventually. I hope you have a good time here at ld4all
~I’ll be your friend~ :happy:

salut freya
welcome to Ld4all

:wave: hello Freya … moogle spots the UK
are you at manchester uni?
it is really easy to make friends on this forum :grouphug:
:thumbs: good luck with your lucid quest and begin a dream journal in the dream journal forum if you wish to share your dreams :yay:

/me says a big welcome to zorro and freya :welcome:

Hi Chessdude congratulations !


I’m new to the forum but not to lucid dreaming. I suffered from rather terrible HSP as a child and teenager, and discovered LD rather accidentally in high school. It wasn’t until I was in college that I learned that HSP and LD weren’t unique to me! So when I was in college I worked at it quite a bit and had lots of lucid dreams. I eventually gave it up because I was having what I guess could be called “difficult SP” problems.

Recently (I’m 30 now) I’d been thinking of getting back into it, and just by chance stumbled on a link that led me here. Quite a coincidence, so I guess I’ll take advantage of it! So… uh… hi!

:welcome: Turin!
good luck with LDing :happy:

:welcome: hello turin welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
We have a big Old Hag and SP topic in the stuff forum and a Big SP as a gateway to WILD in the pathways forum :happy: … you may want to post in one of them :eh:

I hope you stay around and make yourself at home :smile:

ooo and don’t forget to post in the Are you 30 years or older topic :wink: … the link is in my signature :happy:

I hope this isn’t considering “useless spamming,” but I’ve been a member a bazillion forums of various sorts and “very active” in probably a dozen… and that was the most proactive and friendly greeting I’ve ever received! Thanks!

:welcome: Turin to ld4all!

I am glad that you have found us and I hope you will have a wonderful experience here.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been interested in lucid dreams for quite a while now and I started trying techiques after reading the (excellent) book “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming”. A few months ago, however, I was introduced to LD4all by a friend and I was astonished by the quality and quantity of information I could find in this website. It is the ideal starting point for lucid dreams.

After a while, we started thinking about a greek translation, so that many more greek people, that do not feel comfortable reading in english, can be introduced to the LD world of endless possibilities.

I am very happy that our idea is finally realized and I’m also very happy to, finally, be a part of this huge and very warm LD community!