the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 62

Hi i am guy.I live in Latvia.
I yesterday read about the LD’s and was very intrested and excited to see this for my self.
I started a dream journal on the DJ forum part.

Hello HappyDreamer! :wave: Nice to see you already had numerous LD experiences ^^ I suggest you learn to stabilize a dream before attempting anything, this guide is probably what you need. :wink:

Hello itsjustjuy! ^^ Hope to see some nice LD’s of yours in your DJ soon :happy:

@tosxyChor thanks for the guide :good: ,I’ll be more focused next time! :cool:

Hello everyone,
I am 18 years old girl from Lithuania. :wiske: I am interested in lucid dreaming for a long time. I had registred here before but forgot about that and I found this place just now again :grin: lol So I hope this is my firs post because I don’t remeber :gni:
I hope to find something usefull here, to know more about others experience and share mine. :content:


I’m a girl and I live in Seattle, where it’s July and it is still raining for some reason. Kind of depressing. But it’s sure nice to meet all of you!

I found out about lucid dreaming and thought I would try to learn how. Ticking has been working for me. I look at my hands and make sure I have all my fingers and that all the weird scars/bites/scrapes are there. My hands always look weird in my dreams. I don’t know why. Anyway, I’ve become aware of when I am falling asleep and sometimes I can realize that I am in fact dreaming…but then I wake up. :woah:

I really want to get the hang of this. Plus I’m really into reading about other people’s dreams. Super sweet.

Oh hi, seems like I heaven’t introduced myself so far :content:
I’m 18, live in Austria and have just finished high school. My lucid dreams are usually quite short and not-too-clear, that’s already improving though. I’m approaching the topic from some more psychological position. That doesn’t necessarily mean I think all those OOBEs, precogs, “deeper truths” discovered etc don’t exist. It may, however, mean that I try to explain them before I simply believe without using my brains. Don’t want to offend anybody when Im sharing those thoughts in the related topics here :wink:

Oh, well I simply love dreams. And I love this international community!

Heya! I’m smok, 17 and living in the USA. I’m not really new to lucid dreaming, I’ve known about it for a while now but I’ve had very few lucid dreams. I took a break awhile ago and I thought I should start it back up again and found this nice forum. There’s loads of good info here so I’ll get to reading that soon :smile:

hey all, I’m Tynan. I’m new to the site, though not new to LD’ing. this forum seems pretty cool, a lot of good discussions. it seems weird that I’m 21 and seem to be an old guy around here, hahaha. although I guess I was about 13 when I started getting interested in LD’ing (not sure how old I was when I had my first one…maybe 8 or 9?)

Welcome equanimity, rainymoster, prettyturquoise, smok and dntrecords to the LD4all community! :welcome:

equanimity and smok, I suggest you have a peek at the Knowledge Base we have here, I’m sure you’ll find it full of the info you need :content:

rainymosnter, if your hands look weird in dreams, then it’s a great start! YOu can just have a look at them to recognize you’re dreaming :content: Have a look at the Castaneda technique in this guide.
As for keeping the dream, you may want to relax and breathe first, and take in the surroundings; we have nice guides for that, have a look at Sandra’s. Also, we have a DJ section :content:

prettyturquoise, the best way to find out is personal experience, and dreams are for everyone :content: even if it helps keeping an open mind about the possibility, especially whan going to sleep.
Also, I’m sure you’ll find this community friendly and helpful, we’re like a family here :grouphug:

dntrecords, if you look further back into early dreams, it’s very possible you’ll find some more LD’s :content: it is a very natural phenomenon, in fact. If you read the ongoing topics, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot of good stuff, plus you’ll get accustomed with the nice ambiance :content:

Not sure where to put this, since I’m technically returning, but I forgot my username.

I read a guide on how to lucid dream off these forums, so I decided it was doable and returned after being gone for a year. Simple, really.

I am running out of material for these introduction thingies so I’ll just cut it off here.

The introductions :wave: continue in the BIG “Hi, I’m new here!” topic, part 63