The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 64

Welcome laura and gopolks :smile:

Your definitly in the right place to start lucid dreaming, im just starting as well and i can tell you every1 here is willing to help you and offer all the advice they have. Im up to 2 LDs since comming here only a week or so ago, so take my word for it they know what they are talkign about.

Thank you too Y4ZT! :smile:
I’m happy I’m not the only one who isn’t super-experienced yet! :tongue:

Hey, my name is Sora. I’m a therian (for those who know what it means :razz:) and my ultimate goal is to shapeshift into a falcon in a lucid dream. I think that would be really awesome!!
I discovered lucid dreaming ages ago - through an assignment for school :razz: and i managed two lucid dreams that occured randomly and lasted 5 seconds each (sigh). In both of them i was flying and suddenly realised it and flew higher, but five seconds later i had a false awakening in both.
Anyway, i decided to pick it up again and really work on having a lucid dream. I made a massive list a few months ago - its like 10 or 15 pages long, of all the awesome things to do in a lucid dream, and i hope to carry them all out :razz: it’s really fun creating a list of things to do in a dream, because you leave logic far behind and just write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind or sounds interesting to try XD
good luck to you all, and wish every a happy, fun, lucid dream :smile:

Welcome Sora to LD4all! :wave:

It’s so cool to hear, how you discovered LD’ing through school! And all those pages… those will sure be motivation enough :lol:
Enjoy the community here, it’s very friendly and helpful ^^ and you’ll find all sorts of interesting and inspiring material around, so have fun :wink: and good luck on your Quest! :content:

Im Dax, I consider myself a professional sleeper but an amateur dreamer. So I am here to explore the latter.
There is so much that we don’t know in the universe, and exploring the dimensions of a dreamscape is one way to gain further understanding.
I was keeping a dream journal this summer, and I was very successful. But when I came back to school, my environment and sleeping habits changed. I started waking earlier, and sadly, my dream journal was temporarily forgotten. But I have found this website and been inspired to continue. In the past two days I have only remembered flashes or themes of dreams, but Im sure I will begin to remember more.

Welcome Dax to LD4all! :wave: Nice introduction :content:

Dream recall is easy to take back once you know how it’s done, so be confident! And I’m sure I’ll be delighted to read of your findings about dreams and reality ^^ Good luck on your Quest! :happy:

GAH there are to many words here…
also i have no clue if im doing this right…
umm im Opolious’s friend irl, and he told me to join this site, so yeah, im also sorta trying to lucid dream but ill probably epic fail for a while, so yeah… thats a great introduction right guys?

Hahahaha! Your such a fail nublet :happy: lmfao

grr stupid Opolious not telling me how to do this

umm hi everybody? i think? (im still probably doing this wrong, but im trying again…) im Opolious’s friend irl, im trying to lucid dream so he told me to join this site, so i decided why not? umm ill probably fail at lucid dreaming for a while, but ima keep trying it… so yeah, thats my introduction, can i get a hi five?

lmfao :happy: is still laughing at the initial fail hiiiii

yo my initial fail is all your fault :confused:

:welcome: Welcome to LD4all, I’m sure you’ll be LDing in no time :content:
feel free to ask me or any other member any question you might have, and if you need help with anything feel free to poke/truit a Mod

heres a few guides to get you started
Improving Dream Recall

RC (Reality Check) FAQ

Dream Journals - The More You Use Them, The Better They Work

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lol thanks for all the help , i was trying to put it in the hi im new here thing but opo wouldnt help me, :razz:

Here’s your high five undecided man! and welcome to LD4all! :happy:

Our site has plenty of guides on the techniques you may want to try to achieve lucidity, be sure to have a look at the Knowledge Base and Article Section in particular :content: I’m sure you’ll get to enjoy the community as well!
See you around! :wink:

Welcome! :happy:

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:welcome: undecidedman, I hope Opolious has told you about WG/VG, new people are always welcome :tongue:

But dont forget to have fun with LD’s as well, and dont forget The Game :razz:

yeah opo did tell me about VG/WG and i was def planning on playing them

:happy: Yay me!

Opolious, why not post a link to the signup topic so that our newcomers find the WG/VG :tongue:

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Hello! I had actually known this site for a year (this is how I found out about lucid dreaming), but I decided not to sign up. Now I’ve made up my mind and decided to do this :smile:. I’m a huge fan of lucid dreaming, but I’ve only done it once…actually, I’m not exactly sure if it was a lucid dream at all.
In my “first LD”, I realized that I was dreaming, but everything was becoming hazy so I tried to grab hold of the ground to regain my balance, but my dream disappeared :sad: . Wait…I had another one: I told myself I was dreaming and tried to do a reality check by passing through a wall, but it seemed to be getting thicker and all I could do was lean against it. I was later sidetracked and completely forgot that I was dreaming. Even though (I think) I had lucid dreams, they didn’t…feel like what I imagined lucid dreams to be like. They just felt like…normal dreams? Is it because I didn’t fully convince myself that I was in a dream and not in reality?
So, yeah. Sorry for sidetracking there (I even sidetrack in my waking life :tongue: ). Oh, and sorry, but I have another problem (and probably my biggest). I’m 17 and I never get the chance to do WBTB because I have to wake up early enough to go to school. Is there another way that will allow me to practice getting lucid without having to wake up early in the morning to do it? I had tried doing WILD a couple of times, but…it’s difficult :tongue:. I’m busiest at night; so is there a method (or a specific time that’s good for dreaming) that helps me practice lucid dreaming during the afternoon?
Well, this post is longer than I had expected it to be. My original intentions were to simply say hi and bye, but apparently my fingers had a mind of their own :eek: .