the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 73

Hi! I am new. I thought that it would be very fun to have lucid dreams a lot so I am finding out more about them. I have had an LD about 2 times before but I didn’t try to, it was amazing to be able to do things that you can’t usually do. I hope that soon I will have lucid dreams!

Welcome to ld4all RectangularCircle :welcome:

Was this even before you had heard of LD?

You will! :yay:

Yes, it was a few years ago. I didn’t know that you could do things like flying then but I did things that people would think are extremely weird in public. :smile:

Hello everyone, My name is One Iron Knot and I’m from Southern California, USA. I’m a brutally honest introvert who has a deep love with music and halo :music:
I am 98.4% sure that the character “Gregory House” is my spirit animal.

I wanted to take LD more serious than I’ve ever taken anything hence why I joined a forum. I have created, built, and joined many forums for halo & starcraft and they’ve helped me improve and took me further and deeper than I ever thought was possible… I figure how can this be any different?

A little background:

I’ve been interested anything “paranormal” (for lack of better word) since I was little. I’ve always had a very inquisitive mind so the “normal” (again, for lack of better word) was never enough for me. I stumbled onto the idea of lucid dreaming in 2011 when my girlfriend bought me LaBerge’s “Lucid Dreaming”. I fell in love with the idea, but the book was a very hard read for me to get through for some reason. Maybe those 2 jobs and 5 classes I was juggling at the time had something to do with it??? lol.
After 4 months I’ve barely reached page 160 and til this day I haven’t finished it.

So what changed?

At the end of last year I got the book “Field Guide To Lucid Dreaming” by Dylan, Jared, and Tom. I was super excited because I saw the kickstarter for the book but didn’t have the money at the time. Ended up walking to Barnes & Noble out of sheer boar-dumb and saw it, on sale, only 2 left. I immediately bought the book AND THEN continued browsing.
I didn’t end up reading the book until about a week ago… I finished the book 2 days later. The author’s resparked (totes a word) the curious little boy inside of me and I was addicted. I haven’t read through a book that fast since the Pendragon Series. I bookmarked more things about Lucid Dreaming in the past week than I have ever booked marked on any browser since I’ve gotten this laptop.
Yeah, it’s been getting real.
I still haven’t had a lucid dream but I’ve only been taking it very serious for a week. I’m not expecting this to be easy and I don’t want it to be. I LOVE that I have something to work towards and all I have to do is SLEEP. All I do is SLEEP and all my deepest, most self-conscious questions and concerns can FINALLY be answered.

Which brings me here. I’ve never wanted to be so good at something since I’ve played Halo 2. The potential possibilities are endless and that excites me. The idea of infinity… it’s beautiful.

and plus, there’s no way learning LD is harder than LASO… right? :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

I feel like I’ve said everything but there’s still so much to say haha so I’ll end it here. I really can’t wait to get to know you guys and I really REALLY can’t wait to see what all this hype is about
:cool: :boogie:

Hello One Iron Knot :welcome:

It’s great to see you so motivated :content:

I would recommend that you combine WBTB (wake back to bed) with any method you use. it doesn’t need to be a long one even just a toilet break in the night can be enough. Have a quick read of “How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader and then refer to Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques they will give you an idea of where to start.

My first LD book was Lucid Dreaming in 30 Days :grin: - I read it after having a few very short spontaneous LDs.

Create a dream journal in the Dream Journal forum if you wish. :user:

Good luck :thumbs: and I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all

Thank you for this! One of my first few questions was going to be on how to select a method/how long to wait for results before switching, adding, or modifying. I will be diving in today.

adds to list of books to “find online” :colgate:

I will definitely be joining in on the DJ sharing and discussions!

and thank you very much :beer:

Hi All,
I’m new.

hii im also new here, and i already know much about lucid dreaming, but now im gonna try to do it by myself! i hope it works!! and moogle, if i can ask you something: your signature is saying you only had 1 lucid dream in some years, is it really so hard like i only can have one in a year while it put so much efford in it? :neutral:

Hello Roongoron and LucidMe, welcome to ld4all :welcome:

Well I’m quite stressed at the moment, going to bed way to late!, not putting active effort into it and playing too much of a certain facebook game. :help: In addition I am nowhere near a ‘natural’, first experience of LD was in my late 20s and two more before joining ld4all in my 40s. As an aside, a researcher studied my dj and asked about the orientation of my bed and pointed out that my dreams/lds went down when I moved the bed 90 degrees! (It was to do with the earth’s magnetic field)

I always say if I have been able to have some LDs anyone can! I don’t take them for granted, they are awesome when I experience one and give me a real boost for a week!

Hi there !

I’m Claire, just a young and french woman, studying english language and history, so excuse me if my english isn’t a perfect one !
Well, I’m here in order to understand what lucid dreams really are, and how I can experiment these dreams.

I’m interested in this subject since a very little time and , at first, this is more curiosity than anything else.
Another thing is bringing me in this forum : writing. More exactly : a current writing project, a story of pure fiction, but I want to know everything I can on the subject of the Lucid Dreams for this project.

So, if I could quickly sum up my ideas, I would say that I’m here to improve my personal experience and to make my writing as realistic as possible, with your help.

