the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 73

Thank you, Moogle !^^ (59 years ?! :happy: )

The two views defend themseleves !^^ Of course, the WBTB helps to make LD. But I confess that I’m a partisan of the “obstacle course” !^^ Working hardly to know how to LD without WBTB (even a small one). And then, that gives the tast of effort. I spent a lot of time on other forums (about lucid dreams).

I noted that very few beginners, who “relied on WBTB”, became great lucid dreamers.

It’s a trend. Of course, of course, someone can become a great lucid dreamer… using WBTB since his beginnings ! But the true taste of effort. He HAS to own it ! (…) And my method remains an EXCELLENT way to get it, hahaha !

The obstacle course
. :content:

Finally, beginners should understand that WBTB is not all. They must make efforts in parallel. I would say that these efforts constitue the most important thing ! More important that the WBTB ! Our views coincide. :smile:

WBTB + another technic.

  • efforts.

I want to win before 2016. I think I possess already two good numbers at a minimum, for this friday. I look forward to sharing all what I know ; this method which can be used in LD turns out to be simple ! You almost just have to stay lucid !

Hi there, I’m 36, I’m from Italy, I discovered about LD around May this year, read LaBerge’s book, and I had decent success rate, with two DILDs + 1 MILD over a short time frame.
Then, reading about MILD/WILD in the book I developed a “personal” technique for having LD at will.
After a while I discovered it was already well known to the LDers community as WBTB :smile:

I noticed a few differences in WBTB LD compared to DILDs:

  • My senses are a bit more “obfuscated”, e.g. colors are less vivid, smell/taste/hearing do not always work as good.
  • For most of the LD time I have great awareness of my sleeping body - hear babies moving or church bell clock, feel fingers dizziness in uncomfortable position. However I can focus more on the dream and let those feelings fade out. That reality / dream mix is just awesome
  • My consciousness level is really close to WL - memory, reasoning are perfect
  • I have total power over my LD - summoning, teleporting, flying, whatever you can think about works wonders. I only have issues with shape-shifting
  • Those LDs last A LOT - 1 hour is very common, often times I stop them just to have some normal rest
  • Since I can have LD basically at will, even if I do nothing special during one of them, I do not feel like I “wasted” it, and that allows for a more relaxed attitude towards the matter
    In my personal experience, it’s by far the most dependable and convenient way to have LDs (best value/effort ratio)

Other hobbies of mine: reading, drawing, chess, origami, videogames, traveling (i wish it wasn’t so friggin expensive…)
I am married, I’ve got two babies, the girl is 4 while the boy is 8 - btw, I started to teach him about LD, to overcome his nightmares, and it worked wonders.

Cheers, fellow onironauts !

:yes: I agree.

Welcome to ld4all GenghisKhan :content:

I discovered years later that my eldest sister had been told she could change a bad dream (just extremely low lucidity - change it and then continue in a ND) and my mum NEVER mentioned it to me since I had very rare nightmares! I wish that I had known from a young age. :wallhit:

I hope you enjoy your time here (and check out the 30 years and older topic - link in my signature :peek: )

Thank you for the very warm welcome, I have seen a very nice community while lurking so far…

Hi everybody, My name’s Loïc,
I’m french and I heard yesterday from lucid dream, Ive done the exercise needed during the day, woke at 4am this morning (without the need of clock) went back to sleep after 5 min and 2 hours later I done my first LD, may-be 30 seconds but I became too enthusiast in my dream start to yell inside and woke up!
I didn’t expect so quick result.

Thank you for this website and all the good information sharing in it.

Soyez le bienvenu Loïc! Nous sommes honorés à faire votre connaissance.

Congratulations on executing such an exemplary first day! It could hardly have gone better. I’m sure you’ll be entertaining us with a diary and pitching in with the Quest in no time. It’s better to maintain that enthusiasm and have short dreams than lose it and have none at all - as long as you can induce the LDs, you have all the time you need to work on lengthening them. Keep up the good work, and we look forward to getting to know you!

Reviens, reviens radieuse;
Reviens ô nuit mystérieuse!

Сайн байна уу (apparently!) - welcome too to the great Khan.

[center]“I have seen a very nice community while lurking so far”[/center] Coming from you that comment is a little disturbing. Please do not pillage us unduly! :scared:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. Congrats on your first experience of lucidity. :yay:

Hey community! I’m actually from the dreamviews forum and decided to start one here! So, my name is Trent and I haven’t had an LD in quite some time but I want to get back into it! Any advice?

Welcome Trent! Since you probably the essentials for gaining lucidity, which is to say a careful dream journal and an awareness of dream signs plus any number of especial methods you like to use, the main thing that will be different from your fist time is motivation! My advice, if it’s any good to you, is try to recapture the excitement you first had when you discovered LDing: make up detailed dream plans and worlds, give CALD a go, try the LD4all quest or sign up for the challenge - anything which gives you a sense of purpose! You can find more ideas all over these boards. Pretty simple, I know, but I hope it helps!

I’ve always wanted to do a shared dreaming project. Is this forum pretty active? Because, dreamviews isn’t that active!

I’d say we’re not too sluggish. The basic rate of communication is days, not hours, except for DJs and games, but for our size that’s pretty good. You’ll always find someone interested in shared dreaming - try the “Lucid Lab” or “Beyond Dreaming” subforums and the chat to begin with. I hope you find a friend!

Welcome to ld4all :spinning:
My advice would be to visit Article space and the FAQs and tutorials forum.there is a lot of advice and information in there. Then get inspired buy reading your old LD accounts or LD posts in here.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

I guess I’m technically new here, even though I’ve had an account for over a year and a half now. But I never got active on here before, for the simple reason that I tend to have a very short attention span and motivation (I’m working on it) and I lost interest the last time I got into LDing, after I had my first and only LD.

But I’m here again, mostly for dream journalling, as doing it publicly is hopefully going to put more pressure on me to keep it up for long periods. No other methods for LDing right now - I’m working on increasing dream recall a little now before getting invested in reality checks, and I can’t spare much sleep for fancy methods anyway.

I’m a little nervous about being on the forums outside of the journal, as I tend to keep to my own little corners of the internet, but hopefully it’ll ease up after a while.

:welcome: welcome (back) screechfox :spinning:

Ld4all is a very welcoming community, I’m sure you will begin making posts outside the DJ section very soon. BTW watch out for the next ND Challenge it is a real motivator to improve recall. :wink:

Ah, thank you! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for that! :content:

This is Rocha. I’m new here. Thank you all for the information posted here. I’m a photographer. I like to visit new places. I hope it will be a great journey.

Wish me luck!
Thank you. :smile:

Hello Rocha, welcome to ld4all.

It’s amazing how much information we have collected over the years. :content:

If you wish to share a few photos, you can create a topic in garden of creation and post them there (using an image hosting site eg photo bucket)

To prove I am new, I just posted a topic “somewhere” titled “any Christian LD’rs”? Then I saw this message directing me to say “hi” here! I am not too computer savy, if you will!

Hello Kuntry, welcome to ld4all. I saw that topic first and replied to it. :spinning: I wasn’t too computer savy when I joined ld4all many moons back :smile: