the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 61

Welcome moz, and congratulations for your first LD! :yay:
You’ll find out with time, nothing is really hard, you just have to find the right way to accomplish it :wink: that’s why we have a topic with all the different styles of flying, you might want to check it out.

Hey everyone. I’m Ollie and I’m from the Netherlands.

I’ve been visiting this website every now and then since about a year ago.
But I always lost my motivation after a while so I’ve never actually gotten a lucid dream. So I just thought that it would be a good idea to start posting on the forums. Perhaps this will keep me busy with lucid dreaming so I won’t lose my motivation again :tongue:

The closest to a lucid dream I’ve ever been was when I tried WILD a few months ago. After a while I felt like my body was slowly lifted up in the air, and there was a bright light shining on me. But I was so exited about the feeling that I woke up! :cry:

Hi, Ollie :wave:

It worked for me :shy: I hope it does for you too.

Good luck on your quest! :happy:

Thanks! :happy:

Hi everyone! Makaitsuki here, and I’m from Sweden :smile:

I came across lucid dreaming about a year ago… But I passed it by, didnt really pay much attention to it. Two days ago, my friend told me about this awesome thing where you could learn how to manipulate your dreams. My direct thought was LD!

So… well, here I am! Im starting up my dream diary as soon as I remember a dream (and i do, most of the time :smile:), and I really hope that LD4all will help me dream lucidly (<-- if thats even a word, but I assume it is, hehe :happy: )

You might see me around here on forums, so… Until later! :happy:

:welcome: makaitsuki :happy: ld4all will help you with LD’s :wink:

Its nice to see other swedes here :flower:

:peek: Hey everybody,

I am really excited to have found this forum. I have been researching lucid dreams and astral projections for many years now and love the adventure of not knowing what will come to me each night. I have been astral projecting consciously since the age of 5 so I have done a lot of weaving from LDs to APs and enjoy the process very much. I recently achieved a constant steady flow of, almost nightly, lucid dreams and I am enjoying experimenting and seeing how far I can take it.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with all of you.

Wolf Dreamer

Welcome Wolf Dreamer :wave:
It’s such a pleasure to have another experienced dreamer among our community :content: Your advice will be no doubt very useful :happy: plus I’m looking forward to reading your adventures in dreamtime! ^^

Hi all :content: I am new on this so i will try my best! and if it says that all can LD so can I !
I was inspired of my friend in school ( makaitsuki :wink: ) when we talked about it I just so remembered that i have had like one ore two LDs before when i was a lite smaller.
So on this day (2/2/10) i will start with my jurnal and work up with the dreams, some of the dreams i had last week i remembered but not all but i will keep trying and do my best ! :grin:

Wish me luck! :tongue:

Welcome Zheris! That positive attitude will take you a long way, remember to take it nice and easy regardlessly :smile: And good luck on your quest! :content:

welcome Zheris, Wolf Dreamer (I think I said welcome in another topic…), makaitsuki and anyone else I missed :wave:

:welcome: to all :boogie:
Sorry for neglecting to reply to this topic for a while … but I ALWAYS read every new post in it :smile:

Hi there, I guess this is kind of an introduction so I suppose I’m talking a little about myself and how I got here. I recently noticed the subject of lucid dreaming coming up on several forums I frequent, so I looked into it a bit, got rather curious and wound up here. Long story short, I haven’t had a lucid dream yet but I’m keen and hoping with this community to back me up I can achieve it. As for me I’m a 17 year old Australian, not really relevant to lucid dreaming but just thought I’d let you all know a little about me. I guess that’s about it, anything else just ask, I’ll be happy to answer.

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(Welcome to LD4all by the way :tongue: ) [/mod]

Welcome Alechetho to the LD4all community! :welcome: I hope you’ll feel comfortable in here, we’re a friendly and helpful community :grouphug:
To be honest, I’d be curious about what kinds of forums bring up the subject of LD’ing, cause I have seen very few. Are they gaming forums? Or webcomics ones? Or something else?

An anime forum was the primary one a while ago but since then I’ve noticed little references all over the web, after I decided to read up on it, I knew I had to at least have a go.

:wave: welcome to LD4all Alechetho :smile:

Well lucid dreaming has been featured in some TV documentaries in recent years and there are also films such as “Waking Life” so it is getting noticed in main stream media now.

Yeah I remember it being briefly mentioned in a documentary about the effects of sensory deprivation and how the hallucinations that occur when isolated are as clear as a lucid dream, or something along those lines.

That reminds me of the movie, “The Machinist”. Excellent movie btw. Welcome to LD4all :smile:

I’ll look into the movie, thanks for the welcome :3

Hi, I’m new here!

Alright, well that was the “The BIG “Hi, I’m new here!”” post.

Just joking, Hi! I’m Emiel; living in the Netherlands and I
am 19 years old. I joined this forum because, since I am an buddhist
I am searching for the true balance. I love philosophy so I am also
searching for true wisdom, yaih!

P.s: I am truelly sorry for posting in other topics before I said “hi” here. I
hope everyone can forgive me for my sins. :cry: