the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 53

Hello everyone! I’m new here and I hope I’ll enjoy this forum :smile:

Hey guys im new here yay. :yay:

:welcome: hello LDs_FAN and Shizune welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
… and I am 100% sure that you will both enjoy this forum :boogie: :grin:

Hi, I’ve been to this site before, and read most there is about lucid dreams. Thanks for all material :smile:. This is a great site!

I wanted to share an experience, a profound experience. I have through science and history learned that we all have created this experience in co-operation.

I have no idea how to explain in it simple terms, all I know that money as we know it will soon be gone. Why? Because if you listen to for example Ron Paul ( he talks about a FIAT currency, or money made out of thinn air. We do let money control our lifes, like we where slaves to it. And we are, we truly are slaves under money.

The proof to that is that people can’t even imagine a world that would work without money - that’s how deep this lie goes. We have been trapped mentally, spiritually and are livin’ in a body that’s imprisioned in space and time.

In the opposite - time and space - we’re free. Theese are our dreams, and even our dreams have in many cases been stolen. And all this is possible to learn through studyin’ history. Don’t see the past as separate events, see it as a whole, cause we all are part of this whole, no need to separate anything.

Anyway, I see a great couple of years coming when people start to learn what I know, I see no end to the possibilites in how we can use todays knowledge to live in peace and harmony. And the games that we will get from qunatum computers, wow! I’m talking 3D Experiences that are real like this experience right now! :smile:

We are going to be able to understand life from the infinte awareness that we all are. But this is of course my view, I don’t argue that Im right, I say its all about free will. But what I’ve done is too base what I know on logic and empirical evidence. Our brains are amazing tools and the evil that seems to steer our world into terrorism is coming to an end. Cause as many people here say, dreams do come true. At least that’s what history has told us!

peace! and thanks for a great site and forum! :smile:

:welcome: everyone!

:wave: hello strangeice, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
I hope you get some good replies to your topic My Guide to the Cosmos
We have quite a few topics that you may be interested in reading …
Money in the 21st century.
Universal Law of Attraction
are the two most recent ones that come to mind :content:

I hope you enjoy your time here :happy:

Hi I leart about LD a little bit ago but never tried it Im going to tonight so wish me luck

:welcome: dhoward281!!
Good luck tonight trying to get a LD!

Well hi everybody. I’ll start telling my funny story. :wink:

My first memories of out-of-the-ordinary dreams are from my childhood. Many times, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like if I had just fell from the skies and hit hard on the bed, thus waking me up. I never gave too much importance to that events (which stopped by the time I was 7 or so), until my early adolescence. When I was 14 or so, one day I woke up in the middle of the night, very quietly and without any remembrances of the dream I was having. I tried to get up (more specifically, to go to a nearby desk and put on my glasses), but I realized that I couldn’t move at all. I was paralyzed. I didn’t panicked at all because I quickly noticed that, however, I was able to move my eyes. This made me feel a lot safer and made me thought that everything was just a dream. Afterwards, I decided to close my eyes a bit, take a deep breath (even though I didn’t knew if the paralysis would allow me to breath) and try again. I lost memory of what happened after that. A couple of years later, wandering through Wikipedia, I found an article about lucid dreams, which in turn linked to a wikibook, which explained that what I had was a typical case of awakening in the middle of the sleep paralysis.

I started reading a bit about lucid dreams, but I never cared too much neither about having them nor about inducing them. I almost forgot about them for a year, until last week. I was coming back home from school, having philosophical thoughts like I always have when I’m alone and let my mind flow. Suddenly, I remembered René Descartes, the French philosopher, claiming that there are no certain criteria that can help us distinguish dreams from reality, because in both of them our five senses can function and be tricked, and we believe both our dreams and our “real” world to be the true reality. I suddenly remembered lucid dreams and thought:

“This is true. Dreams are as valid as reality, except for the fact that I’m always lucid and conscient of myself in the ‘real’ world. But if I could became lucid in my dreams… then every difference between dreams and reality would be destroyed… then every thing I do in a dream that can be called ‘supernatural’ in the ‘real’ world, like flying, or shapeshifting, is perfectly true and happening! I can be God itself in my dreams if I want to, and if I do so it’ll be as valid as if I were God in the real world!”

