the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 62

Welcome, WidgetOtaku :cool: that is usually how I get my lucid dreams too. I hope you will find all the useful information you want here, my experience is that the people here are very nice and helpful :cool_laugh:

Hey, I’m a very new member! Found the guide and signed up last night and had my first attempt at having a lucid dream. It failed epically, haha. But even so, I’m going to continue to try having as many LDs as I can. I’m a wannabe artist but my creativity isn’t all that great. I’ve always been inspired most by my dreams and so if I could explore and experience more of my dreams with lucidity I hope to artistically blossom with new inspirations and ideas. I’ve just finished high school so I’ve months of free time!
Anyway, just letting everyone know I excist.

OH and one more thing - I don’t know if it’s just the URL of my avatar or not but I’ve checked the size of my intended avatar and it’s 100x100 and under 10KB by 0.72. Even so, when I submit it the avatar is invalid because it’s 15KB, apparently. Any advice? Oh, I use to host my intended avatar.

Hello I’m Garrett. I’m 14 years old and have recently decided to learn more about lucid dreaming. I’ve heard about it before but now I’ve become a lot more interested in it. Before I had started to get into lucid dreaming I had been keeping a dream journal by coincedence. I feel like i can have a lucid dream sometime soon. I’ve come hear to report my experience last night with the WILD technique. Now ik thats ambitious for a “noob” here at LD4all but I’m just an ambitious person I guess. So I set my alarm clock and that night I had a dream about lucid dreaming but never actually realized I was dreaming. I woke up and got on and listened to some techno for 30-40 minutes. Then I lied down and relaxed and started counting. At about 60-70 I started to feel very numb around my arms and hands. I heard a ringing noise get louder and then quieter repeatedly. My eyes were twitching and my heart started pounding. But that is the farthest I got. I stayed like that for another 10 minutes and no improvement. Only my arms an hands were numb. Considering I’ve decided only two days ago to learn about lucid dreaming and try to lucid dream, and considering this is my first WILD attempt, I think I did pretty well. But I’m just wondering if I did something wrong or if there are some ways to improve my chances next time.

Thanks :smile:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Soel :smile:
You may like to post some of your creative stuff in garden of creation (or even fruits of lucidity when you get something based on a LD :happy: )

If you post the url to your avatar in the avatar FAQ in the helpdesk forum we may be able to see what is causing the problem.

Hi, my name’s Kayla and im 15, i’m new to the forum.
I had my first lucid dream yesterday, and ever since i’ve been reading about it, this site seems very helpful and interesting. I’ve been apart of forums before, so i’m pretty familiar with that.

Merged into Big Topic :ysim:

Welcome to LD4all Kayfire, and congrats on your first LD.

thanks, yeah my first lucid dream wasn’t much, but i was still in awe lol.
it was weird, like, i was in this empty parking lot late at night, and then i went into realization, “i’m dreaming…” then i was in my dream, and i made this shadowed person appear on my own, and it was running in whatever direction, then i’m like, “okay…i want to wake up now” and then i woke up in my dream…and fell back asleep in my dream…then woke up in my dream again, then i finally woke up in real life…

hello garrett, welcome to the forum :happy: I don’t use WILD myself but it sounds to me like you just need to keep trying you did well for your first attempt. We have a lot of topics on WILDing in the quest forum plus WILD - An user friendly tutorial and The WILD FAQ in the knowledgebase forum.

Good luck :thumbs: … remember to post in the big first LD collection topic when you get one :smile:

:welcome: hello kayfire
congrats on your first LD! :cheer:

Hello there.I have 15 years,had my first lucid dream years ago,but didn’t know anything about them :eh: I started my DJ one month ago,and I’ve had like 15 so far (if I include those short few seconds of lucidity and then waking up…).And I joined LD4all to know how are other fellow lucid dreamers going. :happy:

Hi i am guy.I live in Latvia.
I yesterday read about the LD’s and was very intrested and excited to see this for my self.
I started a dream journal on the DJ forum part.