Then I hope I haven’t write to much here, because i’m going to post on this forum right after I have clicked “Submit” and I’m impatient to reading you !

See you !

Hello, my name is Andrew, I’m new to this website and to the idea o lucid dreaming but since I got introduced to the concept I really wish to be able to have LD. I’ve never had one before and my dream recall is almost nonexistent. I find this community very interesting. I hope we can be good friends :smile:

Hello Lyvenia and Kraska (alias Claire and Andrew) :content: welcome to the forum.

Well, ‘they say’ write about what you know so a big motivator to experience some awesome lucid dreams. :thumbs:

Dream recall can be improved. A few tips…

  • Set the intention to remember your dreams BEFORE you sleep
  • On waking. lie still and gently search your thoughts for any fragments of dream - when you find one gently reach up and down the dream ‘timeline’ recalling as much as possible. Don’t get out of bed until any dream fragments/memories are consolidated as an actual memory.
  • Optional but highly recommended write them down either in a journal or online.
  • Get enough sleep!
  • If you get no recall, after a number of days experiment with the time you go to bed or wake up. You are probably waking at the wrong point in your sleep cycle.

I hope you both enjoy your time at ld4all

I love all things lucid dream like.And hope to chat on the message boards soon! :smile:

Hello everyone!
I am DreamTech MkII or DTDownunder.
(DreamTech was the name the other guy went by, it was the only name I found in the DJ. (further expatiation below))

I am a roping instructor/environmental technician/Hacker for hire (legal hacks only) from Western Australia.

About three years ago I woke up in a hospital with a large cut on my face, a broken nose and cheek bone and believing it was the year 2032. I had no memory of my life before that time. The only connection I had of my past self was his DJ. I read it and found it quite interesting. I started my own new DJ and started having LD s.

I have had problems with memory loss and false memories created in my dreams and I still struggle to tell the difference between real and dream memories.
I also have several problems with facial recognition. I believe these all to be caused by the head trauma.
But that’s enough about my problems.

I have joined LD4all to meet other LD’rs and to learn all I can. I also want to share my own experiences with whoever will listen.

I have conducted a few dream experiments in the past but never with anyone else. I would like to participate in some with other experiments if I get the chance.
Also,if I was to share my personal experiments where would be the best place to do so? In the Lucid Lab? Or is that for proper experiments only?

One last thing: if anyone has ever known or heard of someone that went by DreamTech, Please, PLEASE let me know. I still know quite little of him (or me?) apart from what my family have told me, although I know what he dreamed about.

Hello DTDownUnder and frgoad welcome to ld4all :welcome:

Sorry for the late welcome frgoad, I had internet problems last night. There are a lot of topics to browse :smile: and I’m sure you will soon be helping to create more :thumbs: I hope you enjoy your time on ld4all.

Depending on the experiment, the lab or lucid adventures (don’t worry about posting in wrong place, a moderator can move it to the best forum in a moment. :wink: ). If the experiment is only done by you, DJ forum would work too.
What type of experiments did you do previously?

I have mainly focused on things like melatonin dependence, effects of sleep deprivation on LDs, sleep cycle slingshoting (altering my sleep cycles to get a period of up to 24hrs uninterrupted sleep) and my latest one (and the only one I have written up a kind of report for) looks at the effects of binge-watching a TV show on my dreams. (It went a bit ¡ʎzɐɹɔ)

hallo hehe my name is kasebrot. i come from germany. sorry for my english!

i found this site because i wanted to do somethings you cant do in real Life hehe. like fly but i also want to try otherthings. many of the “while lucid” on the site is very interesting.

what is most important first step? is it mild? or what should i do hehe? :help:

thank you i will start a dj soon!! :peek:

DTDownunder. They sound suitable for lab. The older ones with incomplete results you could place at the beginning of your online dream journal if you make one on ld4all.

Hello kasebrot. In my opinion best first step is to improve dream recall while reading up on the subject of lucid dreaming. Then when you are ready, I would recommend MILD with WBTB. Good luck :thumbs:

Hello all!

I’m new-ish to this place, but wanting to immerse myself more in the cultivation of a richer, hopefully more lucid dream life. My dreams have always felt central to my life, and have always fascinated and fulfilled me so much that I began journalling at a young age, still continuing to this day. Actually, dreams feel like the most sacred, significant part of my very existence, and to learn about them, explore them, and behold them, is a mystical pursuit for me.

In waking life, art and design are the practices that continue this mystical pursuit - apart from spiritual practices, but to me they’re all part of the one same thing, woven into the fabric of my being.

I’m hoping to increase lucidity overall, waking and dreaming, but especially dreaming in order to get closer to my dreams (if that makes sense) and also for the purposes of healing, discovery and exploration, experimentation, and creative inspiration. I see there are a ton of veterans here and hope to not only learn, but to make some like-minded friends!

Blessings to you all :smile:

Hello Phoenix Rising, welcome to ld4all. I’m always just a little envious of the artistic members since they can incorporate their dreams into art.

Hope you enjoy your time at ld4all and please create a topic in garden for your art/design if you wish.