Of course, quickly I noticed that there is a difference: I have to be alive in the real world to be able to be God in a dream; thus, the power that I can have in a dream has its limitations. Then another awesome idea came through my mind:

“I have had dreams in which the time goes on faster or slower than in the real world. In fact, I have had a dream in which I experienced two weeks of ‘dream’ events and memories. Then… what about if I could control my own perception of the time in lucid dreams? What if I could make the ‘dream time’ go faster? I could feel like years have passed in my dream when it has only passed a few minutes of real life. If I could make myself feel as much ‘dream time’ as I want and thus live as much as I want in my dream… and dreams are as valid as reality… I could live forever. LIVE FOREVER!!!” (Yes, I was like “shouting” those words on my mind.) :razz:

Well, I don’t know if that last idea of mine is true or not, but the mere realization of the possibility to control my perception of reality and create my own is what pushes me to begin my Quest for Lucidity.

I’ve had some attempts to improve my dream recall, and when I propose myself to do it I always succeed in it; anyways, school has kept me away from having enough time to relax and practise dream recall (and of course lucid dreaming). My winter 15 day summer period starts shortly, and I’ve already traced my objective for it: to remember at least one dream every night.

By the way, I’d love to tell you all about my future lucid and non-lucid dreams, but I keep record of them in paper, with lots of pictures and connotations, and as you can all see my English redaction and grammar sucks (that’s because my mother tongue is Spanish). Talking about dreams, I have to go get some sleep shortly. I hope this isn’t too much for an introduction, but I’m really excited about all this.

:smile: Hello! I’m Holly. I’m 14 YO. This is the begining of the second/last week of my holidays. I first started reading about LD today. Of course I hope to have a LD tonight (I will try MILD) but i doubt it will work, but i can still hope. :tongue:

I have never had a FLD (See Below) but i think i might have been close a few times. I hope with this site i can now do it!
I used to, more than now but i still do now, have a kind of jolty feeling just before i fall fully asleep. But that woke me up. I still do it but not that often, does this matter?

Well yeah, have fun, hope to see you all again soon!

Update: Hehe…i was silly! I don’t mean FLD i mean a Real/Fully Lucid Dream. Sorry.

Hi and welcome, Holly :cool: I hope the chat was fun too!

/me waves to Tamsin, see you both later!

Hey you two :wave: :happy:

:welcome: Lavalis & Holly!! :content:


Can’t wait to LD!

Heya there tamsin :wink:
You’re eager , thats good , it helps keep your motivation up :smile:
I hope your wish will be fulfilled here .

Heullo Tamsin!
Check out the techniques that you’re interested and stick with them and you should be having one soon enough! :happy:

Thanks Sakoda and kTFox for the welcome! :wink:

:wave: hello dhoward281 and Tamsin
good luck to you both in your lcuid quests :thumbs:
I hope you both enjoy being part of the LD4all community :grouphug:

:welcome: hello Lavalis

your english is good :content:
It would be great if you thought about posting some in our DJ forum. You could link to large images (by using a free hosting site like imageshack or photobucket).
I think you may like the general lucidness forum in which there are topics just discussing LDs in general and the nature of LDs etc.

:eek: the longer the better :happy: I found it really interesting :content:

:welcome: hello Holly M

that is very common and is called a myclonic jerk :content: … when I have it I feel like I lost my footing and I’m starting to fall :tongue:
it may only be a problem if you intend using the WILD method

/me wishes Lavalis and Holly good luck too :grin:

Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. After trying unsuccessfully for years to LD, I gave up for a long time, but am now going to give it another go. Hoping the collective profound wisdom of the LD veterans here can help me along some. :razz: Nice to meet you all! -Clint

hey number1strat, pleased to meet another guitar player :wink: hope you enjoy your stay at ld4all. I know me and everyone else here will give all the help we can. good luck