Hello HappyDreamer! :wave: Nice to see you already had numerous LD experiences ^^ I suggest you learn to stabilize a dream before attempting anything, this guide is probably what you need. :wink:

Hello itsjustjuy! ^^ Hope to see some nice LD’s of yours in your DJ soon :happy:

@tosxyChor thanks for the guide :good: ,I’ll be more focused next time! :cool:

Hello everyone,
I am 18 years old girl from Lithuania. :wiske: I am interested in lucid dreaming for a long time. I had registred here before but forgot about that and I found this place just now again :grin: lol So I hope this is my firs post because I don’t remeber :gni:
I hope to find something usefull here, to know more about others experience and share mine. :content:


I’m a girl and I live in Seattle, where it’s July and it is still raining for some reason. Kind of depressing. But it’s sure nice to meet all of you!

I found out about lucid dreaming and thought I would try to learn how. Ticking has been working for me. I look at my hands and make sure I have all my fingers and that all the weird scars/bites/scrapes are there. My hands always look weird in my dreams. I don’t know why. Anyway, I’ve become aware of when I am falling asleep and sometimes I can realize that I am in fact dreaming…but then I wake up. :woah:

I really want to get the hang of this. Plus I’m really into reading about other people’s dreams. Super sweet.

Oh hi, seems like I heaven’t introduced myself so far :content:
I’m 18, live in Austria and have just finished high school. My lucid dreams are usually quite short and not-too-clear, that’s already improving though. I’m approaching the topic from some more psychological position. That doesn’t necessarily mean I think all those OOBEs, precogs, “deeper truths” discovered etc don’t exist. It may, however, mean that I try to explain them before I simply believe without using my brains. Don’t want to offend anybody when Im sharing those thoughts in the related topics here :wink:

Oh, well I simply love dreams. And I love this international community!

Heya! I’m smok, 17 and living in the USA. I’m not really new to lucid dreaming, I’ve known about it for a while now but I’ve had very few lucid dreams. I took a break awhile ago and I thought I should start it back up again and found this nice forum. There’s loads of good info here so I’ll get to reading that soon :smile:

hey all, I’m Tynan. I’m new to the site, though not new to LD’ing. this forum seems pretty cool, a lot of good discussions. it seems weird that I’m 21 and seem to be an old guy around here, hahaha. although I guess I was about 13 when I started getting interested in LD’ing (not sure how old I was when I had my first one…maybe 8 or 9?)

Welcome equanimity, rainymoster, prettyturquoise, smok and dntrecords to the LD4all community! :welcome:

equanimity and smok, I suggest you have a peek at the Knowledge Base we have here, I’m sure you’ll find it full of the info you need :content:

rainymosnter, if your hands look weird in dreams, then it’s a great start! YOu can just have a look at them to recognize you’re dreaming :content: Have a look at the Castaneda technique in this guide.
As for keeping the dream, you may want to relax and breathe first, and take in the surroundings; we have nice guides for that, have a look at Sandra’s. Also, we have a DJ section :content:

prettyturquoise, the best way to find out is personal experience, and dreams are for everyone :content: even if it helps keeping an open mind about the possibility, especially whan going to sleep.
Also, I’m sure you’ll find this community friendly and helpful, we’re like a family here :grouphug:

dntrecords, if you look further back into early dreams, it’s very possible you’ll find some more LD’s :content: it is a very natural phenomenon, in fact. If you read the ongoing topics, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot of good stuff, plus you’ll get accustomed with the nice ambiance :content:

Not sure where to put this, since I’m technically returning, but I forgot my username.

I read a guide on how to lucid dream off these forums, so I decided it was doable and returned after being gone for a year. Simple, really.

I am running out of material for these introduction thingies so I’ll just cut it off here.

The introductions :wave: continue in the BIG “Hi, I’m new here!” topic, part 63