the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 61

Hey there, I’m new!!

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading the knowledge base, so I figured I should go ahead and post a little and introduce myself!

I found out about LD’s in the late 80’s and have tried several times to learn how to become lucid with less than stellar results. I have been lucid now a total of four times, but in the past I had a lot of stress in my life and it was difficult, so now it is happening easier for me. :smile: So that’s where I’m at, glad to find this site and I look forward to more LD’s !!

Hello! :3

I’m new here, please call me Hessa. It’s nice to meet you! I’m an artist, a writer, and an aspiring lucid dreamer. I hope to meet other artists and get tips on my LDs, as well as share artwork inspired by them.

See you around~

Welcome Auxilium and RCarter to LD4all! :welcome:

Auxilium, I’m sure dreams will help you a long way into your search for wisdom: they talk to us about our inner self, and the possibilities of enlightenment in a LD are endless, believe me. You’ve come to the right place! ^^

RCarter, be ready to get more and more LD’s, cause I’m sure you’ll have a lot of them from now on :colgate:
Plus, you should probably introduce yourself in the “30 or older” topic, from what I see: we have quite the number of dreamers your age or more among this community :wink:

welcome Hessa :wave: and everyone above that I missed :grin:

Lucid dreams (well, dreams in general) are fantastic resources for art. I hope you do share your things, you can start your own thread in the Garden Of Creation Forum, I myself would love to see them.

Anyway, good luck with your LD’ing everyone :wink:

Hi guys. Just posted my first LD in the (hopefully) appropriate thread. I’m still excited and bowled over by this one.

I’m a cartoonist from Scotland and you can see some of my work at my blog (most, but not all, of it is suitable for young children or viewing at work. The comic at the very end of the blog is cartoony, but lewd).

Very happy to be a part of the forums and to have somewhere to talk about all this.

Welcome iiv! :wave: Congrats for your work as a cartoonist, and for your first LD! :colgate:
Many artists can find a constant stream of inspiration from their dreams, particularly their lucid ones, not to mention find a place where to hone their skills :wink: So dream on.

Thanks tosxy, (changing my own name to iamus, but keeping the avatar, cause I’m indecisive like that).

Dreams have always been a good source of inspiration for me, but it’s only now that I’m determined to really get a handle on them and start to show some control of this part of my life. My dream recall is coming on in leaps and bounds, at the moment. I’m now eager to practice my lucidity induction techniques.

Hello, everybody. You can call me Gemellare, which is a new pseudonym that I don’t often tote. I’m presently only registered as Gemellare on one other Internet community - a religious one at that, and I haven’t yet posted there, so if you know of any other Gemellares on the Internet, they and I are quite probably different individuals ~

I’m seventeen years of age and comfortably flamboyant. I take pride in communicating with the use of long words and structured sentences, but what I type is frequently subject to making absolutely no sense due to the way I’ve typed it. I’ve only learned about lucid dreaming today, and so have never experienced a lucid dream before. I suppose that I could say that I’m partially aware that a dream is a dream when I’m having it, but that awareness is never fully present until I’m about to wake up and the dream starts to ‘fade’ from my awareness. A few seconds before waking, I think to myself, “this has been a dream.”

I’m quite eager to begin making my way toward a lucid dream. :content:

Hi all. A quick hi from me — it’s been a while! I’ve dabbled in lucid dreaming twice now, so this is my third time getting back at it. I’ve always had really good dream call, and subsequently, lucid dreaming really takes off if I make the effort IRL. I’m reading through EWLD again, and have an arsenal of MP3’s/iPod apps at my disposal to verbally record dreams and monitor my sleep, so I’m excited for round three. It’s going to be better than ever. So yeah, stoked to be here again!

Welcome Gemellare , and welcome back Skidzz to LD4all! :wave:
Seems like you’re having both a very good head start, I guess I’ll read some LD’s of yours very soon! :content: Dream on.

What’s up? I am new here!
I’ve had a couple of lucid dreams but I never thought there was a word for it until I stumbled upon this site! I think lucid dreaming is very interesting and it’s great to see that other people also get to experience it sometimes.

That’s my introduction!

Welcome Retro to LD4all! ^^
You’ll discover LD’ing can be a world of discovery and adventures, once you get used to them and have them frequently. Remember to always enjoy yourself, and look for guides/ask if you need any particular help! :wink:

:welcome: retro to ld4all :thumbs:

And congratulations for the LD’s :cool_laugh: its nice to meet other swedish LD’ers as well :cool:

And welcome everyone who I havent welcomed :tongue:

Hey everyone! :peek: I’m new, and wondering if anyone has tips on becoming lucid… I was lucid once… but it was for a short while. I hate alarm clocks. :grrr: If I should go to another forum for tips, just tell me. :smile: :help: me, please!!
Thank You!! :smile:
Oh, and by the way, my name is Taylor. But you can call me that or Turtle, which is my nickname. :content:

:welcome: to LD4all Turtle. Haha, Alarm clocks really are a creation of pure evil :tongue:

Quest for Lucidity Is a great place to check out for tips about getting to lucidity. There are MANY, MANY topics there with common questions already answered.
Good luck getting lucid again.

Thanks, Ysim!! I will go there then. :content:

Hello everyone!

I have recently become very interested in becoming a LDer and have been lurking these forums for a few days now and thought it was about time I signed up and said hi!

I don’t think I have ever previously had a LD, and rarely used to remember any dreams but in the short 4 days I have started to try some methods here with a journal etc and already I’m remebering quite a few dreams per night, which I can thank this website and forum for. I hope I can have my first LD soon, although as I understand it, patience is an important thing here.

Welcome Talyna! :wave: You’re on the good way, so keep going and be confident you’ll have a LD soon! :content:

Hey everyone! I’m Ari, nice to meet you. I’ve been interested in LDs for a while now, but only recently got back into really focusing torwards them. Last night and this morning while trying a form of WILD I got into what was probably sleep paralysis, I was doing a method where you twitch your muscles slightly to make your body think you’re asleep, and dreaming but already in SP, and I realised I couldn’t move my leg. It was kinda freaky at first, lol!

I’ve had about three lucid dreams before knowing they existed, probably more, and on a more random note, not too long ago I did a somersault… and knee’d myself in the forehead.

Welcome Ari! Don’t worry, it’s easy to get used to the sensations you feel when WILD’ing, no matter how weird, since it’s all hamless :smile:
And the somersault story made me laugh, keep trying! :content: It will only be a matter of time before you get a perfect one.