The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 64

Okay, thanks, I try this now! It’s easiest to understand for me! :happy:

Welcome, KocoBassa and Wyzima! :smile:

And welcome CraigFox. I remember you from our nice chat in the IRC channel last week. First day for both of us if I recall correctly.

Hello, I am Grigorios, from Italy.
I found this forum through an article by Ryan Hurd and hope to find useful and interesting material here (still have to investigate the forum…).
Dream and Dreamlife have always fascinated me; until recently I had a very poor dream recall though, then I decided to start working seriously on it, started my dream journal and now my dream recall has amazingly improved, together with some experiences of lucid dreams.
I am still reading and learning on the subject, and I have to say, it is a really fascinating journey.

Ciao Gregorio! :wave: Welcome to LD4all :content:

Be sure to read the articles we have in the Knowledge Base ^^ also, I’d suggest to follow this guide to achieve successful LD’ing :wink:

Good luck with your Quest! :smile:

Well since im the new kid on the block i spose it’s polite to introduce myself so here goes:

My name is fay and I’ve always had an interest in dreams since i can remember, I had a few LD’s when i was younger but i had no idea what to make of them. I assumed it was normal for people to become aware in dreams every once in a while until one day during this summer where one fateful nap changed everthing;
I literally whent to sleep on my couch and woke up on my couch IN MY DREAM, fully aware mind you. Ever since that day; I have been teaching myself how to refine my LD skills and have ben successfull in my journey so far, I even started posting images about Lucid dreaming tips and things related to dreaming and lucidity to try and get people on board the LD ship :happy:
Its like finding treasure that I want to share with everyone!

So here is the link to my LD-related art, it IS a working progress but i plan on updating regularly, and it can be interactive, feel free to ask questions about whatever i post or things you woul like to see illustrated and i would be glad to help out in any way i can
:content: hope you guys s top by :smile:

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here is the link, sorry i forgot to post it, i got carried away :lol:

Welcome luciddreamer11 to LD4all! :wave:

I’m very happy reading of the success you had so far :happy: And thanks for all the help you’ve been providing to others :content: Have a good read of the topics and guides here, they’re very interesting! ^^

Good luck with your Quest. :smile:

I think this is the right spot…But Hi im Y4ZT im brand new here. Im new to LDs ive only had a few low lucidity LDs, and i actualy had been trying to controll my own dreams before i knew there was a term for it, im even happier there is a community for it :happy:

Hi Y4ZY!

See, I’m welcoming you like I said I would. :content:

I promised to post here too :razz:

Yes, you posted in the right place :wink: and welcome by the way, plus, its 11, not ll :rofl:

Welcome Y4ZT! :wave:
As you will shortly see, the community here is very friendly and helpful :content: you can find all kinds of answered questions in the archives, and if you feel like you need something else to be clarified, ask away! :mrgreen: we’ll be glad to help you.
Happy dreaming! :smile:

Hi, I’m TheTinyNinja, and I’m new here :smile: I became interested in lucid dreaming after finding an article about it online, and thinking it sounded fascinating. Then a few nights ago I was having a mildly scary dream and thought “I want to fast-forward to the end of the story”. The next morning I remembered reading about lucid dreaming, and I thought “I should try that”. So now I’m here, and we’ll see what happens!

greetings TinyNinja, please… have some tea and sit for awhile. you’ll find here knowledge and inspiration to get your LD count through the roof… ofcoarse im a poor example of that ha hahaha.

Welcome TinyNinja to LD4all! :wave: Hope you’ll enjoy the friendly community. ^^

For the beginning of your journey, I’d suggest bringing your dream recall to good levels, especially following this guide. Don’t forget to have a look around and explore all the tips and techs we have perfected over the years! :happy:
Good luck on your Quest. :smile:

Thank you guys for the welcome! That is a great guide to improving dream recall, thanks so much for the link :smile:

Hello everyone, I’m Antza.
I found these forums as I found lucid dreaming, which sounds really interesting. I also told my friend about it and we’ve been trying WILD for like a week or so(no luck so far), until I found the beginner guide. I started writing a DJ today :smile: Hopefully this will help me become lucid soon. I haven’t seen dreams for ages, I can’t even remember when I had my last dream. Ever since I started trying WILD I’ve had 2 dreams which I remember!
Alright about me. I’m 16 years old, I live in Finland and I’m in high school. … Lesson starting have to go, I’ll finish this later. I’m in school atm. EDIT: Okay lesson’s over… Well actually that was pretty much it xD. Cya!

Welcome to the forum TheTinyNinja, and Antza. :>

Good luck with WILD, Antza. It can be quite difficult to do.

Hey guys, my name is Trevor and I have been frequenting this site over the past couple of years but never really posted. I decided to stop being such a lurker and get more active with the community. So hello :grin:

Welcome Antza and Trethedj! :wave: Glad you decided to be more active, it is always nice to see a new poster :content:

Antza, congrats for your two recalled dreams! ^^ Keep it up, there’s always more dreams to remember when you wake up, one of them might be your lucid :wink:
For both, If you want to better your WILD, you could have a look at the "How to WILD properly and effectively" topic, it’s great stuff :happy:

Hi there :content:
I’m pretty new to LD. A friend of mine told me about the possibility to control your dreams, but he wasn’t sure how to do it though. But after using google i came to you.
I’ve already read some tutorials here and I’m really looking forward to have a LD and maybe I’ll someday even be able to help some others here…

Welcome St3ph to LD4all! :wave:

It’s so nice to hear of your motivation :content: Keep up, and you’ll get to great things! ^^ For your LD Quest, remember to develop DR first and foremost, here’s a detailed guide for beginners. :smile: